“What Did You Know and When Did You Know It?”
November 30, 2012, 3:00am

By Barbra Streisand.

Despite countless meetings, discussions and briefings to explain what occurred during the recent terrorist attack on the United States Consulate in Benghazi, Senator John McCain and a handful of Republicans will not stop fueling the flames of a supposed cover-up by the White House, Secretary of State, and U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice. There is no evidence to support that a cover-up occurred, and a majority of Americans agree with the President and want their elected leaders in Washington to focus on the economy and deal with the impending fiscal cliff crisis. But all Senator McCain wants to talk about is Benghazi and he is relentless in his questioning of “what the President knew and when did he know it.” Regardless of the answers he receives to these questions, he still remains unsatisfied.

I find it interesting that McCain’s current obsession with “the truth” seems to have gone missing during the aftermath of the 2001 September 11th attacks, where we lost 3,000 American lives. Where was McCain’s anger when it was discovered that Chief White House expert on terrorism Richard Clarke sent then Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice an urgent memo stressing the seriousness of an impending terrorist threat, which she did not heed? Where was the outrage when Rice ignored the intelligence briefing she received on August 6, 2001 entitled “Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside the United States”? Where was the disbelief when President Bush stayed on vacation at his ranch for 23 more days after an intelligence briefing informing him that “a group of bin Laden supporters are in the U.S. planning attacks”?

The list goes on regarding the missed opportunities by the Bush Administration to thwart the 9/11 attacks. Yet there was no organized campaign from Democrats or Republicans to uncover the gross negligence committed by President Bush and those in his Administration. There was also no questioning from either side when the Bush Administration misled the public in order to launch a war with a country that did not attack us, while abandoning the search for the perpetrator who did.

Maybe it’s because for certain people, war is incredibly profitable. Or maybe it was because it was not politically advantageous for those on the Right to speak out against their own party. But now, even when the Obama Administration is being transparent and forthcoming, even as they are wanting and willing to learn from the mistakes of Benghazi, where unfortunately four people died, Senator McCain refuses to back down.

Could it be that he and a few select Republicans want to block Susan Rice from being chosen as the next of Secretary of State, which would then most likely go to Senator John Kerry from Massachusetts? Kerry would then have to vacate his Senate seat giving the Republicans an opportunity to pick up a Senate seat in a coveted state.

Sadly, as McCain continues on this misguided tirade, the only thing at risk is his own credibility and reputation.