“Void Of Even A Sniff Of Truth…” by Jim Brolin.
June 15, 2012, 10:00am


Haahaa…. If my sweet wife and I can ever get out of bed
(somedays it’s noon)… I have long planned to paper our vintage barn’s
outhouse walls, with these excremental egested rag articles that are
void of even a sniff of truth. Of course, she has held me back with
her gift for perfect decor. But I still say my idea is more
authentic,… Haahaa. Right?

Hillary and Bill Clinton have been friends now since I first
met them 16 years ago…. and without any interruptions… birthdays
included, our affection for each other has never waned a day. As many
know (most don’t) they are a joyful and candid couple to be around, and
we have spent many meals and table game sessions over the years. I
have learned more from his chatter, than any man, or any book. The
fact is, I challenge anyone to show me one person who has done more
good, and caused more action to save lives, and make the whole world
better… than Bill Clinton.

Watching both Clintons give all their time to bettering the
planet, as they also did so successfully with this country’s wealth and
jobs, never giving up, and in all that while, I never heard either of
them speak of anything they wanted for themselves, only for others. I
have always been awed by their generosities; and at our current ages,
am awed that they still continue, tirelessly… while I’m eyeing the

Barbra is also really fully committed to saving the world from
the world’s largest killer of women, through her Cedars-Sinai Women’s
Heart Center, and up till now has donated most all the funds. Bill
Clinton flew x-country and back thursday just for a scant few hours,
and once again made her celebration a giant success. Thank you, my

…jim brolin