Truth Alert from Jim: That National Rag Can’t Go A Week Without Making Up Lies About My Wife
April 18, 2012, 9:00am

I asked my wife if I could borrow her Truth Alert to respond to the latest tabloid nonsense, an outrageous story that I oppose her doing “Gypsy.” These scandal sheet guys only print stuff that is the exact opposite of the truth. I’m already lined up to buy the first ticket for that film. Her youthful beauty will perfectly complement her singing and performance. But the point here is that tabloids only traffic in bad news, bad news that they have to maliciously make up in Barbra’s case. This stepped up flow of lies must stem from her public’s interest in the run of great new projects on her schedule. It certainly has heated up these so-called “papers” mad disdain for the truth.

Jim Brolin.