Richard Jay-Alexander To Appear On Shopping Channel QVC To Introduce New Barbra Streisand Recording – “Love Is The Answer”.
August 18, 2009, 4:00am

It was announced yesterday on the QVC Shopping Channel Web Site that Barbra’s Collaborator and Co-Director, Richard Jay-Alexander, will be appearing on QVC on Friday August 28 at 10pm, for the introduction of Barbra’s new recording, in a very personal way.

Richard will fill the hour with “behind-the-scenes” information, exclusive video footage of Barbra and everything you want to know about the highly anticipated new album, produced by her longtime friend and fellow artist, Diana Krall. Buying the recording(s) on QVC will also bring opportunities not offered elsewhere.

In an exclusive phone call with, Richard Jay-Alexander said, “I’m looking forward to it… it should be a lot of fun. I’ve been listening to the new recording non-stop. I think it’s amazing and, for me, Barbra is once again proving that she has no peers. Hers is an unparalleled career… and the voice … unequaled.”

Richard went on to say, “In addition to all the accolades, accomplishments and awards she has received, I suspect the fans and general public will adore this new recording. I can’t ever remember a recording being put together and offered in such a unique way, where the deluxe version will have the raw sessions with Krall and the combo and the companion disc, or individual single-disc, will offer the base sessions with the strings and orchestration added by legendary arranger Johnny Mandel. We’re not just talking BONUS tracks. This is the art of record-making.”

“The recording is personal and has on it many songs she has always wanted to sing – some even considered for the last tour we did. Personally, I think the album is a ‘life-force’ and again, for me, she is the ultimate actress, singer, interpreter of lyrics ever.”

“If you tune in to QVC, you’ll have an opportunity to see footage, hear more of the tracks than you currently can online and get some other things you will get nowhere else.”

“I agreed to appear for one reason only – Barbra. Pure and simple. And any fees associated with this appearance, I am giving directly to her foundation, which was also the basis of the most recent tour.”

“She is like no one else. I know that and welcome the opportunity to introduce Streisand fans and QVC shoppers to the new recording. She has had No. 1 albums in every decade of her career. I am predicting the same for this one!”

Craig Hall