June 30, 2008, 1:00am

‘Out of many, one’ It’s the sentiment he’s repeated since the moment the world was first introduced to Senator Barack Obama at the 2004 Democratic convention. It’s the idea trailblazers before him have used to inspire a generation of people to a call to action–to shake things up and remind us of what’s possible when the American people come together to help one another in achieving bigger dreams. Barack has awakened in many of us the notion that we can again be hopeful, enabling us to believe that we are capable of lifting our brothers and sisters out of poverty, of providing quality education for all our children, of ending this unjust war in Iraq and bringing our troops home safely. He’s reminded us ‘yes we can’awe can make the transition from fossil fuels to green energy; we can take care of our elderly and make sure that good healthcare is not just a perk for a few, but a right for every man, woman and child. We are experiencing not just a presidential campaign, but a movement; a movement of inspired young people who have been cynical about politics for too long. For Barack, hope, change, believeathey are not just words. They are tangible ideas that make up the blueprint to building a better America for all of us. He is committed to making the road stronger for those that come after and to leaving behind something that lasts longer than his own spotlight. It’s for all these reasons that I support Barack Obama for President and look forward to November when I can make my voice heard along with millions of other Americans. I hope you’ll join me.