A note from Marty Erlichman – Barbra’s Longtime Manager
September 09, 2016, 12:20pm

To All of Barbra’s fans,

I believe this is the first note I have ever written to you on any web page… ever!

A writer I’m not… a manager I am, so here goes:

Thank you ALL for making Barbra’s latest album ENCORE: Movie Partners Sing Broadway a #1 album on this week’s Billboard Top 200.

Some are saying this is Barbra’s second #1 album of this decade… but I respectfully disagree.

By my count it’s her seventh #1 album in seven consecutive decades!

1964: People
1974: The Way We Were, A Star Is Born, Greatest Hits Vol. 2
1984: Guilty, The Broadway Album
1994: Back To Broadway, Higher Ground
2004: Love Is The Answer
2014: Partners
2016: ENCORE: Movie Partners Sing Broadway

Barbra’s first decade of receiving a #1 album started in 1964… ergo… the 6th decade ended in 2014 and her next decade started in 2015. Therefore, this year’s album is in her 7th decade.

In any respect… I personally thank ALL of you for the years you have remained faithful… and I, along with you, hope there will be many more — irrespective of my manager’s logic or my math!

With respect and love,

Marty Erlichman