The New York’s Post Page 6 Tramples the Truth Again
April 07, 2006, 1:00am

The New York Post Page Six column, as usual, intentionally and maliciously lied by omission! Their story today (April 7) starts off: “Barbra Streisand has finally gotten around to reading” the latest unauthorized biography on her, when in fact, the columnists knew that she clearly established the opposite in a statement published on this website (April 6). The statement read:

“Who is this person described in this book?

certainly not anyone I know.”

By deceptively removing the critical line “from what has been told to me,” they tried to make it look as though she had read the book…which she hasn’t!

Does the Truth Matter These Days? – Posted April 6, 2006

Normally, I would not dignify vicious, mean-spirited mythology masquerading as biography.
But it seems that this latest rehashing of other unauthorized biographies is getting a lot of attention.
Who is the person described in this book?
From what has been told to me, certainly not anyone I know.
This stereotypic image bears very little resemblance to me or anything about me.
No one who knows me well or has really worked with me professionally was a source for this book. What motivates people to make up negative stories? Why isn’t the truth enough?
One example, to say that I was in the same city as my sister on her wedding day and refused to attend is a lie.

I was in London filming Yentl.
And on and on and on.
I will not dignify any other untruths by responding any further.
Maybe it’s finally time for an AUTHORIZED biography.

Below is an e-mail written from Randy Stone, who is Barbra’s sister’s ex-husband:

Someone sent me an e-mail of an article on page six that I must respond to.It has to do with Barbra Streisand and it is a vicious lie. The article claims that Barbra was in Los Angeles on the day her sister got married and she refused to attend.

I’m sadly used to reading vicious lies about Barbra. but this one made blood boil. It is so far beyond the truth that I just want to mention a few things. I was the groom in that wedding so I want set the record straight. First of all, Barbra gave us our wedding, on her beautiful Malibu Ranch, and then she gave us a large gift of money to get us started on our new life together. A while before Roz and I actually got married, Barbra had been frantically working on making Yentl. When we told her that we were going to be married she was thrilled for us and agreed to be Roz’s Maid of honor. She was so happy for her sister, that we finally came up with a date for our wedding, Barbra was willing to move post production on Yentl from London to Los Angeles which was going to cost upwards of $100,000 (a lot of money in 1983) so that she could be with us. Having been shown a portion of the film and knowing how hard she had worked for years making what Roz and I agreed would be her masterpiece, we made the decision to go back to Barbra and INSIST that she concentrate on her movie and not assemble a new post production team and schedule just for our wedding. Although Roz and I are no longer married, we remain good friends. As far as Barbra, I will never forget how warmly Barbra treated us as a couple and what an amazingly generous, kind and selfless person she was to me.

On the day of our wedding, she was calling every few hours to make sure things were perfect for us and had her assistants taking photos of us so that they could be shipped to London overnight so she could see them immediately. When I think of Barbra, the thing that comes to mind is that every time I ever spent time with her, she never talked about herself. She seemed so interested in every detail of my life and made me feel that everything I told her fascinated her. Since I was in my early 2Os at the time, I hardly believe that what I had to say was so interesting. But I do believe that she went out of her way to make sure that I felt accepted and cared about. She was a great sister-in-law.