Joan Baez Ban at Walter Reed
May 04, 2007, 1:00am

Just days before Joan Baez was scheduled to perform at Walter Reed
Hospital for recovering soldiers, she was told she was “not approved” by
the army to take part in the program. Over the long span of her career,
Joan Baez has been an outspoken advocate for peace, an activist and a
concerned patriot of our country. She strongly believes in the theory of
non-violence and she spoke out against the war in Iraq, like millions of
others in this country and around the world.

Does freedom of speech and
thought exist in the United States anymore? Or does everyone who
disagrees with this administration and their policies get the ax?

are just a few of the fallen men and women that quit, were fired or
forced to retire from their positions in the Bush Administration due to
the fact that they were critical of the failed policies, poor
decision-making or false information that we have endured from our
current president and his cronies.

Richard Clark, Fmr. Chief Adviser on Terrorism (quit)

Paul O’Neil, Fmr. Secretary of the Treasury (fired)

Lawrence Lindsey, Bush’s Top Economic Advisor (fired)

Anthony Zinni, Special envoy to the Middle East (failed to be

General Eric Shinseki, US Army’s Chief of Staff (forced to retire)

Joanne Wilson, Commissioner of the Department of Education’s
Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) (quit)

Teresa Chambers, U.S. Park Police Chief (fired)

Andrew Eller, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (fired)

Eric Schaeffer, Director of the Office of Regulatory Enforcement at the
Environmental Protection Agency (resigned)