From my friend Carl Borack
March 24, 2018, 2:50pm

I am sure many of you are watching the broadcast of today’s march in Washington, I too am watching and it gives me the shivers, tears, and great hope. This is an amazing and articulate young generation and they are doing what subsequent generations have failed to do. They are reawakening America and hopefully shaking the politicians of both parties to their boots, but more importantly changing their mode of operation and priorities. So my question is, what does my generation of post-war babies do to support this generation? How do we get off our buttocks and help them. How do we create an overwhelming force of cross-generations to make the changes needed? How do we offset the false narrative that has been created about the 2nd Amendment? How do we offset the power and money of the NRA and their “client” the gun manufacturers? But, it’s about a lot more than guns although this issue has been the engine of this outpouring of emotion and energy. How do we offset PAC funding, the Mercer’s, Koch’s, and the like? Can the populous overcome the money? Can this stunning young generation ignite all of us to change the cesspool that our political culture has become? The young that have been mocked for the texting and smart phone ways have truly given me hope. Let’s listen to their voice and angst and join them in making the changes needed.

In hope and solidarity,