Does Barbra REALLY post on Instagram?
January 23, 2015, 4:00am

A message from Craig Hall – content manager for Barbra’s official websites.

Dear Barbra fans –

Amongst the many wonderful comments you’ve made on Barbra’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages, a few have asked if she’s really posting these photos and if the captions are really hers.

The answer is simple, or may I say “Simply Streisand!”.

Barbra sends me many photos from her personal archives… some come from the collection of her A&R man Jay Landers, and some are from my own collection.

Barbra chooses every one of them and supplies the captions. (There are a few which she doesn’t caption if they don’t require explanation, so I may include the date or other basic info).

These are really and truly her sites and she very specifically asked me to let you know how much appreciates all the lovely messages of support!

Hope you keep checking in and continue to enjoy all the “…mem’ries!”

Craig Hall.

P.S. Thank you all for making “Partners” Barbra’s 31st platinum album!!