Confirm Eric Holder as Attorney General
January 26, 2009, 1:00am

Please join me in donating to People For’s work to defend constitutional values and confirm Eric Holder.

Then take a moment, if you’ve not yet done so, to sign the petition to the Senate.

I’m writing to you now to let you know about my friend and President Obama’s nominee for Attorney General, Eric Holder.

Eric Holder is a man of unique integrity, as committed to liberty, the rule of law and our constitutional rights as anyone I know. He has enormous experience pursuing justice as a Superior Court Judge, a U.S. Attorney and as Deputy Attorney General for the United States. He has worked with people on both sides of the political aisle. That’s why I’m so angry that Republicans in the Senate have chosen to make him a target.

And it’s why I am asking you to join me in making a donation to People For the American Way today to help them rebuke the partisan attacks on Eric Holder and ensure his speedy confirmation.

After you donate, please make sure to sign the Confirm Holder petition if you have not yet added your name.

President Obama made an excellent choice when he nominated Eric Holder for Attorney General. I am fearful that this Republican opposition is really about pushing back on the Obama administration and testing the waters for future judicial confirmation fights. This is typical Washington partisan politics at a time when our nation needs to join together to solve the crises confronting America. Disturbingly, a good man is caught in the middle of these partisan tactics, someone who will be an excellent Attorney General for all Americans.

I’ve supported People For the American Way for years, for their steadfast defense of the First Amendment and their effectiveness in advocating progressive values in Washington. I’m glad it’s People For who has taken up this fight.

But they need your help and your support. People For the American Way is generating grassroots pressure on senators from their home state constituents, leading efforts to get our message out in the media (and doing a fabulous job) and even mobilizing activists in Washington to physically show up for the hearings and the vote on the nomination.

Be part of history. Reject Republicans’ partisan obstruction and help give all Americans an Attorney General who will fight for them.

Please join me in supporting this work.

Thank you.


Confirm Eric Holder as Attorney General

Barbra Streisand

P.S. We can’t let Republican delays deny the American people the Attorney General they deserve. Please support People For’s campaign to confirm Eric Holder with a gift right now.