“Boston’s Berklee College Student Thanks Barbra’s Fans”
June 02, 2010, 1:00am

Maureen McMullan, a 30 year old Music Student at Berklee College of Music in Boston came face to face with her idol after performing the George Gershwin Jazz classic ‘Summertime’ at a student show.

The music student, originally from Coatbridge in Scotland, was stunned when she was told that someone wanted to congratulate her on her performance.

“I was astonished when Barbra Streisand stepped forward. “She took my hand and said, ‘You have a wonderful voice. Never give up.'”

After news of the special meeting hit newswires across the world, Barbra’s fans started a discussion on her Official Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/barbrastreisand). Maureen who noticed the comments, left a thank you note for all those who had taken the time out to congratulate her:

Thanks so much everyone!! Barbra is one of my all time idols, up there with Ella Fitzgerald and so I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. It was a dream couple of days for me.

I met Barbra on the Friday night, graduated from Berklee College of Music on the Saturday and turned 30 on the Sunday!!!

I have been sent lots of kind comments and messages today and wanted to say thanks, I very much appreciate them.

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Lots of love & best wishes, Maureen xx