“Barbra Streisand – the Ultimate Perfectionist – Isn’t Perfect After All…”
June 23, 1999, 1:00am

“Barbra Streisand – the ultimate perfectionist – isn’t perfect after all…her stock picks are proving to be relative lemons. Streisand is featured in the current issue of Fortune magazine, holding forth about making millions for herself and friends like Donna Karan through astute investments in the stock market… At the close of trading on Monday, Streisand’s stocks were down by an average of 15 percent. In the same period, the S&P was up 1 percent and the Dow was up .02 percent. Streisand – and presumably Karan – are heavily into e-Bay (down 26.9 percent), Amazon.com (down 28.2 percent), Starbucks (up 4.2 percent), Time Warner (down 4.7 percent), and Viagra-maker Pfizer (down 15.2 percent.) Maybe Streisand should stick to what she knows.”


Neal Travis received the following response from Ms. Streisand’s representative:

“Just because one buys e-Bay in October does not mean one owns e-Bay in June. If the facts in the recent Fortune article showed that Barbra Streisand had quite a bit of knowledge of what and when to buy, a reasonable person might assume she has made similar study of what and when to sell. Rest assured her average is still way up there. Where’s yours?”