An All Time Low
January 19, 2018, 4:14pm

By Barbra Streisand.

Women are now proving they are powerful when they stick together and are unafraid to speak truth to power… unafraid to stand arm in arm with EVERY American and find a way forward together. Many of us were at the history-making march last year when Donald Trump was inaugurated, and we were hoping against hope that some good would come out of this Administration. Unfortunately, day-by-day, Trump has provided us – – both by his actions and words – – with a clear demonstration of why he is unfit to be president of this great nation. He has debased the Office and is using his role as president for personal gain. He lies to us practically every day.

While he distracts us with his behavior, his administration, with help from Republicans in Congress, has sought to undermine the progress we had made during the last eight years on critical issues like health care, the climate crisis and women’s reproductive freedom.

Trump’s fraudulent voter suppression commission may be gone, but the GOP in many states continues to purge voting rolls and erect roadblocks to prevent Americans from voting. Let me ask you, will we stand by while our democratic rights are eroded by government action or Russian hacking?

The GOP tax scam gives permanent cuts to corporations and has lucrative deals for real estate investors like Donald Trump. And how will they pay for it? They’ll eventually stick the bill to the middle class and generations to come. The GOP is far more concerned with the commands of its donors than the welfare of hard working Americans. When it comes to the environment, Trump is willing to undo regulations about offshore oil drilling restrictions, except for the state of Florida. Maybe he doesn’t want to obstruct the view from his condominiums and his resort there.

Trump proves over and over in his interviews and his tweets that he doesn’t understand climate change, healthcare policy, or the role of the Department of Justice (and he doesn’t bother to read up on these subjects either!) I don’t really think he wants to be President; he wants to be king and hear the applause of the courtiers in the GOP.

Instead of Making America Great Again, he is isolating us from the world and from our allies. According to a new Gallup Poll, the world’s approval rating of U.S. leadership has dropped to an all-time low.  With the assistance of many Republicans in Congress, he is trying to undermine the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election on his behalf. The GOP has not taken any steps to prevent the same thing from happening this year.

We live in a dangerous time when the truth is maligned and anything said that goes against Trump’s warped view of reality is labeled “fake news.”

What America is in desperate need of, now more than ever, are people who will stand up and speak out to protect the Constitution. We need warriors, male and female, who will defend the truth as it is being assaulted at the cost of our democratic republic.

This coming November we have an opportunity to do just that. If we stand together and turn out to VOTE, we can send a message to Washington and to Donald Trump: We don’t believe in your policies and we don’t believe your lies and we want something better for our country, for our families, and for all Americans.