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  • Wow, wow, wow - so this is awesome Smiling!!
    Thank you so much, Barbra, for coming to visit us here over the sea.. Laughing out loud! Last year I dreamed of it but seeing it as hopeless I decided to go to New York - and it was worth it!! We were at 2 concerts in Brooklyn and later 2x in Hollywood Bowl, too Smiling. So now it is happening and my only wish is that one of the additional places you might come to visit would be a place you know so well ... Prague.
    Why don' t you come? It would be such an honor!
    Wishing you, your son and sister only success and wonderful experience in the upcoming great events!!Read more »

  • Beauty, harmony, dignity, hope and gratitude that´s what comes to my mind when I look at these photos, read about the event and think about it´s significance.
    I can see beauty and harmony in the setting and decorations which clearly show your great choice and taste Barbra, another chance ( after your beautiful book ) to see the careful touch you leave on things around you.Read more »

  • Exactly 30 years have passed since the most treasured moments of my life - when I saw you, met you and even worked under your guidance, Barbra. It was in my country (Czech Republic now) where my roots are in 1982 in the time of making of Yentl.
    This year and EXACTLY on my birthday you are giving a concert in the place where your roots are - in Brooklyn - and I AM COMING TO SEE YOU AGAIN Smiling.
    It will be my first concert and the first visit in the U.S.A. Thanks to you I´ve got a great friend who helped me and I´m coming I´ve got a ticket!Read more »