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  • Could someone on the website please remove a comment by MUSIC? I find it very offensive. THANKS!

  • Congratulations! And, thank you for such a heartfelt thank you to the fans and those involved with LITA. #1- proves you're still a force to be reckoned with and much loved! We, the fans, are so appreciative of the work you do, at a time when you could just rest on your laurels. Hope you enjoy the accolades and FEEL THE LOVE! (Grammy, here we come!)

  • Just briefly, a thanks for posting this with additional sites. I haven't been doing any research on this; although, it's all over the news. Not only do I have my own family to worry about, I also try to help with my parents, in-laws and grandparents' finances. They are all starting to have more healthcare needs. It really burned me hearing all the talk being turned around to euthanasia. I welcome the talks about end-of-life preparation. I do have my grandparents and in-laws 'living wills' , but I'm sure there is so much more we'll need when the time comes.Read more »