"Void Of Even A Sniff Of Truth..." by Jim Brolin.


Haahaa.... If my sweet wife and I can ever get out of bed
(somedays it's noon)... I have long planned to paper our vintage barn's
outhouse walls, with these excremental egested rag articles that are
void of even a sniff of truth. Of course, she has held me back with
her gift for perfect decor. But I still say my idea is more
authentic,... Haahaa. Right?

Hillary and Bill Clinton have been friends now since I first
met them 16 years ago.... and without any interruptions... birthdays
included, our affection for each other has never waned a day. As many
know (most don't) they are a joyful and candid couple to be around, and
we have spent many meals and table game sessions over the years. I
have learned more from his chatter, than any man, or any book. The
fact is, I challenge anyone to show me one person who has done more
good, and caused more action to save lives, and make the whole world
better... than Bill Clinton.

Watching both Clintons give all their time to bettering the
planet, as they also did so successfully with this country's wealth and
jobs, never giving up, and in all that while, I never heard either of
them speak of anything they wanted for themselves, only for others. I
have always been awed by their generosities; and at our current ages,
am awed that they still continue, tirelessly... while I'm eyeing the

Barbra is also really fully committed to saving the world from
the world's largest killer of women, through her Cedars-Sinai Women's
Heart Center, and up till now has donated most all the funds. Bill
Clinton flew x-country and back thursday just for a scant few hours,
and once again made her celebration a giant success. Thank you, my

...jim brolin

Comments for this Truth Alert

Help me remember who said, "I have the [rag of your choice here] in front of me but soon it will be behind me." You're a great writer, Mr. B. You should write a funny book someday. Thanks for your humorous yet important anecdote about the importance of being The Clintons.

Hey, Jim, I hope you and Barb remain unaffected by these rags. These are decidedly untruths! Reporters have to produce articles daily so they have to put in whatever sensational or none sensational rags they can submit. What they say is nothing legal, nothing which is legally actionable. I'm sure you know this already. I also hope you treat it as small stuff.
Just want to congratulate Barb for a successful event. I am sure you guys are still recovering from that really big night.
Sure hope I could be there but even I could not make it there to your magnificent compound, I am content with reading Barb's Passion for Design over and over and over again and listening to her CD in my vehicle and know that I have heard and read this once-in-a-lifetime individual who has led a very clean life, ---- no drugs, no alcohol, no scandal, no fraud --- just a very clean life from the beginnings of Diana and Manny Streisand.
Thinking of Barb, I could imagine a streaking meteor through earth that we all experience once and are made better as a result of it! You must feel so lucky!
Blessings to you, Barb and the whole family,

Dear Jim,

I love keeping up with Barbra, and I have loved her for a lot of years, maybe one of my first being the year "What's Up Doc" was released! She is amazing and I try to watch every special and PBS offer she has.

I agree with you on Bill Clinton. He and Hillary have done so much for the United States and so many other things. He left office with an abundance of ready dollars for the good of our country, and my feelings are that G. Bush mis-handled it and abused his authority.


Looking forward to hearing about Barbra and you! My feelings again....you are a perfect match and it is so nice to see how happy you have made each other! Smiling



I was once walking through the cobble stoned streets of my father's village when I noticed an elderly woman, up ahead, sitting on a sandstone garden stool, talking to a group of people. I could not make out what was being said but the more she spoke the more people gathered. I was fascinated to hear what she was talking about so I quickened my leisurely walk and before I knew it, I was there amidst the crowd. As I prepped myself to listen to her, to what I imagined would have been a lecture of sorts, I was keen to get some insight into this woman's words of wisdom, that captivated her growing audience.
Was not long before I discovered it was "trashy" gossip on some members of the community. Those who were successful, talented, had invested in themselves tireless hours day after day…..But, I noted something peculiar - on the second day the same people gathered again to hear more. What was it, I wondered, that attracted people to this? I devised a theory, which I have started testing, although the sample size is still too small to represent the population, early days yet. Human Nature is vain, in that it does not like it when someone else is better than them. People, on average, enjoy seeing each other preferably below or, if no choice, on the same level as themselves in all areas of their life. Once someone starts to stand out a little more than the others, they get torn down, right down at times to their bone. It's vicious and it's aim is to obliterate successful people. The paparazzi are exactly the same. Celebrities are successful, rich, living a dream life and beyond. Rather than celebrate their contribution to society, they are often slandered by “trashy” articles in the paper – seems to get them the readers they are after. Happy to discuss further.

Penny Evans
Sydney, Australia

Thank you for writing about your dear friends the Clintons! I have always & still do admire them both. I had an opportunity to meet Hillary a number of years ago at a conference & she made a point of saying hello to me & have a picture taken. I will never forget that! Best of wishes to you & Barbra keep up the good work!

Wow...you and Barbra ROCK!!!

Dear Mr Brolin:
I am a huge fan of Barbra, The things that are printed in the tabloids are printed to sell
gossip. Barbra is a very classy lady and not the type to do the things she has been accused of doing, and even if it were true which I know it's not, it would be nobodys business but your's and Barbra's. So, Mr Brolin, I'll close for now Please Give Barbra my best and let her know that I love her as a performer and as a human being. would love to hear from her either on facebook or email


John J. Bushey

Hi Jim and Barbra.

Jim, you're an eloquent writer, and I agree with you completely. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. I've loved you since you first hit the screen and you are definitely better than ever.

And if this message gets to Barbra I will consider myself blessed. Barbra, I'm from Brooklyn too and attended Erasmus several years after you, so I never had the pleasure of knowing you during those years. My mom was very much like yours and I wish we had been friends back then.

Your talent, your humor, your voice have helped me through some of life's most difficult times, including the death of a child I raised (an orphaned child I took into my home). You are a gift beyond gifts, a once-in-a-lifetime miracle. Your voice is like a satin ribbon that twists and turns with emotion as you sing. Each song is one long ribbon from beginning to end.

You are the performer I reach for during trying times. After all these years I still cannot believe 'the voice'. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. And I disagree with something you said during an interview at The Actor's Studio. You were NOT too young to play Dolly Levi.

You rose above the adversity that was your earlier life and you showed them all! I'm proud of you.

When I read that you were marrying Jim I was thrilled for you both. Since I don't know you I can only wish you the best from afar. The pictures of you and Jim make me smile. I'm thrilled to see you so happy and so obviously loved and in love. You deserve the best always and in all ways. You have given so much to the world and I'm so glad it's coming back to you.

You are both the epitome of graciousness. You are scandal-free, drug-free, drama-free. Hollywood can learn some lessons from the way you live your lives. Bless you both, and bless your families. Thank you for your talent and for making this crazy world a lot sweeter.

Barbra, what more can I say. Thank you seems so lame, but it's all I can think of right now.

Laura Grace

Mr. Brolin,
I so want to thank you for posting this wonderful comment. I am such a Barbra Streisand fan...it is difficult to express how much I admire her and have since she first stepped into my life. I have also been so happy for the both of you as I know that you are happy. With that said I wanted to say how much I have respected what President Clinton has done for the country. I am a Hilary fan as well. She is unstoppable and I would be remiss to say that I would miss her if she left politics.
Thank you all for the work you do..I only wish I had the place in the world to do as much good as you all can. So, from a retired teacher and a frustrated song writer, lol, I want to extend my love to you all for all you do. Love and Sunshine, Michelle Grow

Bravo Mr. Brolin.Well said!

I dont always agree with celebrities but this time I must agree; keep up the activism and I will follow and share

I think I'd like to meet Jim....he seems to 'regular' and genuine...even more approachable than his lovely wife! Says it like it is....If I wasn't a Clinton fan before I would be now...G

I share your admiration for President Clinton's mind and I equally admire Hillary's abilities in that area. They must be a fascinating couple, intellectually and socially.

Sure, what I am about to say is not a simple situation, but how seriously prohibitive is it for President Clinton to share his 'secret' for lowering the debt with President Obama??? SILLY ME ..OF COURSE ...OUR LEGISLATORS ARE ACTUALLY CHILDREN IN DISGUISE! &!$!@#!

I ADORE Barbra and know you must count yourself lucky to be blessed by her hilarious and amazing personality!! Similarly, WOW....she wakes up to you each morning!! (The 65th birthday mark gives me
"speaking out privileges "---or so I say.)

Jim, I love your idea! I would like to meet some of those scum bags some time so I could tell them how wonderful they are and how I've always appreciated their thorough research and most of all their high moral character! I appreciate very much what Barbra has done towards women's heart issues. I have a metal aortic heart valve, so of course I'm always interested in any research or findings in that area! I think her initiative in this area will alert many women to this always present threat. I feel very lucky to have my valve (which I've had since 2001), and I look forward to many years of good heart health! I also look forward to Barbra's concert in Brooklyn on the 11th! It was hard as child birth getting the tickets, but it was well worth it! The best to you both from New Mexico, Cherrie Hayden.

If Hillary runs for president I will vote for her.

I am amazed by both you and Barbra......and how you are depicted by the press...For many years I was an awe struck fan...but now at 64 I find myself feeling more of a peer although i really adore both of you professionally,my admiration for the people you are in real life that has out shone both of your bright stars.......thanks for giving an older guy a roll model that helps me stay a good person....you guys are the real deal...blessings to you both Julian

I am amazed by both you and Barbra......and how you are depicted by the press...For many years I was an awe struck fan...but now at 64 I find myself feeling more of a peer although i really adore both of you professionally,my admiration for the people you are in real life that has out shone both of your bright stars.......thanks for giving an older guy a roll model that helps me stay a good person....you guys are the real deal...blessings to you both Julian

What a joy you both are. And I, too, love what the Clintons have done. So proud of your generosity. Smiling

I love your wife's decor. Dont' you dare bring that trash to your beautiful home. I like your comments and it's good to see that you can get a good laugh about some of that trash.

Love you both.Be Blessed.



Love your comments, keep them coming!

Dear Mr. Brolin,

I am constantly astounded that in a world of half-baked celebrities who come and go in a minute, it is your brilliant, generous wife who is still the target of these trash magazines. I don't know how much someone needs to do in this life in order to evade some "Journo" rehashing some totally debunked rubbish from twenty years ago, but there seems to be a dusty filing cabinet somewhere that comes in handy on a slow news day.

You're a great actor by the way, Mr. Brolin. Big fan.

And don't hate me when I say that I've loved your wife for 40 years!

TONY HARVEY. Sydney, Australia.

Barbra Streisand to Direct First Film In 16 Years with Colin Firth and Cate Blanchett.....

Thank God! Go Barbra! I think she is a very fine director. She has kicked a lot of doors in…and done so much good for gender equality.And took the heat!And it had to smart some. No matter how big you are. Time for her due there.I have admired Barbra from the time I was nine. My Name Is Barbra..CBS..To be exact. I don't know what expected to total scope of her career to encompass.....But.... My God..What a tapestry . Amazing!.....Really...when you stop and think about it. She is to be respected. I do. I am in awe of what she has accomplished…And I'm not even talking about the music here......Terry

The way to the truth is not by following your heart. To 'follow your heart' leads to deception.

This is from the Jewish Talmud (some of you fans of 'Yentl' may have encountered it in your studies):

"A king leads with his (or her's) mind, a fool leads with his (or her's) heart."

The main, number one reason why so many women end up in abusive relationships with cheaters, and why so many people of boths sexes are deceived by so many politicians (of both parties) is that-

they followed their hearts when their minds should have known better.

All the more so why the leaders of the Democratic party, especially if one of them is the leader of the free world, must be held in the same regard.

Don't get me wrong: To have a lot of 'heart' is a great and important thing. By all means be a mensch. Nonetheless, let your mind continue to be 'the boss'.

Ms. Streisand, the same reason why you should dump Bill Clinton as a 'model Democrat' is the same reason why Fanny Brice had to dump Nicky Arnstein: Regardless of how her heart felt about it, she couldn't ignore the verdict of her mind about him.

Those who give out 'truth alerts' must also accept 'truth alerts': Bill Clinton's performance as President stunk. It stunk bad. That is the truth.

And Ms. Streisand, please explain it to your husband the number one commandment of the music business, and what has sustain you through your career:

If someone's performance stinks, you can't bury it in the mix. You didn't settle for that with your music, don't settle for that with the President. Clinton's 'record' can't be remixed, just as much Ms. Brice couldn't redeem Mr. Arnstein.

The truth is the truth no matter what our hearts say,-

so help us G-d.

Can we move on now, please?


Daring to rise above that which divides us is the greatest expression of humanity.

As always, in all you do in life, remember you are loved, and listen carefully to the calling of your heart. Know that I wish you continued strength, I honor your courage, I admire your dignity, and that I hold you and yours in my heart.

Be well,

- Seán Clarke-Redmond

ps: J, I am sure Barbra has also held your hands, your face, your heart, your mind, your dreams, your … well, let's just leave it at that for now, shall we. It seems to me one's wife ought to be able to hold her husband's back as well … yeah, no? Lol. Smiling

Maybe you could decoupage a small table with the "rags." I just googled "decoupage table" for images and am amazed at how creative some people are. The articles could provide amusing fodder – the more preposterous, the better. A "thumb your nose" table, so to speak ...like putting the daily paper at the bottom of the birdcage.

Paint or stain the legs in a Barbra-approved, color-coordinated color, and you're good to go! ( I have her book, "My Passion for Design" and admire her skills, both in decorating and photography.)

Kudos to Barbra and the Clinton's, and you, *too*, Jim for taking the time and sharing your resources to better our world. (I know you're on the same bandwagon, Jim, but too humble to broadcast.)

Take care!

p.s. the text on the post preview is white (or very light) on the pale background and I had to highlight it to read. just a head's up...

Dear Barbra Streisand,

I am Jillian and I sing all of your songs, I am going to your concert in october! I really can't wait. I sang at Staten Island Yankee Stadiam. I your not busy can you get back to me!!! It would me alot.

P.S. I am 14 years old


Jillian Miano<3

"Happy Anniversary" July 1st!

Hi Jim! I have always thought you were awesome, yes, I had a crush on you back when, um, like on Marcus Welby!!! Well, I was only 13 then and you, like your lovely wife, aged like a fine wine. I love your spunk and you and Barbara's commitment to do what you believe is right. As to the rags, be honored for the attention, they are so jealous. Consider it a compliment. Those rag writers would love to be either of you for a day! I love what Barbara is doing to bring so much attention to women and heart disease. Thank you! As to the Clinton's, well personally I wish he was still president. Us average American's did far better under his leadership - BIG PERIOD to that!!! I do not believe anyone in the general public knows enough about anyone to talk. We need to let each live their lives in peace, live peaceably amongst each other regardless of politics or other differences. Too bad the rags lost the message of live, love, and eat or however it goes. Life is just too short and precious for hate mongering and gossip. The best always to Babs and you!!!

Hello Gorgeous!!
AUGUST 19, 2012, 6:15 pm
Dear Mrs. Streisand,

My name is Elayna Hatchell and I am 17 year old. I know you may be too busy to read this or to even reply but I really wanted to tell you how much you inspire me. About 2 years ago I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus. I could not get over the fact that I could not move as well as others and I felt out of place. I felt different and alone. I cried a lot but everytime I was down I would listen to you sing or watch one of your films. You made me happier and made me realize that its okay to be different and I am not alone and there are happy times even in the bad times. I honestly can say that I admire you and you are my role model. Your poise, elegance, style, and your voice all are qualities I admire. I am a singer a well so singing to your ongs make me much happier. I always wondered why it had to be me but I finally realized why. I am going to med school to become a Pediatric Rheumatologist so I can help kids with the same disease. I feel I will be able to connect with them on a more personal level that way. And when they get down I will tell them to listen to your music because every ingle word is a message to never lose faith or hope. Thank you so much for helping me and for just being you and doing all that you do. - Elayna Hatchell

I can see why Barbra married you. You really ARE a normal, every day, average guy! I had read once that when you & Barbra were dating,you took her to Laughlin, Nevada. My husband's parent's as well as my own retired from So. California (Laguna Beach) & moved to Bullhead City/Laughlin. It wasn't very long before they had convinced us to follow suit. I lived & worked in Laughlin for 4 years & there is a certain love/hate relationship with that area. It is a unique place and the canyon is like no other, the summers are hotter than any place (short of the Sahara Desert) and just about everybody comes & goes without scrutiny. If I were gonna take her someplace, it would have been my choice too.... I hope you also showed her Searchlight & of course Cal-Nev-Ari? If not... you folks really missed down home people... complete with a outhouse and/or a small Piper plane in the front yard.

Dear Mr J Brolin,
Well said!. It is heartening to see words from someone in your position in life speak truly from the heart and have honesty of character. I dont know a great deal about politics especially in the USA. All I know is.. What people in lofty positions in life actually 'do' is the important thing.. .. It's all very well and good to speak out and promise this that and the other, but at the end of the day... Just quietly go about your business and do the job.. Right? Well, little as I do know.. I know this.. both Clintons have contributed a great deal and as you stated, they still do.. I have a reaction to 'those' magazines and papers you spoke of.. .. If I see them I shake my head and if I have ever read a page of one I feel llike I need to wash my hands!! ... Nasty, low class and without style.. Today we sadly lack good conscience and an ethical mindset. Basically, it costs one too much. That seems to be the way of life now. Our young people are watching celebs & wannabe celebs acting trashy etc... who flaunt everything, do whatever they can to show off.. Even if they are doing something good for society a lot of them dont do it quietly either..But there seems to be a lot of admiration for them... It is a sad way to think..Trashing someone, vulgar writing sells I guess and being on the attack grabs headlines. There is not the same courage in the news media today. To write with a balanced view point. A fair opinion. It is always "the truth" no matter how sickeningly blatant a lie it is... I am so happy that you make a stand and speak out. We need more honest, admirable people to show the world Classiness and Compassion... Thank you both for being that way yourselves... . Please let me just finish off by saying.. I have been delighted by you and Barbra being so happy. I am chuffed as they say in England that you found each other. Like many, I love Barbra's works.. I absolutely loved Barbra's design book. You have a beautfiul patch of Mother Earth for sure... I wish you joy and good health You are both talented and wonderful people. It is a pleasure to see you when you are out and about in the world.. and one more thing. today is friday 19th Oct.. I now live in Ottawa and my hubby told me today that I am going to see Barbra in Concert tomorrow.. (today) Saturday 20th.. I get tears in my eyes just thinking about it.. It is for my 60th last March and my anniversary in Sept (bless him, he forgot) but he has just had knee replacement so i forgive him!!! I cannot sleep I am so excited. I never in my whole life thought I would get to see her with my own eyes. Take care and again. Thank you for being an observant intelligent honest man, and i agree with what someone wrote in the comments.. You really should write a book.. thank you for your time... Diane

Beautiful revealing and articulated... so well becaused it shows that here are people that give lives for good.... without congratulating themselves. And you have told the truths that is never publshed or appreciated... thanks for this.

Geez, I just went into google Barbra to find if Yentle ever went blue ray and the screen was filled with divorce, etc., I'm like, yeah right, so I came onto Barbra's truth alerts and to be expected, all lies. What a shame this is when there is so so much to write about to better the world, save people's lives and do so much then to write this trash. I thought they hold hands in every picture and yes, a darling couple, so people I think don't believe what they read anyway even if they even read what's written, so I don't give it much thought. I'm glad your both happy. Thank you again for all you do, for the good you do for the world around you, so much to be done in such a short period of time but I believe in the human spirit and I know all is well.

.. Like many, I always loved the passion, the voice of Barbra.... that rearranged and still does.. of molecules.. atoms in the body... to heal..Smiling I so treasure the kind of love you have for one another.. the humor.. the laughter.. the deep authenticity.. and truth you live out your lives with..... Wishing endless fun.. and very little pain for your older years.. May your eyes shine with tears of joy..and laughter, mischif..... and gratitude..
God bless all the minutes, days.. years that is given to you both on this on little planet Earth. (e.e. from Laguna Beach)