The Truth About The "We Are The World Recording".

To clarify the ridiculous assertions relating to Barbra Streisand's participation in the new "We Are The World," the recording of which I attended with her, Barbra hit it on her first take, but then asked Patti Austin, who was producing the vocal session, if she could do a few more to see what else she might come up with. Patti thought the first take was perfect, and she thought the fourth one was more perfect. They stopped at "more perfect."

---Jay Landers / SVP A&R Columbia Records.

Comments for this Truth Alert

Awesome arrangements loves! Now.... duet with Barbra and Patti Austin. Thanks for considering.


I am a new Babra Streisand fan from Australia. Oh come on, she sang incredibly! I don't listen to the press anymore, they poor out such rubbish. Babra I love you! I became a fan after watching "The Nanny" Fran Drescher always mentioned you in the show, I couldn't help but listen to your songs, and I watched Funny girl, about a year ago, and I love it! Now I watch it all the time. We are the world, ain't an easy song, and I love to hear your voice in it. I got a terrible voice, worsts than Fran Drescher's, in fact, Fran's is not even bad, so for you to sing like that makes me go wow! its amazing, the way you keep that high pitch, and tune for so long. I am only 16, so to miss out on all the concerts that happened before I was even born makes me feel like I missed out on so much, I am not much into modern music. I'm going to Las Vegas around December-January, I'd love to see you in concert!! Keep it going!

God Bless.

I would like to add that Barbra's participation in this historic event, just shows how much she cares for the world in which she lives. However, I would just interject that it is unfortuante that she wasn't able to participate in the 'original' recording back in 1985!

Such a shame to deflect this charity effort with silly comments about Barbra.,..poor Barbra as we say in scotland " you cannae do anything wrong for doing right " !!!

ur great babs x


You participated in this event to help make the world a better place. No matter what some hack posing as a journalist might assert, your talent, beauty and grace have achieved what you set out to do.

For the past fifty years, you have made our world a far more beautiful place. God bless you for doing this and all else that you have done!

Oh My Gosh,I cant believe anyone would actually say that about Barbra,she has the best voice ever.Who were they comparing her too, Justin Biber or Miley Cyrus...yeah right. VIVA LA BARBRA

Why must the press take every opportunity to persecute the poor woman? Yes, Ms. Streisand is a perfectionist - you don't become (and remain) a star for 50 years if you give your fans second rate performances. But this nonsense about multiple takes (with the inference that others had to wait while she took hundreds of takes) is unfair not only to Barbra Streisand but the worthy cause.

And I heard the end product and Barbra Streisand (and all) can be proud of their performances and their good deed.

Barbra is gonna be perfectionist, its her nature...... Who cares how many takes? She is the most talented woman on earth..... And "she WAS there for the recording......" Why always attacking her? Cause she reached for the stars and she did it? ??? Envy or stupidity or jelousy but Barbra gave class to that recording,....... Move on guys its time to recognize her talents...... like Barbra said "she is still here"..... God bless my girls, Barbra, Renata and Samantha.,....

The very intent and spirit of this project was to lift people up. To use one moment to take down Ms. Streisand is sad to me. I believed that the time of attacking her had long past. The only solice I take in it is that Barbra is still relevent, almost 50 years into her career, doing more good than she gets credit for.

I saw on one of those daily television rags, Patti Austin being asked by one of the
hosts. How many takes did Streisand take? Patti's answer was; As many as she wants.
She did not seem to deflect the stupidity of the host asking a stupid question.

Just watched the video. Barbra's contribution was confident, mature, and reassuring. I would expect no less. I don't care how many takes. I care that she cared enough to be there. Let's move on, folks.......

Jay, it's great to see you posting on Barbra's site, and I look forward to more.

Not surprising that Roger Friedman and others exaggerated reporting on Barbra's "We Are The World" recording session. They were undoubtedly shocked and awed to see her at the event.

- Mark I.

patti austin is an incredible singer, and she would know perfect when she hears it !! barbra streisand is an incredible everything, and she would know when there have been enough takes in a recording studio, just like the wonderful miss austin. i cant beleive someone would spread trash about artists doing something wonderful for our planet, and whoever spread that trash needs to shut up, and make a donation to the cause instead of tearing the cause apart !!!

Barbra is "more perfect" in just about everything she does, because she cares so much. The recording is great and moved me.

Anyone on the planet earth who knows anything about the incomparable Barbra Streisand knows that she is a perfectionist. She insisted on doing "My Man" live at the end of the "Funny Girl" movie and provided one of the most extraordinary movie moments of all time. Those who still have a need to knock down an American treasure with a career spanning five decades is just a loser who will probably accomplish nothing in life due to their own dooming negativity. The soul, the essence, the unique gift that is Barbra Streisand (like sand on the beach) has so affected my life from my own beginnings in the Bronx right up to the present, through life, and death, and challenges to overcome and adversity. We all have the choice of being a victim in life or victorious. You, Barbra, have been a true victorious inspiration to me and millions. Losers lose in the end. Truth, as you have said, is a powerful tool that comes out eventually. Thank you for being YOU. Now, please go write your autobiography (you know your loser critics will have a field day with that book!)

P.S. Barbra's first name is misspelled in the scrolling closing credits in the "We Are The World Recording" video.

I don't know why all this bla bla bla from the press. All the artists are perfeccionist by nature about their stuff.
I'm a singer myself, and I'm always interested in doing the best to my recordings, and my shows...Barbra is no different...but you know success bothers people....We are accostumed to this.
Wonderfull participation Barbra did, as well all the artists in the recording .... from the first singer, to the last one...I loved it., yes, thanx for that info jay, but I'm new here and I didnt know where to leave my (silly) version of Evergreen (lalala) ..oh well, don't laugh;