One of the tabloids is recycling a fabricated story which we truth-alerted as false in 2004.

It's ridiculous to dredge up a 7 year old story about having a polyp removed. It must be a slow news day.

Comments for this Truth Alert

I think they are referring to a comment made by a fan who attended one of your concerts. She said George Bush was like a polyp and needed to be removed from office. LOL.

I'm glad you are okay, I couldn't bear the thought of something happening to you! Smiling

Barbra, I am so glad you are ok.... I never believe the crap in those magazines but it did take my breath away when I first looked at it... I came home and logged on right away just to make sure and the angel you are you had the truth waiting for everyone as I knew you would... How dare they do that...... Can't you sue them??? I lost my sister to rectal cancer that was not caught in time.... I resent anyone using this disease to sale their magazines or any disease for that matter... I am so happy to find you healthy and doing well... Also I want you to know my sister also adored you had all your music and when I look at you I see her...... We went to the theater to watch funny girl when she was 16 year's old and we did not leave until the last showing.. She kept calling all her girlfriends and having them come down to see the movie and cried through every showing.... That was it... You were the voice of my sister's life from that moment forward.... Love you Barbra.... Hugs Dana

So glad to hear you are ok.

yentl,my daughter called me ,to tell me that she saw something in a magazine ,that you have cancer .my heart started to pounding,but i knew you never can trust the i went to your webside and what for a luck you had already stated on this sh....

i am so glad that nothing about this is true.enjoy every day .i love you

Good to hear all is well. I never buy the tabloid's but I saw this at the check out. Didn't buy it, figured I could find the truth here. Peace vjt

I hate the journalists who invent lies. Those persons are not journalists! Your private life looks at nobody.You are right to defend it, and to defend the truth!

it was the worst possible picture. Glad you're ok


I guess it must feel kind of strange to have all of these random people tell you that they were super worried when they have never even met you, but just understand that you have touched many lives with your acting and music and we feel connected to you through what you put into your art/work. Again, I am so very happy that you are okay! I saw the "news" in the National Enquirer, not exactly the most reliable magazine, and I had to make sure, because once in a great while they sometimes have their facts right.

Thank you for putting up on this website the great news that all is well!!!! And sorry for writing so much!! Laughing out loud I tend to talk a lot when I am nervous, scared, excited! Hahaha! Get it? Sticking out tongue From Funny Girl! Smiling Just testing you!!!!

Anyways, I'm very glad you're okay!


LIVE sightings, appearances, and interviews don't lie. It's so ironic that this stupid tabloid stuff surfaces at a time when Barbra has been looking so extraordinarily fit, young, and healthy. We're on the eve of her spread in ELLE Magazine for Godsake! We fans know the truth, but what pi$$es me off are the millions of morons who are going to believe it.

So Happy that you are OK...Don't believe what you read Smiling one good song of yours..I knew that you are OK...Smiling Sue those bastars

Im so happy to hear your fine Smiling My father told me what he saw and I was devastated to hear what happend, Im am very happy your ok.

Great blog, fantastic.

Barbra I'm so glad this is not true! and so glad your ok and healthy! Good thoughts and wishes for you and your family! Looking forward to your new movie!

Must they continue to put such Trash out for the common people. Lets get a group together and just STOP buying it.....NO Sales.....NO Business!!

Leave our Barbra alone....finally she has the man, the money, the time to spend with her wonderful life. Good God....leave her be....and lets turn the camera's on the real criminals that get paid for truly awful pix of the greatest singer of all of our times.

Thank God you are alright.....didnt believe it for a minute! What goobers!

So is Barbra ok? I hope so as I have been her fan for years. My sister looks just like her and I think we have a common ancestor on my mothers side. She is Jewish.

I am so glad that you are OK. Smiling Happy Days to you and Jim

Never have believed the rags!!! I've always believed Barbra one of the brightest women on the planet, and can't imagine her putting her health at risk. If you have a polyp the smart thing is to have it removed. This can usually be done during a colonoscopy. If there are further issues, then surgery may be required. I have had a partial colectomy and it's no day at the beach. My dad also had the same surgery for colon cancer. I am so glad that you are well Barbra, and wish you the absolute best.

OK, so i go on your website everyday and i saw this truth alert soon after it was posted (a sigh of relief that it was fake). my friend comes into school with the magazine. she looks at me and shows me the magazine i look back at her, she says "i'm sorry, i hope she gets better". i just laughed. i told her about the fact that it was a fake story from 2004 and she was happy for me but upset becuase she said she had mentally prepared herself to talk to me about it! : ) becuase! she knows how much i love you.... then the last thing i said before i went to class was, "do you really think that if Barbra Streisand had cancer and i knew about it i would be at school today? NO!!! i would be at home crying! and if i came to school i would be in the bathroom crying!" that made her laugh because she knows that i totally would do that if this story was true : ) i so would...... I'm really happy you're okay Ms. Streisand.


my mom told me. She knows how much I love you and knew how this would make me feel like my world had ended. Ooohhh evil keeps some old people fresh so they dont die.

All of my friends have come up to me with "did you hear about Barbra?" i just laugh and say "yeah... but do you see the magazine that published it?" Silly, unqualified journalists have nothing better to do... just wish they'd get lives and not mess with others'. Much love(:

My dear, I was so schoked when I read that..but I am so glad You are fine. I cant stand the tought of something bad happening to You. I love You my dear Barbra :* kisses

I knew it wasn't true and it just confirms to us all that the tabloids are unreliable. What they will do for a buck.... But most of all, we are all so happy you're okay Barbra!

So relieved...

I'm so happy and relieved you are all right!!!!!

These people that write such lies should not be allowed to put that out there...I get it free speech but not free lies!
Barbra I am so glad you are doing well. May God continue to watch over you.

These people that write such lies should not be allowed to put that out there...I get it free speech but not free lies!
Barbra I am so glad you are doing well. May God continue to watch over you.

I was relieved to read that the information contained in the tabloids was pure fabrication.

I wish you a long and healthy life. I have always admired and respected you for the lady you are and the talents that you have been so willing to share with the world. If I could meet one celebrity in my life, it would be you.

Have a safe Holiday Season!!!!


You will probably not going to read this but I have to write anyway, I am a Brazilian guy and fan of your voice and I love the way you sing and express, I have two children (a girl of 11 and a boy of 3), we were in Florida in vacation last November and I saw the news that you were sick and I told to my wife how I was saddened by the news, our son who was with us in the car (where we heard your new album), he said "Dad this girl with wonderful voice is sick, I’ll pray and she'll heal soon". I’m really happy you are not sick and I’m telling him now.