Rush Limbaugh is plugging a new book whose conservative agenda attacks liberals. But the facts the book alleges about Barbra Streisand, as reported in the WorldNetDaily website, just aren't factual. The website, celebrating Limbaugh's breathless praising of the book, says, "It points out how Barbra Streisand, while lamenting the way labor unions are treated in this country, gets all of her movies produced in Canada."

Ms. Streisand has, in fact, made all of the feature films she has produced (through her Barwood Productions) in the United States, with the exception of "Yentl" which required filming on locations in Eastern Europe closely approximating the setting of the story. All of her other features were set in and filmed in the United States, with full use of American labor union talents and observation of union regulations.

Comments for this Truth Alert

Is there any basis for him making such a statement? Has she used Canadian unions at all?

As someone who joined a union at 15 years of age and remain active as an organiser today - I am pleased, but not surprised, that a democrat like Barbra is a supporter of union labour. Quality follows quality

Rush Limbaugh is still alive? I thought when he realized how perfect he wasn't when he was caught with his drugs that he would sing a softer tune. I guess some people just aren't happy unless everyone else is unhappy. I think Barbra is a very elegant woman. I worked in California briefly a few years back and she was a customer and I just couldn't believe that I was in her presence. It was so regal! I found her website at that time, and it was refreshing to see how much she kept up with the current events in our country. She practices what she preaches and I love her for that.

I wanted to point out perhaps Rush Limbaugh's greatest discrepancies here:

If Mr. Limbaugh and his Conservative buddies are so anti-union (which they are) then why is he accusing Ms. Streisand of the very thing he advocates himself?

But the greater discrepancy is that Conservatives (and not just Mr. Limbaugh, unfortunately) can't seem to grasp that their call for 'limited government' totally falls apart without organized labor (and trade policies that actually support organized labor):

The more the unions are able to gain good, 'living', wages and benefits for workers, the less the same workers have to rely on the government for assistance.

And to think that Rush Limbaugh just received a multi-million dollar contract extension; all for a man who can't add 'two plus two' and get the right result!

Btw, one additional note: For those out there who may have bought into the argument (of Mr. Limbaugh and his kind) that it's union demands and liberal regulation that is the main cause of our economic slump; think again:

It's the Reagan-Bush era of deregulation (underregulation) of the banking system and the financial markets and our foreign trade that is still principally responsible for our economic decline; yes, even here now in 2011.

Thank you (todah rabbah), Ms. Streisand, for being 'true blue' on this and other issues.