"Barbra's Statement on Proposition 8"

This is in response to Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker's decision to deem California's Proposition 8, banning gay marriage, unconstitutional.

"With this judge's decision, we are closer to the day that all people will have access to the same fundamental rights. Hopefully, this remaining civil rights violation will soon be a part of our past and we can look to a future where all people will be treated equally under the law."

--Barbra Streisand

Comments for this Statement

Thanks for the very fast response. I hope you're right (correct!!). My partner and I will celebrate 28 years as a couple this year. My love for him is equal, no better, no worse, than straight couples' love. Thanks, Jim and Barbra for your support.
ps: and Jason's, too!

Ms Streisand,
Good afternoon.
I take it that your stand against Proposition 8, as a Jewish woman, is a politcal one-- and not an ethical or moral one. However, when I read the Torah (the 5 books of Moses), politics never had a place in redefining or eradicating the moral and ethical ( tzdkenu) standard among the Israelite community concerning homosexuality. It was not tolerated by G-d. Ms. Streisand, you are part of the Chosen people--culturally and spiritually. As you know, growing up in a separated life in the Jewish neighborhood and synagogues, the Jewish people were forbidden to mix with the pagan (goy) nations. The divine established order of Creation is the foundation of our Judeo Christian ethic, for Jews and non-Jews alike.

My question and concern about Propositon 8 is this:
What will abolishing Propostion 8 do for the human rights of STRAIGHT poeple in this society?

Being straight, I wonder about my human rights -- because years ago I was sexually harassed in the work place and even stalked by my gay boss, I was a victim of their disrespect, agenda, lack of restraint and uncontrolled lust. Right is right and wrong is wrong here.

Ms Streisand, abolishing Propostion 8 may satisfy your postion for human rights for "gays" but does that include "gays" exercising restraint and respect in not violating the human rights of the same gender who are "straight" and do not wish to be disrepected with their agenda?

Homosexuals from the rich to the very poor actually have a huge clue that they are emotionally disabled people trying to find acceptance, in their woundedness. Who can find true peace outside the Divine established order of Creation? God is revealed in nature -- which nowhere demonstrates homosexuality -- and denying nature is denying God. Our society has become riotous and without restraint. Do you see moral disaster coming? -- Shalom.

Dear Barbra,

When I was a kid, then high school jock, then paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne Division, I often 'wished' my gay-away and dry-dreamed of an opportunity to meet you in person and get your 'take' on my dilemma.

I eventually married a girl I met while stationed in Italy and we have two ( of course) beautiful children ages 27 & 20. I'm still married.

I made the decision to 'stay in' the proverbial closet to spare my wife ( whom I dearly love and with whom I'm still married after 30 years) the pain and hardship of discovering her 'guy' was born gay.

To compensate for my lack of 'activism' I taught my children and my wife the significance of acceptance ( as opposed to tolerance) and not just concerning 'gays', but for all 'people'..blah blah blah. (alla civil rights)

You inspired me. Simple as that.

My son 'came out' last December and I cried, but not because, but because I wanted to protect him and guide him even more.

It's lame..I know, but if ever one day you would like to visit Vicenza, Italy, I would love to meet you and introduce you to my Italian ( Catholic) wife and 'kids' Matteo & Anna.

Thanks for things you may not know.

MIchael Leon Ward
Corso Palladio 67
36100 Vicenza, Italy

My partner and I finally got married this summer after being together for 30 years. We
live in New York State, so when Mary was in the hospital on her birthday, I asked her
what she wanted for her birthday and she said she wanted to get married. So as long as we were in Fletcher Allan Health Center in Vermont, we finally tied the knot. During
the small reception in the family room on her floor, she had your CD's playing. You have always been her favorite. She was discharged a week later and then was sent back by ambulance 2 weeks later because of a breathing problem. A week later she was rushed to ICU and was on life support for 6 weeks. It was a rare blood disease that was causing her lungs to be dependent on a ventilator. During this time she would periodically have raging fevers, dangerously low
blood pressure and severely high heart rate. And I would just watch those monitors and constantly watch those numbers. Then one day, I thought, I wonder if she can hear what's going on, I put her IPad next to her head and played your songs and it was just amazing to watch her heart rate slow up and she would just be resting so much easier. My sister, Linda, came to stay with me and she just couldn't believe the difference in those numbers when I would start your beautiful songs. I played your concert in New York many times, even when you would stop to talk to the audience, just the way she listened to it normally. Mary did finally pull through and we went back to visit a couple of weeks ago, and the nurses commented that her room was the one that had the Barbra Streisand music always playing. Thanks Barbara!! You really helped the Doctors bring Mary back to me!!! Mel Light

I believe, that all people are born a certain way, and should not be discriminated against. This is for Barbra: I saw you 1st on Ed Sullivan, my Uncle had only TV, sorry to date us, but I said this lady will be a big star. And everytime I had the opportunity to see you, I did. You turned out to be a loving, caring person for all peoples. You ae beautiful outside, but most of all in your being. God Bless you and people like you. You, "as you would say, " I'm still here"! You are so creative with not only your singing, but with your thoughts, perfection and as a real human being. Sorry to write this here, but I had to say this. My son bought me an album of your Concerts, and I never enjoyed anything more, and glad to see you are not frightened to be in Concerts anymore, as you have so much humor, and people love you so much, not just for the singing, but how you love your family, friends, and the person you have become, over the years. You can do so much, and now you do so much for others, that is a gift you have been given, from the heart. God Bless You. I don't care what they say, you should have won the Oscar for Yentl and Prince of Tides. So in our hearts you are a winner. You lost your Dad at a young age, but the love he gave you, showed in Yentl. This may be the wrong place to say all this, but I needed to, and didn't know how to or where to go to say, God gave you a Big Gift, and you ran with it full stride. And your son is lucky to have you for a Mom and he is so handsome. I like the song he wrote for you. Thank you for all the wonderful music, and for being happy with your life and sharing it with all of us, who love you as the person you grew to be.

To the person that is concerned about the rights on the 7 million voters:

Would you want your neighbors, family, strangers voting on YOUR civil rights. What if we had left slavery up to a vote. These are not decisions that the masses get to make, they were already in the constitution...we don't get to VOTE on them.

Barbra....please keep voicing your opinion...we love you. And next time you are in St. Paul...dinner at our place.
Paul and Joseph. XOXO

Dear Ms. Streisand,

They shouldn't ban homosexual marriage in California, or in any state. Anybody should be able to love who ever they want, Gay people should have the right to marry, like straight people do. I belive its like segregation. Also, its great to see you support Jason and other homosexuals.
Hope you, James, and Jason are great. <3
P.S: Gay marriage isn't legal in Virginia either.
~ Shelbey,13 and a huge fan.

This makes me hopeful too. It is great to hear you voice your support.

I'm sorry to say that I don't believe that one judge can overrule the votes of over 7 million California voters. This is a Democracy and the people voted. Let it follow the path of our legal system and see what happens.

Dear Barbra: In my country since 20 days ago the gay marriage has been accepted as a law; I feel proud of been an argentinian woman. I hope that you soon get this very important law,so people could live with freeness as all american people. I know it's very tough fight with the ideas of dinosaurs. Best wishes!
Adriana Rodriguez

I have been living as an openly gay man for 30 years and am partnered to a very loving, committed, connected man. The primary reason I hear from my community in support of gay marriage is that by not being allowed to marry, we are not afforded the same perquisites as our legally-married counterparts, such as tax breaks and health care benefits. Until these financial perqs are decoupled from marital status, however, non-married people of any sexual orientation will continue to be second-class citizens. I think anyone should be allowed to be married if they want to be married. But I don't think people should be financially incented by our government to get married. Our country has no vested interest in people being married, so why should we be paying people to get married? How about using that money to buy hungry people some food?

I think it is wonderful that you stand up and fight for what you believe is right. I don't know why some people would even care if a gay couple gets married or not. I am a straight women in Philadelphia and to be honest it doesn't make me any less married if gay folks get married and doesn't take away the validity of my marriage at all. The whole issue should be a non issue, if 2 people want to unify themselves then we should be happy for anyone out there who has found that special person. I can't imagine how I would have felt if the government stepped in and told me and my husband that we could not be married. You are a remarkable women of great influence who chooses her battles wisely, and Good for you for doing just that.
Bridget Webber

this is a great humanitarian victory but still we have to convince people not to be afraid of diversity. wouldn't it be wonderful if anyone could accept that each of us can be happy in a more free and easy world?
I live in Italy and with the Vatican around it will be impossible for us to get same sex union legalised but I don't give up hope and will support any way I can freedom of chosing all over the world.
thanks Barbra for your support

What kind of laws will we have in this country if the votes of 7 million people can be negated by the decision of one man? And, what about the civil rights of the 7 million people who voted?

Imagine a law that said marriage is a right to everyone, except for Jews.
Service in the military shall be granted to those who qualify except for Negros.
Adoption rights shall be granted, based on a persons ability, and character, except for Hispanics. Sounds riduculous? Yet these are just SOME of the laws this nation has for law abiding citizens who are Gay and Lesbian. Its is now time to get on board with so many other countries and tell the world what " freedom, and liberty and justice for all" really means!

Another poster made a comment, about having an argument with her brother, and finding out that her upset was due to finding that he was not the person she thought.
It was the same in my home just today, with my own mother.
She made the comment, "I cannot understand why they cannot just be happy with having the rights, who cares if it is called marriage or not?"
I was horrified... but as the 'debate queen' of my college, I responded in my true form.. and informed her that as the mother of a bisexual teenage son, who's had nothing but negative behaviors towards him in his life due to developmental issues.. I do NOT want to tell my son he's ANYTHING even resembling less than worthy. She of course, feels that it's a phase.
It does not matter if it is or it is not. Marriage, in its very definition, is a privilege that is the same world wide... and to say that the LGBT community should be happy to accept any less, to me, is the same thing as saying that blacks and whites should be content to not marry, that the whites who loved Japanese partners in the midst of WWII should have been arrested for attempting marriage... that because you love where an uninvolved persons morals are offended, you should have to subject to THEIR will... it's innane, insane, and absolutely unacceptable.
Why, in a world where my teenage children do not remember a world where we were NOT at war with another country, (or two..or three, just how many did Bush offend?) are we so BLASTED worried about people who do not WANT to fight? Who merely want to love someone? She said, " I think it is an asinine waste of money." Sad that so many are so backwards in their priorities.... Sad It was even sadder to find it was the woman who's brother has lived with AIDS for 30 years, who's daughter is bi, and who's grandson seriously suspects he may not be bi, but rather gay.... and that THAT woman is my mother. Sad


Dearest Barbra,

Thank you for all you do for us in the Gay community.

After 31-years with the same man, I hope one day to marry the man I love – gold wedding bands and all. I came into this world in love with him, and I will leave this world in love with him.

As I tell everyone, in all you do in life, remember you are loved, and listen carefully to the calling of your heart. Know that I wish you continued strength, I honor your courage, I admire your dignity, and that I hold you in my heart.

Much love and be well to you,

- Seán

It's definetly one step closer. When Californians went to the polls to vote down Gay Marriage, I always felt it was unconstitutional. I was overwhelmed when I heard Judge Walker's decision. Every citizen of this Country has rights and people must remember being Gay, Lesbian, TransGender is not a choice, you are born Gay. Very proud of this decision and look forward to the day everyone has the right to love and marry the one they love.

I love you Barbra. Thankyou for standing up for the rights of all.

Those that think the will of 7 or 8 million voters was overturned by one judge are mistaken. Their votes were overturned by a piece of paper called "The Constitution of the United States" and by human compassion for another.

The wisdom of the Founders shine through to prevent mob rule.

I think we need a bit more empathy in today's difficult times.


I'm a straight person, and I feel that the judge has made the right decision to deem Proposition 8 unconstitutional. Proposition 8 is a discriminatory bit of information that tries to prevent gay persons from having equal opportunities in life. I fully agree with Barbra's statement on this issue, and also hope that Proposition 8 will become a thing of the past very soon. Proposition 8 should have been ended years ago, but better late than never.

All I can say is simply....BRAVO Ms. Streisand!