Barbra comments on the passing of Maya Angelou

Her voice can never be silenced. The beauty of her words and the strength of her wisdom held us to the truth.

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I had extreme honor of attending 3 of her live performances. Her greatness shook the stage.

A woman of real strength, ingenuity, and conviction. Much like the woman which hosts this site. And as Maya was a lady of words, so too, is the lady of song. Both share a common bond, that of poetry, emotion, love, and faith. May Maya Angelou, reach the stars - and the world marvel at her achievement. In the eternal unknown, may Maya, live a new existence, free from the horror suffered here on earth caused by human beings less enlightened than herself. And we mortals remember that some of her words sayings, hopes, dreams and faith, are set down in paper and ink, which we can all STILL read for perpetuity, thankfully. May she live for evermore.....Gerry Freedman, Leith, Edinburgh. X

Maya Angelou was a great American and one of the best writers this country has ever produced. Her presence was strong, dynamic. I loved listening her speak and hung on to her every word. How one person can be blessed with so much grace and intuitiveness is a mystery to me, but thank God we had her in our lifetime.