Barbra’s Entire Statement To The New York Times About Her Long Effort To Help Achieve Right-to-Love Equality

When I fell in love with Larry’s Kramer's play, "The Normal Heart," in 1986, I wanted to promote the idea of everyone’s right to love. Gay or straight!

The gay community was suffering. A new disease was rearing its ugly head and no one was listening.

Larry was at the forefront of this battle and God love him, he's still fighting. But there's no need to fight me by misrepresenting my feelings.

As a filmmaker I have always looked for new and exciting ways to do love scenes. It's a matter of taste... whether they're about heterosexuals or homosexuals.

I was trying to reach a large audience and I wanted them to want these two men to get married!

We’ve come a long way since then—gay marriage is now legal in 17 states, but there are still 33 more to go.*

I’m just glad that a large audience will finally get to see this story. It's an historical document now.

*5/29/14: Oregon and Pennsylvania have now become the 18th and 19th states to legalize marriage for same-sex couples. And a federal judge in Idaho struck down their ban too, though the decision is on hold pending appeal.

Comments for this Statement

I know I recently responded to this article, but my god, I don't know exactly how old I was when A Star is Born came out, I think about 15 and I begged to go see it but was not allowed, eventually I saw it. Now at 51, I saw it went on Blu Ray and it was unbelievable. Why it was so unbelievable was to listen to the commentary of the making of the film and Barbra's expertise and talents being revealed, just was so interesting to first watch the movie and then listen to Barbra's commentary, things she would have done differently, what the audience is looking for, it was just the most remarkable thing I have listened to. The exquisite detail, thought and the work, those of us that are not in the industry are truly clueless about the amount of work that goes into making movies, I suppose that is why it is so fascinating. I still do not understand why Barbra looks at herself as an average person. I am waiting on doing cardiac rehab and was looking at all these things on U-Tube, interviews and the like, and I just feel like I wish I could just sit down or take a walk with Barbra and just listen to everything she has to say, its just so powerful and incredible, she I believe has been in touch with her spirit or the spirit world, it took me until I was in my early 40's but I think Barbra has been there a lot longer, she already finds what she terms "magical", what I think of as the universal spirit that's all around us. I just think as myself, we are captivated by Barbra, especially gay people because we tap into that creative self, that inner self and I think that's what the connection is. I just think Barbra is fascinating, even though it's true, we don't "know" her, I think we do know some things, the more we listen and read, we see some of who Barbra is. It's amazing all you hear about how she is controlling and perfectionist, I don't see it, I see skill, talent, and the absolute amazement of "art" in the making, incredible, just blows my mind to have heard the commentary of "A Star is Born", so incredibly interesting. Can you just imagine for an instant being in a film and being directed by such a talent, personally, I really would be pinching myself saying is this really happening, I just like to think about fantasy sometimes, lol, puts me in a good mood just to imagine things sometimes and I'm still here, so one never really knows.

All I can say is thank you Barbra, thank you so very much for your work, your efforts in so many areas to improve what otherwise would not get the attention it deserves. It is my understanding that your own son is gay, I am gay also. I do not know for sure whether your son is gay because I cannot believe a thing I read, but even if he is, I love his voice especially nature boy, it is awesome, he has such a rich and deep masculine voice, and the looks to go with it. I'm 51, I'm fortunate enough to still be HIV negative, but I have cardiovascular disease and diabetes so I have to take care of me too, we all have something we have to take care of ourselves. But I wanted you to know that all you have done has truly made an impact and you have utilized your fame and success for the betterment of all man and woman kind. I just can't thank you enough to dispel the stigma that goes with being gay, its crazy, I had a very difficult time myself with accepting who I was and thank god realized I had to accept it within myself so I didn't hurt others. The movie "Making Love" inspired me never to hurt someone because I was gay. I just had hoped that I could do more with my life and story to make the world better, I work on it everyday and was working as a nurse with Hospice, their, I know I made a huge difference in the lives of others but have been set back to some degree because of a "hiccup" with my heart, one of the bypass vein's closed up, they were able to reopen and I start with cardiac rehab on July 15th, I'm sure I'm going to be "A" okay, just will continue doing what I can. But let Jason know that I love his singing and man, that sure would be nice to listen to him sing in my ear, shew, that would be heaven to me, lol. Since I have had this time off, I have been able to catch up on the all the goings on, and just recently got What's Up Doc and A Star is Born in Blu Ray, my favorite is What's Up Doc, so incredibly funny to me, I love that movie. My love to you and your family Barbra. Please understand your not a "star" to me but a person who has given back so very much and I do believe your father's spirit is with you, I didn't used to believe that until I worked so much with Hospice patients, it is true, our spirits do transcend into another dimension and they are never far away and nothing is coincidence. Also, I have to take a fist full of pills too, various vitamins, etc., eat right etc., but it was truly wonderful seeing you and Jason perform together, that was extremely wonderful.

There is always a constant in your passion & actions: equality and awareness of improving lives of humankind. A life well lived, I think. Respectfully.

Seriously, Larry:

You were a hero to me as a young gay man but now you're just acting like a butt-hurt kid who didn't get your playhouse built when you wanted it. Get over it and grow up. You're now becoming a bad role-model for conflict and project resolution and an embarrassment to our community and the entertainment industry.

Thank you for being an adult, Barbra. You are a credit to our society.

Very respectfully,
Lewis Breland

The problem with Larry Kramer is that he is holding onto so much ugly animosity in regards to his life.

I can not help but to notice the character Ned Weeks is pretty similar to Larry Kramer. He's angry at the world, and always shooting from the hip without any regards to repercussions of his actions or as to how it affects others.

The fact that Larry Kramer was forced out of the GMHC because of how he conducts himself should not be discounted about how he is feeling about Barbra Streisand.

Ms. Streisand has always been a supporter of LGBT rights. She's had legions of fans for years and she's always been great when it came to one's civil rights. The fact that "The Normal Heart" was not made earlier was Kramer's refusal to allow it to be adaptable to television. Well, in the end, the movie got made. Maybe he needs to just sit back and enjoy the accolades he's receiving rather than holding onto old animosity.

Would Larry Kramer please give Barbra a break already! She's always been an outspoken advocate for the gay and lesbian community. Getting financing for a film is a completely different thing. She tried her heart out, it didn't happen. The film is now made - be happy.

Barbra has absolutely spoken the truth with regard to the movie. She should have
been able make it the way she thought would have the greatest impact. Her
feelings regarding a project are usually never wrong.
She is right in one sense: "we've come a long way since then-gay marriage
is now legal in 17 states but there are 33 more to go."
Continue to speak on those subjects you believe in. I will always