Love Is The Answer / QVC Exclusive w/ Richard Jay Alexander

Love Is The Answer / QVC Exclusive w/ Richard Jay Alexander

The Music of Barbra Streisand-introducing "Love is the Answer"

Friday, August 28, 2009
07:00 - 08:00 PM PT

She has produced albums reaching number one in four consecutive decades and is the top album-selling female recording artist. A ten-time Grammy honoree, her 50 gold albums, 30 platinum albums, 13 multi-platinum albums and 29 top ten albums are all records for female singers. She's Barbra Streisand, and she's releasing her first new studio collection since 2005. "Love is the Answer" presents Barbra as a cabaret and jazz singer, joined by fellow Grammy winner Diana Krall. Don't miss your chance to order your copy here before it hits the streets, along with a special bonus created especially for QVC®! We'll be joined by Barbra's longtime music director Richard Jay Alexander as we celebrate her illustrious career and present The Music of Barbra Streisand - introducing "Love is the Answer." Release date subject to change.


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Thanks Michael. Here's an update that's just gone up on her site.

Richard Jay-Alexander To Appear On Shopping Channel QVC To Introduce New Barbra Streisand Recording - "Love Is The Answer".

AUGUST 18, 2009, 9:24 pm

It was announced yesterday on the QVC Shopping Channel Web Site that Barbra's Collaborator and Co-Director, Richard Jay-Alexander, will be appearing on QVC on Friday August 28 at 10pm, for the introduction of Barbra’s new recording, in a very personal way.

Richard will fill the hour with “behind-the-scenes” information, exclusive video footage of Barbra and everything you want to know about the highly anticipated new album, produced by her longtime friend and fellow artist, Diana Krall. Buying the recording(s) on QVC will also bring opportunities not offered elsewhere.

In an exclusive phone call with, Richard Jay-Alexander said, "I'm looking forward to it... it should be a lot of fun. I've been listening to the new recording non-stop. I think it's amazing and, for me, Barbra is once again proving that she has no peers. Hers is an unparalleled career... and the voice … unequaled.”

Richard went on to say, "In addition to all the accolades, accomplishments and awards she has received, I suspect the fans and general public will adore this new recording. I can't ever remember a recording being put together and offered in such a unique way, where the deluxe version will have the raw sessions with Krall and the combo and the companion disc, or individual single-disc, will offer the base sessions with the strings and orchestration added, by some of the greatest orchestrators in the business. We’re not just talking BONUS tracks. This is the art of record-making.”

“The recording is personal and has on it many songs she has always wanted to sing – some even considered for the last tour we did. Personally, I think the album is a ‘life-force’ and again, for me, she is the ultimate actress, singer, interpreter of lyrics ever.”

“If you tune in to QVC, you’ll have an opportunity to see footage, hear more of the tracks than you currently can online and get some other things you will get nowhere else.”

“I agreed to appear for one reason only – Barbra. Pure and simple. And any fees associated with this appearance, I am giving directly to her foundation, which was also the basis of the most recent tour.”

“She is like no one else. I know that and welcome the opportunity to introduce Streisand fans and QVC shoppers to the new recording. She has had No. 1 albums in every decade of her career. I am predicting the same for this one!”

Craig Hall

Am I right to assume this is for the US only Craig? Anything for us in the UK?

Thanks for that info Craig. I've already pre-ordered, but I'll watch QVC tonight. I can't believe I will, but I will!

It's not tonight Jason -- it's August 28th! LOL

Great news.
Go go Barbra!!!

I just want to say Michael has a beautiful smile. He'd be my first choice if I won the VV concert tickets. Hello goregous, for sure!


Is it possible for the UK fans to have a QVC launch on 28th September which is when we we have to wait to have the new CD, I have ordered my copy in advance but it would be nice to join our US fans of Barbra and get some special info on our favourite artist.

Wow, thank you williamwarnick! You have a great smile too. That's a pretty amazing offer as well.

If anyone wins and takes me BLD, adult libations (uhm, it won't let me say cocktails haha) and your own hotel room for the weekend are on me! Serious offer here.

I'm looking forward to this tonight. Glad QVC streams the live shows on their site, too!!


Im hoping that it will be available to watch after it's been on because I really can't be getting up at something like 3am. I wont even be able to focus at that time in the morn. Hopefully QVC, facebook, maybe your site Matt? Will be showing the show Smiling

Guys --

Some people have received emails to say that the show has been cancelled.

The show has NOT been cancelled -- and will air tonight!! Don't miss it!!



Just finished watching the live QVC show (it was actually a few seconds ahead online) and was pleased to see more of the CD packaging. Over 7,000 pieces were ordered, and the callers sounded thrilled. A fine promotion!

If you missed it, I put the entire thing on Youtube. I think Richard's passion and insights regarding the making of the album were great. Was hoping for more behind the scenes clips but at the end of the day I think the QVC segment was a huge success in terms sales and putting out an awareness of the album. I hope the show repeats again.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

part 4:

Thanks Michael for posting those - especially for those outside the US.

I was in Florida at the time - and watched it with some friends -- and Richard managed to convert all 6 friends! He sold it to them.

I spoke to Richard shortly after - and I think he's hoping to do another QVC show soon.

I heard some people say it's 'beneath' Barbra to sell on QVC. I totally disagree! First of all, she didn't schlep on there herself -- and secondly, did you see how many units were sold?? 11,000! So it obviously worked. Especially for those who DON'T have PC access, and those who didn't have a CLUE that BJS was even releasing her new album.