Barbra Streisand Divorce from James Brolin

Barbra Streisand Divorce from James Brolin

Is it true that the both split up?

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I certainly don't hope so! Would be so very sad because they are one of the best famous couples in USA. Please don't let it be true! But let not forget that this information is from the tabloids like Enquirer. They write everything as long as people will buy these trash. I think Jim will after all paper their vintage barn's outhouse walls with these rag articles!

Didn't Jim make a statement that it WASN'T true? Seems like I read thast somewhere ....maybe in a Fan Group on Facebook?

Barbra -The Great Performances on PBS last night was wonderful. I taped it and watched it twice. I had to make myself go to bed! I attended your Chicago concert and just hoped I could relive it again! My husband is getting tired of the Youtube recording of SMILE with you and IL Volo! When he heard the performance was coming out on CD/DVD he ordered it!

Thank you for giving of yourself in so many ways. I have followed you since college , now at 65 years of age , you put the grandest smile on my face. God Bless! Jane Newman, Fairplay, CO