Autographed photo of Barbra

Autographed photo of Barbra

I have an autographed in person photo I think from 70's. It's my profile pic. I've looked at hundreds of photos & have not seen this one. I'm curious what it's worth.

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As regards autographed photos of Babs, I wrote to what I thought would be her address several years ago, it was a bit naive of me but I wrote on the envelope, Barbra Joan Streisand, Carolwood Drive, Hollywood, USA - guess what, about 2 weeks later in pops a large envelope with my signed picture!! It had come from New York City yet I sent my request to California. I like to think Barbra herself arranged this but of course I'm dreaming aren't I? It's a treasured item of mine. It actually looks as if it has been a photograph which Barbra signed herself and then had reproduced. Don't care - love it.
The strange thing about being a Streisand fan is the strength of emotion she can arouse in you. Now that's charisma.

That's a common photo, it's been around a lot. But it's a great one. If that's really her signature, that is cool. What's it worth?
What is Barbra worth to you?
Mine means the world to me, I could never dream of selling it. Never in a million years.
Sorry, I know that is not the answer you were looking for.