Duets Album

Duets Album

The interview with Katie Curic was wonderful - you are truly an inspiration to all. Lea Michele's name came up during the show and I thought it would be incredible for you to do a duet with her for your new duets album. It would be so special to hear such incredible voices together ..... it would be unbelievable!!! Please Barbara for all of us that are fans of you and Lea Michele

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I saw That Interview, Still have it Saved In My DVR, I don't Know If Ms. Streisand Reads These Posts Or Not But If So, I would Really Love For her To Consider Duetting With Two People, One Is "Natalie Cole" And The Other Is "Jamie Foxx"!!! I can Not tell You how Exciting I feel Those duets Would Be!! I'm Thinking of Textures and Tones and I feel If The Right Songs Were on the Table, Those Would Be Killer Collaborations!!! Just A Thought!! And I Cannot Wait For This Album!!!!

I would not be opposed to a duet with Paulo Szot- a medoly of bossa novas.

i would love to here a dance number with Usher and David Guetta...Can you imagine the sound and those two amazing voices over guettas instrumental tracks?

Yess!! Lea and Barbra are perfect. <3

Hai Barbra,

Please ask Elaine Paige for a duet! Please!

Roselinde Oosterhoff
The Netherlands

I'd like to hear a duet with Michael Bubble "cry me a river" and Adele "don't rain on my parade! That will be great!

There is an artificial quality about Lea Michele. I can't put it into words. The eyes and the body language leave a question. Barbra has set the standard and to this day no female vocalist has arrived at that standard. I have been waiting for fifty years for another Barbra to appear but it never happened. Lea Michele is very good but she doesn't have the magic. I think she tries too hard.

Allen Stone. Check out his You and I video on YOU TUBE. It is simply amazing and I'm sure that Barbra would truly be impressed also. the man has the most incredible voice I have heard in, well, EVER. A duet between the two of them would bring a Grammy for sure.

John T. Borek