Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells

I would like to do Barbra's version of Jingle Bells with my school choir. Is the accompaniment available in any form?

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I doubt it.

That arrangement is unique on every level: Barbra's "speed of lightning" vocals and the tempo changes throughout the melody - but good luck finding it, not to mention performing it. That takes a lot of courage Eye-wink

I can see that Hanna S has replied to my question but I can't see the reply. I am a real novice at this. Can someone explain how I see the reply? Thanks

Our posts have to be reviewed by the moderator. He's been out of the country, plus it seems he doesn't do it on the week-end. So, even though it shows that a reply has been made, it isn't posted for all to see until it is reviewed. By the time you see this (tomorrow?) you will have seen Hanna S. post.

I have picked up some piano arrangements of Barbra's music. I haven't seen Jingle Bells, but I found mine by searching the song name, her name and sheet music. I have an entire book with her arrangements. Believe me, they aren't easy and aren't for beginners. You can try searching to see what you get.

Good luck!!!

Thanks for your help, silkwind. If this fails I shall start the laborious job of transcribing from the recording.

Thanks again!

Wow, now that's a music talent! Good luck to you. Post it if you find it. I'm always looking for a new source for new piano music.

Same here, I'm trying to do Barbata's Jingle Bells this Monday
at a Senior Citizens show, and would love to find this version.
Went to the library today not realizing it would be so hard to find!


It is probably found in the songbook for the Christmas Album. You my want try a music store that sells these books or look on eBay for a vintage one.You may also find reprints, as "The Christmas Album" on CD was released in the late 1980's, then remastered in the 1990's, then dropped in the mid 2---'s and came back with a new albumn (cd) cover art...si the songbookmay have been reprinted. Hope this helps.

I have been looking for a karaoke track of this and minute waltz for years. Karaoke companies have told me that they have no interest in producing any of these tracks, but I still keep looking every year for Jingle Bells. If anyone does possibly find one, please let me know! Smiling