Barbra singing on Jackie Evancho's Album

Barbra singing on Jackie Evancho's Album

Does anyone know if it is true that Barbra is singing a duet with Jackie on the new album?'

This is the link that Jackie put on twitter.

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I have found out that she is singing on Jackie's album, but it sounds as if it is not a duet. The track list says "featuring Barbra Streisand" and does not mention duet.

I heard it is from an old recording and Jackie's voice is dubbed in, and that maybe Barbra acted as an advisor. Which is still cool.

Yes, search David Foster on Youtube talking about the project. Appearently it's the song "Somewhere".

I just haven't figured out if it's a brand new recording, or Barbra's original version with new vocals added?

They are going to have Jackie singing somewhere and use original recordings of barbra's voice she won't actually singing in it and recording with her they will be using her recordings and Jackie will be actually recording. hope that clears things up Laughing out loud


NOT a new Barbra recording.

We all know that this is NOT a new Streisand recording, we all know that it is Jackie singing with Barbra singing her original versions..........but don't know for sure if it is a true duet........................that is what we want to know..................Is this something that Barbra supported and agreed to, and wanted to do.................what does she think about Jackie's talent..............and what does she think about Jackie's talent...........

Do you really think that David Foster would produce something that included Barbra's work without her permission. NOT! I did see a video somewhere in which he discusses his conversation with her about producing Jackie Evancho's voice-over. It's a beautiful production. I would personally like to hear Jackie recognize Barbra's brilliance!

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