1992 Barbra Surprise Appearance on SNL!

1992 Barbra Surprise Appearance on SNL!

Just thought I would share. Netflix recently put ALL of the SNL seasons online to instantly watch (if you have an account with them). Even if you don't have an account, I think you get a free trial if you sign up.

Barbra gave a surprise appearance in 1992 on the sketch "Coffee Talk" hosted by "Linda Richman" (a character by Mike Myers based on his own mother-in-law in real life named Linda Richman!). On this episode, Madonna and Roseanne Barr are both in the sketch too.

This Jewish middle-aged female character; "Linda Richman" LOVES Barbra and dedicates each show to her. Very cute. It turns out in real life Barbra liked the character and the sketch (many of you know she even had Mike Myers reprise his role as "Linda Richman" and join her on stage on the 1994 "The Concert" DVD).

So, on this particular night, Barbra had been giving a performance at Radio City Music Hall (which is located in the same building as NBC Studios) and happened to overhear that the sketch was being done that night. In fact, in the TV special "Saturday Night Live: 101 Most Unforgettable Moments," this particular sketch is moment #6. NONE of the actors knew Barbra was coming, yet they all remained in character...mostly (haha).

Anyway, it's Season 17 and episode 14. The sketch begins at 13:50 (within the episode). If you go to Netflix just search SNL Season 17, add it to your "Instant Queue" and choose episode 14. Enjoy! Smiling

Blessings, Libby

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Thanks, Libby.

I thought Barbra's sudden appearence during that sketch was hilarious! I mean how often do you see Madonna in shock Jawdropping! - LOL! I don't think Rosanne Barr knew what was happening at first, either Smiling


Thanks Lynn! Glad you liked it too (bowing to you). I love your site!

Blessings, Libby