Favorite Album Covers

Favorite Album Covers

I know there are so many good ones, but does anyone have a favorite?. I think I like the EMOTION cover the best. She looks so happy. Pretty colors. Pretty hair.


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For me it's a tie between three: "People", "Classical Barbra" and "A Love Like Ours". I like the cover of People mainly because I read she had been given somewhat of a hard time for choosing a cover shot of her back to the camera (I think the shot is gorgeous). Then the cover won an award for best cover. I loved that she was right...as usual.

The cover of Classical Barbra is one of the most beautiful pictures of Barbra I think. Then finally, the cover with Brolin on "A Love Like Ours" is not only another take on the People cover (the ocean with only a back view of Barbra and James), but I love it mainly because she finally found him. What they seem to have makes it worth the wait! Gives me hope... so I adore that cover. Smiling

Blessings, Libby

My favorite album COVER is probably Till I Loved You or Love Is The Answer

I like "The Movie Album" cover with her holding a single lens, because it to me it represents a part of everything she is: Singer, Director, Producer, and Writer. It's clean, classy, simple, and speaks volumes.

I liked all the my name is Barbra cover and my name is Barbra two cover because she was so cute as a kid and so pretty in her teens and twenties, and she is still so beautiful now i like the 2006 live cover also. i don't know what it is i just love that picture so much.


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thanks for the question. I can´t explain why, but I have always liked the Barbra Joan Streisand cover. Maybe because she looks so different and young. I love the break of 60s/70s time, the fashion, the music and it is all in this mood. I like the inner side photos which show the working atmosphere...
My next one is Classical Barbra, so beautiful, pure, calm, especially the black and white pick.
Then comes Wet, I don´t know why, maybe because of the water, I love nature, it is really present there.
And I mustn´t forget the photos of The Essential Barbra Streisand, especially the one with curly hair - what was she thinking about? makes me wonder..
Finally One Night Only is also my favourite, because it is Barbra at present, happy and strong, back on stage, singing for people - a cheerful feeling for me.
I could go on and on ... but I really like these four a lot. Smiling

I forget what album it is but it'the one where she's wearing the black turban , those red fingernails simply gorgeous oh and or course Classical Barbra !!

Well actually, nowadays my favorite is anything Barbra gives us....
whatever comes out at the moment ends up being my new favorite for a long time.
I hope she keeps singing forever- I like every stage of her singing career- it's all been a gift so far, at least to me. That's the way I see it.