Roslyn Kind

Roslyn Kind

Anyone listen to Roslyn Kind (Barbra Streisand's sister) lately? She really has come into her own. Roslyn Kind shows you how long it takes to master a craft like singing, some people have the idea it happens overnight. (Remember Judy Garland in "A Star is Born" when she says "overnight?" ironically, when asked if her success happened that way?) Frank Sinatra had to play many years with big bands like Harry James and Tommy Dorsey to hone his craft. And of course, Barbra Streisand had to perform on Broadway and in Hollywood to learn cues and intonation and pitch, to become the superstar she is today. Roslyn Kind has her own website if anyone wants to hear her voice.

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I was not aware that Roslyn was still recording. I bought her first album when it was first released and haven't heard anything new since then. How many albums has she recorded?


The last album she recorded was "Come What May", a fabulous album!!!. She has got an in-cre-di-ble voice too. You can listen to it in her website, or in her myspace site. EzeFromSpain.

Roslyn is very talented, it's funny I also purchased her first album. Other albums include Come What May and Come what May. Take a look at the Amazon store. Roslyn has also acted and appeared on many shows. I've seen that most live performances are done in CA.


I MUST have this album!!!!!! Come What May passed me by! I gotta have it!

Rozzie's website is -you can buy her CD there or on itunes, or from Amazon. It is a great CD. Also check out Roslyn Kind's page on facebook. It has information about her upcoming appearances. She is an amazing talent and is like fine wine, she gets better with age!

okay,,,this is weird..I didn't even know Barbra had a sister!! Did she produce her? Duets??

Her sis is a singer?? Any Barbra involvement???

Wow!! I will go ck her..................

...I did and she's great and in LA...can I DU ET w/her????

WOWWW!! Okay...ckd the website..

what a talent and what a about similarities...isn't shared dna incredible...the tonal similarity is fantastic...

...okay...I don't know the back story...but my intuition is telling me... do " A Star is Born"...with your Sis!!

...think about it....