I have some movie posters, large cardboard cut out from The Concert, magazines (older ones: BJS on the cover of Playboy, Life, etc.). If anyone is interested, I need to downsize and for a small price, want these things in the hands of a Barbra fan.

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hello barbpearls

do you happen to have barbra's original one voice taped invitation?



No, sorry.

Do you have a poster of "Classical Barbra"? I've looking for one forever.

No, I have one from The Concert (1994) and I'll check the other two when I get back in town. One is of Barbra in a full length photo in a black dress, but I can't remember the movie or album it is from.

I just came into an old barbra stand up sign were can I find out how much it is worth

Hey everyone, you can own Barbra Streisand's tickets from this years Oscars and Governors Ball....The best part is portions of this sell go to charity! A win, win for all. Check it out!

I have a massive collection of Barbra items from my sister who passed. I have a large trunk filled with books, movies, poster, prints, magazines and more. Have not started cataloging yet, but my goal is to sell it to a fan who will take the whole lot.
Let me know