It's unlikely that anyone stood up during the Renaissance and declared: "We're living in what will always be remembered as mankind's golden age." Nor that any soldier on the front lines of World War II bragged, at the time, about being part of "theRead more »
I started my career more than two decades ago as a community organizer on the South Side of Chicago, working with churches to help neighborhoods that had been devastated by plant closings. Block by block, we fought to create job-training programs, improveRead more »
One of the main reasons the federal government had to intervene and use billions of taxpayer dollars to prop up the nation's financial institutions is that they were considered to be "too big to fail." In other words, these companies had become so massRead more »
Even with a new administration dedicated to doing it all differently, Americans still have little say over what is happening with our money.

The real scandal of AIG isn't just that American taxpayers have so far committed $170 billion to the gRead more »
As they charge through the eventful first 100 days, President Obama and his allies are racking up legislative victories. Soon they will have to win the votes of a new audience: men and women in black robes. As the former constitutional-law professor surelRead more »
Yesterday, flanked by Nobel laureates, noted medical researchers, and a bipartisan group of members of Congress, President Obama signed an executive order undoing President Bush's August 2001 directive banning federal funding for all but 20 embryonic steRead more »
Dear Republican Leaders: The Republican Party has become the party dedicated to sabotaging the American future. Check out the sermon I just delivered about the Republican Party on CNN when being interviewed by D.L. Hughley -- and/or read on.

YoRead more »
President Obama yesterday kicked off his ambitious goal of reforming health care and providing insurance to all Americans, the first major government effort at reform in 15 years. At the White House's health summit, Obama pledged to pass comprehensive leRead more »
The NBC-Wall Street Journal survey released yesterday is chock-full of numbers indicating that the public overwhelmingly likes President Barack Obama and approves of his efforts to once again set America on the right track. More than two-thirds (68%) haveRead more »
During his confirmation hearings in January, Eric Holder promised that if he became attorney general, he would increase the Justice Department's transparency. Specifically, he pledged to make public controversial memos the Bush administration fought to kRead more »
We can't go back to the old economy. That economy -- marked by booms and busts, Gilded Age inequality, declining wages, growing household debts, and unsustainable trade deficits -- didn't work very well for most Americans. President Obama is faced withRead more »