VIP packages and premium seats available

Several of Barbra's <a href="">recently announced European tour dates</a> also have VIP packages and premium seat options available. Click below to learn more!

<a href="" target="_blank">All dates - Official Ticket & Hotel Experiences</a>
<a href="" target="_blank">June 1 - London VIP Packages</a>
<a href="" target="_blank">June 6 - Amsterdam VIP Package</a>
<a href="" target="_blank">June 12 - Cologne VIP packages</a>
<a href="" target="_blank">June 15 - Berlin VIP packages</a>

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Got two barbra streisand tickets avaliable for june 1st at o2 arena situated in block 102 row E with VIP access! you wont see many of these around!
all enquiries to

I tried to bye a ticket but didn't saved enough.
Lady sing one for me.

hugs and a big kiss

Please help! I have 2 very good friends who have been through so much with illnesses in the past 4 years. Unfortunately Lindsay has now been told that her cancer is terminal. She has been given 3 months to live and is such a wonderful person. She has made a bucket list and at the top of the list is to see Barbara Streisand in concert. Can anybody out there help this couple live out a dying wish? Any help would be so gratefully appreciated. Email me on if you can. I know this is not a normal post but it is genuine. Please help if you can Smiling Nick Bishop

send me email

Not even worth commenting since the disappointment is too deep to dig within our souls and find whatever comfort... but who cares about all those latin fans, as long as the anglophones can subsidize...

Hi there,
I'm from Chile, South America and I do have a single ticket for the concert that was cancelled in Paris for June 10th.
I bought it from with the credit card that belongs to my father and now they don't want to refund it.
I send by e-mail all the information that they told me that they need so they can do the refund that are the 16 numbers and the expiry date of my father's credit card and the scan of my ticket with the word CANCELLED on each.
Now, after several e-mails, they want me to send them the original ticket back by mail or DHL so they can do the refund, without giving me the address for it.
As I know, the ticket has no real value now with CANCELLED written on it, also that I'm in CHILE, South America, and the Concert will never be perform.
Do I have to do that?
It is reasonable?
My placed order is 80680607 on's website for an amount of 591,50 euros.
Please I do need your help.
I was searching for an e-mail so I can send you the present message, but I couldn't found it, so I wrote you here.
Please, at least as I will not get the chance to see you in concert because of the cancelled, help me doing a kind of pressure with them so I can receive my money back.
Do you need any more information?
Please answer me back, I will appreciate that.
Pablo Andrés Sotomayor Prat



In Israel, in order to be a realist you must believe in miracles (DBG)... and yes miracles happen all the time! I got my pre-sale tickets for the Tel Aviv concert yesterday. Great seats! I can't stop smiling Smiling We love you Barbra! Welcome to Israel!

Anybody interested in getting one hot ticket in Paris? Would like to get the VIP package now available.. not available when I purchased mine. It is carré or, raw 12. If so, please write to

I did it: I got the VIP pack for Paris as well. So dear Barbra I'll be seeing as VIP in London AND Paris. How many emotions!!!

Thanks again for coming to Europe. I am overhappy and will be dreaming of you until both events.

And will continue posting videos on my youtube channel criny009 dedicated to you.

I bought tickets already for Israel but if there is any fan event I would like to know about
my dreams is about to come true

Dear Barbra, when I was 8 years old I wrote a letter (in French) because I had seen Funny Girl, and it was the first time that my mother allowed me to watch TV on Tuesday evening (I did not have school on Wednesday). I wrote that you were my favorite singer. I have long awaited an answer;-) I'm 45 today. And among all these years have passed, you've always accompanied at all times happy or sad in my life. I just booked my place to go to see you at Bercy. I am so happy to see you at last! (sorry, my English is “rusty”)
Nathalie (Anjou2007)

Hu Rubi
how is it possible for her to perform in Habima theatre? it contains only 1500 seats...
Bloomfield stadium is one of the only places she can perform. but i preffer it to be in Nokia Arena (12000 seats) or Teddi Stadium in Jerusalem

don't forget that many artists performed in Bloomfield stadium include phill collins and Rihanna and madonna was scheduled to do 5 shows there in 2004

please come to manchester it will be a sell out.

I've been a fan of Barbra for 41 years now.... how about doing some shows here in the USA?? Especially since this is her 50th anniversary?

Dear Barbara,
please dont allow to put you in one of the oldest and ugly stadium in Israel.
I cant recall when it was used otherwise than football ( last time i visit there was at 1976..).
I grew up at the center of Tel Aviv and there are much more respectable places .
I fully understand the business point to bring as much as many customers but for you it is not dignify (you can show at the new habima building you can show at Ayarkon park
where we have madona,paul meccartney and others.
i hope you can still change the place... for you with all my love (my mother crazy on you Smiling)
May god bless u.
Love and Joy,
Sincerely Yours,

Ruvi Lang

please can you set more days for the uk and cheaper tickets please as me and my mum love Barbara and would like to see her live thank you

per farvore qualcuno mi dica come si procede per la prenotazione dei biglietti per i fan e in quale fase si mette il codice?

Absolutely disgusted, all tickets must have gone before opening time. All bought up by companies who can make money selling deals. What about the ordinary fans. I got through at 9am all gone!

Please update your info regarding code: PEOPLE. Which way to use this?

Having same problem purchasing tickets where is the link???

I was very excited to see there is a London show but saddened to see how expensive the tickets are. I've always dreamt of seeing Barbra - especially now my 5 year old is a fan too - but all the lowest priced tickets are gone already. I could probably have stretched to £450 for two or three of us but not £1350. Oh well. I hope those of you who do get tickets have a great time.

Im having the same problem and going nuts here... I guess should have been a link for a fan page to put the password...

im having problems with the ticketmaster link for the normal tickets .. you gave us the password wheres the link?

Cant book presale tickets even though you have given us the code! Why?

Why can't I get on to fan club to book tickets today?

One of this packages include the brief meet & greet???

Paula Bellini