Video: Barbra introduces presentation by C. Noel Bairey Merz, MD, pioneering discoveries about gender differences in heart disease.

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Dearest Barbra,

Please continue to actively communicate and encourage the world. Cause a transformation where the invisible sustain visibility and perhaps one day no person will encounter unfair or no medical treatment based on disadvantage by prejudice.

Our love is forever near,

- Harel and Avimelech Altman

I love you Barbra with all my heart when you speak! You are a very smart person, thank you for your engagement.

Interestingly, as Barbra was introducing Dr. Merz, I was visiting my dear mother in the hospital who has been dealing with serious heart issues including, congestive heart failure. For the past year, I have been my mom's primary caregiver. Learning to care for an elderly person with limitations is an awesome responsibility and an enlightening experience. My mom is better today and resting here at home. She's got me, her kitties and is surrounded by the things that remind her -- she is loved.
Hopefully, with Barbra's celebrity and strong passionate voice, other women will not have to suffer with heart disease. Research and money can help. Every cause needs a clear and truthful voice and I'm glad these issues are being addressed.
Thank you.