Source: Columbia Records. In her sixth decade of providing music magic, Barbra Streisand continues to reach the number one position on the charts. Her “Back To Brooklyn” concert DVD has been confirmed as Number One on the Billboard Top DVD Music Videos chart. Achieving that distinction with the Columbia Records release, Streisand now has topped the DVD charts five times. Her success in the DVD field also includes having earned nine Gold DVDs, six Platinum and three Multi-Platinum.

On the CD charts, she has reached # 1 nine times and is the only recording artist to have accomplished #1 CDs in five consecutive decades. She has achieved 51 gold CDs, 30 platinum and 13 multi--platinum.

The “Back To Brooklyn” concert DVD captures her first musical performance in her native Brooklyn since she departed at age 16 to pursue her acting career and became one of the most popular and famous musical performers of her time. Throughout the concert, which includes nine songs she had never previously publicly performed, Barbra reflects upon her years growing up in Brooklyn, and to mark the occasion, she commissioned special lyrics for two songs: It also provides biographical video and still photo images of the artist’s childhood and early career.

Among the many highlights of the evening, the first-time ever pairing of Barbra and her son Jason Gould. Other artists joining her include trumpet player Chris Botti and the young Italian singing quartet, Il VOLO. Subsequent to the Brooklyn performances, Ms. Streisand presented a slightly revised version of the concert in record-breaking tours in the US, Canada, Europe and Israel, her first concert appearances in six years.

The concert performance is directed by Barbra Streisand and Richard Jay-Alexander, and written by Barbra Streisand, Jay Landers, Richard Jay-Alexander and Jeffrey Richman.

“The Back To Brooklyn” concert is also currently featured Public Broadcasting System stations where it has become the top-rated Great Performances series offering this season, raising funds for PBS local stations.

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Barbra, I have watched your new DVD back to Brooklyn concert and Loved it!
I received your DVD for Christmas!
I'm Amazed how you can hold a note as long as you can.
And so beautifully too.
I love your choices of Songs.
I was also amazed by how well your son Jason sings! Wow you two are a great Duet!
Who would have thought your son could sing, and sing so beautifully too.
You are my Inspiration!

I just wanted to add one other thing.
I saw your interview with Oprah. Oprah honoring you and your achievements and Robert Redford showed up! I loved seeing you two together!
But what I wanted to say was, when Oprah asked you, what has James taught you, about love? Your response was surprising, at first. You sat and thought about the question, and it took you time to Answer her question.
I too thought about your answer, after you shared it with Oprah. Actually I pondered your answer till this morning when a friend brought up relationships.
I think you said, you have to watch yourself and your tone.
I love your truth Barbra, and your response was so true.
Although I only have friendships, I haven't ever been in a relationship. I know surprising since I'm 50 years old, last April.
Maybe some day. But, tone of voice is so right on, I have been told, to calm down or quit being b****y, ect. But then, I look at myself, and what I said, and think, it's all in a persons perspective. All I know is Love is Love! Miracles are Miracles, and my higher power guides me! And you too! Great job Barbra on being you!!!!

I had the great pleasure to attend Barbra's Show in London on 03.06.2013, and to be able to get the BACK TO BROOKLYN DVD, has been for me really emotional, due to the fact that I have had the sensation of reliving all the deep feeling of love I have for Barbra, the same one I had at the O2 Arena.
Barbra you are the best artist of all times. You are the one I listen every day. I of course would appreciate to meet you in person during my lifetime and discuss with you : we have a lot of shared views about the world, and I woul wish to be involved in one of your numerous Human Rights Charities.
Come back and charm us again and again. I could attend your show every night.
You highly deserve all the Honours which are given to you. You are superb in everything you perform.
Your intelligence helps you transform all the things you touch in gold.
I often speak to you inside my brain, and I would hope you to give me some advises when I am kind of struggling to find a solution.
In all the moments of sorrow I have had in my life, you are the one who has always been able to help me to continue.
Congratulations for your success in 2012/2013 !
Provide us something else soon that we will be able to cherish.
You are my Goddess. I shall always love you.
One of your most devouted fan. Olivia.

I believe I have a large backgammon table that use to belong to ms. Barbara was left to me by an old friend. ..

Thank you for cathing the essence of the concert. I never had the chance to see this due to economical situation and trying not to pay attention to the fact that I was missing a big deal in Europe last summer. This DVD brought down the house and tears, with some of my friends being overwhelmed by her skills at the age she's here. Thank you for making this DVD!

I was so happy to be at your concert in Brooklyn. Now listening to the CD it all comes
alive again.
You are to be warmly congratulated on your accomplishments with this new honor.
You are truly a woman of multiple talents and achievements. Would love to see
you once again on the concert stage at some point in the future.
Song Bird

Not surprised!! Barbra is the absolute best!! What an honor it was to be at this concert!!

I'm putting this idea out to you of an idea for your 'Duets' album. You and Beyonce dueting to "Queen Bee' from 'A Star Is Born'. And maybe have Jay Z do some "magic" on the track and produce it as well. It's got a hip beat, even for 1976, and I can totally see it being re-done to fit today's music scene, which, wouldn't be much. I LOVE the "Queen B" reference too - Barbra/Beyonce! Ok, ok, maybe this sounds too far fetched??? But then again, so far you've dueted with Josh Groban, Jackie Evancho, Mary J Blige. Why not Beyonce???

Dearest Barbra....I have known your music since I was a child. When my mother would listen to your albums and it filled the house with your gorgeous voice. I have always been a great admirer of your music, movies, philanthropy and social commentary.

On November 29th, my friend David and I watched your concert on PBS. It was wonderful and we enjoyed it greatly. My friend was very sick and passed away this morning. My life was enriched that I meet this wonderful friend and my Higher Power allowed me to help with his Hospice care at the end of his life. While he was ending his journey on this earth, I played him your wonderful CDs. They comforted him and myself.

So meaningful is your incredible tribute to Marvin Hamish and now the theme from Ice Castles will be played at his memorial.

Thank you again for being the wonderful Songbird that soothed so many of my challenging times in life.

Yours truly

Joe Lemerise

It should be noted that besides the DVD making #1 the companion CD came on at #11, which is quite a double whammy. It is rare for any CD released concurrent with a DVD to chart significantly. I too have watched the DVD repeatedly, and yes, am making it a gift to many friends. What better gift? One thing about the concert which fascinated me is the long string of ballads Barbra performs. It's generally the practice in popular music for singers to alternate ballads and up-tempo numbers because that provides contrast and balance or, as Peggy Lee told a musician friend of mine once , "keeps the audience awake." With Barbra, the audience clearly is entranced during the long sequence of ballads and giving her full attention. She gets that result, I think, because she doesn't just sing songs, she acts them. But, even beyond that, she lives them in the moment. She inhabits them. So with each song she is bringing the audience along on a new, very personal voyage. Early in her career she spoke of liking to approach every song as a three-act play. So with Barbra, it's not just a matter of the audience hearing ballad after ballad, but rather the audience moving from story to story. Keeping the audience awake for sure. Barbra is not only a great artist, a great singer, a great actress. She's a great teacher. As she sings, she makes us think.
Wayne Brasler

Congratulations,dear Barbra, and thanks for the wonderful DVD, which reminds me so much of your London and Berlin concerts this summer. I love it.
Anja, Berlin

I am so unbelievable happy! I was there both nights,it was magic,so i had to go to LA ,London,Amsterdam and Koeln,too .Each night was special.soon you enter the stage we are in heaven,thank you for every single moment,I will never forget it.Keep going you have so much to give.

Mazel Tov on your achievement of reaching the #1 spot again with Back To Brooklyn!! I am so happy for you and so glad I was able to attend this event in Toronto on October 23, 2012.

I have listened and watched it daily since it came out and also watched the Premier on PBS and even made a donation in your honor.

It is refreshing to see in a world a lackluster entertainment and mediocre talent you still prevail and go to number 1. It gives me hope that there is still taste in the public.

The show on DVD is just as captivating as when I saw it live plus I was able to see the special numbers you did in Brooklyn exclusively.

When I saw the show, you opened with a much longer montage of photos and the overture was not cut like on the DVD. I am sure you did that to keep to one DVD? Also, at the Toronto show you opened Act I with "Being Good isn't Good Enough" and act II you opened with, "If you Go Away." I was in heaven. Every number was stellar and kept me spellbound for the entire evening.

I also love the bonus material of Jason singing "This Masquerade and "I remember Barbra" documentary.

I have purchased over 20 copies of the Deluxe edition for gifts for friends and relatives...they all love it and wish they could of come with me to Toronto.

As always, you manage to get me through hard times via your singing and movies this is one of your greatest achievements and I am so happy for you reaching the top of the charts once again.

I look forward to all future projects and after hearing your "Gypsy" medley I am eager for you to begin filming on "Gypsy"

Best always,
Jeff Freedman