If you cross this administration you get your head handed to you. If you open your mouth and tell the truth like former White House Economic Advisor Lawrence Lindsay did when he told the Administration that the Iraqi war was going to cost between $100-$20Read more »
The Republican Party and the Bush administration like to keep the public uninformed and in the dark as to what they are doing. This president has had fewer press conferences than any other president in recent history. It is difficult for the country to sRead more »
I have always felt strongly that it is important to know about the man behind the President. And it seems that every four years I try to remind people that Dick Cheney, who is just a heartbeat away from the presidency, has a voting record that clearly revRead more »
Following are remarks by Barbra Streisand concerning the upcoming presidential election which she made during her performance at the An Evening With John Kerry And Friends fundraising concert at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, Thursday eveninRead more »
America was profoundly changed after the September 11 attacks. We went from a country motivated by hope to a country controlled by fear. For the last several years, feeling neither safe nor secure, Americans have lived in extreme anxiety of another impenRead more »
Fueled by a weak economy, increasing tax breaks and heavy tax sheltering, corporate income taxes have reached an historical all-time low. According to the Congressional Budget Office, these revenues will remain at very low levels, even after the economyRead more »
I understand that for most of you reading this website ... I am in many ways preaching to the choir. You know how I feel about this current administration, and many of you feel the same way. But can you believe that some polls now show that more peopleRead more »
Remarks by Barbra Streisand Upon Her receipt of The
Human Rights Campaign Humanitarian Award, March 6, 2004

© Barbra Streisand 2004
I have been fortunate to receive a few awards in my lifetime, and I always appreciate themRead more »
In his weekly radio address a few days ago, President Bush told us, "America's economy is strong and getting stronger." It's an election year, so of course that's what he wants us to believe. Bush wants us to think that his tax cuts have done more thanRead more »
In all the talk about the Reagans TV miniseries that was supposed to be shown on CBS, reality and fiction have become blurred. That account of Reagan's presidency and marriage was always designed to be a fictional movie based on reality - not a documentaRead more »
The right wing has, over the past few decades, made a strategic decision to claim that the media has a "liberal" bent so that they could shift the news further to the right. Turning on television or radio would clue anyone into the obvious fact that thisRead more »
Two Sundays ago, CBS broadcast their grand 75th anniversary celebration. Audiences were reminded of the rich history of a network that has, until now, put artistic integrity and principled news above politics. From I Love Lucy to Murphy Brown in the entRead more »