Remarks by Barbra Streisand Upon Her receipt of The
Human Rights Campaign Humanitarian Award, March 6, 2004

© Barbra Streisand 2004
I have been fortunate to receive a few awards in my lifetime, and I always appreciate themRead more »
In his weekly radio address a few days ago, President Bush told us, "America's economy is strong and getting stronger." It's an election year, so of course that's what he wants us to believe. Bush wants us to think that his tax cuts have done more thanRead more »
In all the talk about the Reagans TV miniseries that was supposed to be shown on CBS, reality and fiction have become blurred. That account of Reagan's presidency and marriage was always designed to be a fictional movie based on reality - not a documentaRead more »
The right wing has, over the past few decades, made a strategic decision to claim that the media has a "liberal" bent so that they could shift the news further to the right. Turning on television or radio would clue anyone into the obvious fact that thisRead more »
Two Sundays ago, CBS broadcast their grand 75th anniversary celebration. Audiences were reminded of the rich history of a network that has, until now, put artistic integrity and principled news above politics. From I Love Lucy to Murphy Brown in the entRead more »
I am deeply disappointed that CBS, the network that in 1964 gave me complete artistic control in creating television specials, now caved in to right wing Republican pressure to cancel the network broadcast of the movie The Reagans. (And I say MOVIE - becRead more »

Recently, I decided to go back through my website and reread some of the statements I have written and links to articles I have posted. 2003 has been such a tumultuous year already ... Now we have the publicizRead more »
Has this new era of secrecy, lies, and deceit in the government and corporations started to infect our states, our cities, our communities, our core values and beliefs? We cannot let our politicians and corporateRead more »
I have reflected a great deal over the years about the need for dialogue and unity among various minority and progressive communities. The presidential primary process is underway, and this is the time whenRead more »
     Is technological growth outweighing spiritual growth?

     That question has posed itself recently as the spiraling miracles of technology devise seeminglRead more »

Well, it looks like we are about to win the war in Iraq ... no surprise there. The U.S. military is so powerful that we can pretty much overpower any country we want at this point - but does that mean we should?Read more »
President Bush's plans for Iraq include rebuilding Iraqi schools ... but what about American schools?

Why can't we provide better education to our young people?

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