Sony Masterworks Releases The Definitive Version Of Classical Barbra, Available February 5, 2013.

Newly Remastered Edition Of Music Icon Barbra Streisand’s Groundbreaking Classical Crossover Album From 1976

Includes Two Previously Unreleased Bonus Tracks Taken From The Original Recording Sessions.

Though best known as one of the preeminent pop singers of our time, Barbra Streisand made a powerful statement in the classical music realm when she recorded Classical Barbra in 1973. Originally released in 1976, the album gained Streisand a raft of admirers in the classical music world. Glenn Gould called her voice "one of the natural wonders of the age, an instrument of infinite diversity and timbral resource." Classical Barbra was one of the first and is still one of the greatest records in the category we know today as “classical crossover” and is available February 5th, 2013 from Sony Masterworks.

Of the reissue, Ms. Streisand says, “I have always had a special affection for Classical Barbra. I loved the process of developing and making the recording, and I was gratified by the success it had when it was originally released and, what a thrill it was to receive a Grammy nomination in the Classical division...Now it is back in a new expanded edition, beautifully remastered and sounding better than it has since the LP release. I’m also pleased that we could include two bonus tracks that have never before been available. They remind me again how rewarding this whole project was."

Fifteen-time Grammy-winning producer Steven Epstein has remastered the original recording for this new release, the first reissue of the now-classic album since it became available on CD a quarter of a century ago. In addition to the original 10 songs, it now includes two previously unreleased bonus tracks recorded during the original sessions. Both new tracks are two songs composed by Franz Schubert – “An Sylvia” and “Auf dem wasser zu singen” – which offer the unique opportunity to hear Streisand’s amazing voice with a piano as its only accompaniment.

Comprised of art songs and arias by a range of European composers, from George Frideric Handel and Robert Schumann to Claude Debussy and Gabriel Fauré, Classical Barbra rose to No. 46 on the Billboard Top 200 chart in 1976 and is certified gold in the U.S. Accompanied by the Columbia Symphony Orchestra conducted by Claus Ogerman, Streisand sings in English, French, German, Italian, Latin, and (in Joseph Canteloube's "Brezairola") in a European provincial dialect called Occitan. Other gems include Fauré's Pavane, songs that include Debussy's "Beau Soir" and Robert Schumann's "Mondnacht," as well as the arias "Lascia ch'io pianga" from Händel's opera Rinaldo, and "In Trutina" from Carl Orff's Carmina Burana.

In the original liner notes Leonard Bernstein wrote, "Barbra Streisand's natural ability to make music takes her over to the classical field with extraordinary ease. It's clear that she loves these songs. In her sensitive, straightforward and enormously appealing performance, she has given us a very special musical experience."

More recently, New York Times classical music critic Anthony Tommasini said of Streisand that "her ability to shape a phrase with velvety legato and find the right expressive coloring for each note and each word is the epitome of cultured vocalism."

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I have just listened to Barbras great version of "Send in the Clowns" on YouTube.
I will keep that deep in my heart! You are such a great artist.
This is a greeting from a very cold swedish spring. Thank you for warming up my heart.
A link to Tomas Edström:

What a wonderful album... a masterpiece that tugs on every emotion.

All version are my beloved one. I liked the second released CD's and plays which held for this event was my memorable day. Thanks for this releasing and accepting many more celebrities news and music CD's

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I still want to have a copy of the definitive version classical Barbra. I really don't want to miss any Cd releases. Is it available here in the Philippines? Please please!+

This Cd really is what in art means "impressionism of her talent".
In trutina, and the other songs are so misterious and so deeply beautiful performed that if she will add two bonus songs for this marvelous cd, I will buy it again.
Barbra, maybe you´ll have the idea of making the second part of this Classical Barbra,I asure will be splendorous too, it will be a good idea to make some video clips for this eternal songs in hd, please.
I love you

One of my favorite albums. I love the songs, I love the approach that Barbra gives to these classical peaces. And of course, the wonderful arrangements made by Claus.
Thanks to Columbia por putting this great work remastered on the market.
Hugs from Brasil

Not just a relationship breakup....lost my husbear in 1993......still not clear on where to start......

a fan from 1963!

How wonderful for all of us fans, I will buy anything featuring new or unreleased Barbra even if it is only two seconds of that superlative voice.

Barbra, your voice is like a good glass of Merlot...mellow, beautiful, seductive, and always tasteful! I can't believe it has been that many years since you recorded that album, I was only 28 then and I so loved it! Just as amazing is how your voice continues to thrill us, soothe us, and stimulate us....year after year....just like Merlot, you get better with age! I think you need to market a t-shirt, or mug, or iphone case, or poster which says simply:


I look forward to this new c/d and to seeing you on the Academy Awards!
Thanks for making my life better, Cherrie Hayden.

That is great!!!!

You are shaking my world pretty lady!

I love you Barbra!!!

Paula Bellini

I already have there anything different other than the two unreleased tracks? Also are we going to get a link to where we can prebuy the Star Is Born on bluray? Please Please :0)

your biggest and best fan

This is one of the most incredible pieces of art created showing Barbra's vocal ability at its best!

One of my very favorites for so long. "In Trutina" is as close to hearing an angel as we can get on Earth. So glad to be able to hear two new cuts as well. Viva La Diva!

Excellent news. Fans will be delighted to pick this up on the heels of Release Me and look forward to MUCH MORE in 2013.

I was only eleven when I bought this album in 1978 and although it was not at all what I had expected in my early Streisand collecting career (I was initially captivated by the album images by Scavullo) it did however introduce me to many wonderful 'classical' standards that have remained favourites to this day. Although criticised by purists (inevitable) the album still has a unique quality and Beau Soir remains as haunting and scintillating to me as it did 35 years ago.

I loved this CD and very anxious to hear the remastered CD with the two added songs.