Revised Airdate for Barbra's Interview with Piers Morgan.

Due to ongoing coverage relating to the tragedy in Newtown, CT - there has been a further schedule change to the airing of Barbra's interview with Piers Morgan. Barring any breaking news, the interview will air on the following dates:

Sunday 23 December.
Tuesday 25 December.
Thursday 27 December. will be updated should a further schedule change be necessary.

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Dear B.S.,

I recently discovered "Some Other Time" from On The Town and fortunately
got your version from iTunes. Perfection.

Our degrees of separation: my son was formerly married to Pilar DeMann(Freddy&Candy's daughter) and had the pleasure of meeting you once. I was a long, LONG time Merv
Griffin Show staffer and friendly with Renee and Joe, there when they met, got married on Merv's set,etc.

For what it's worth, I would so love to hear your version of three of my favorites:

..."When Did I Fall in Love" ("Fiorello")
..."Did I Ever Really Live" ("Fig Leaves Are Falling")...and
..."I Got Lost in His Arms" ("Annie Get Your Gun")

Have never written to an artist on a website and am thinking you won't see this. Perhaps someone who does see this will agree and pass along, Best regards, Tony Garofalo


Dearest Barbra,

This is the only place to respond to your article "Time for Action"

As a Veteran and survivor of three unsolved murders, I agree with General Stanley McChrystal, "Assault rifles are for battlefields, not schools." If one has ever had to carry or operate any sort of military weapon, it is difficult to understand that such weapons are available to anyone other than military personnel. Those who do not understand what I mean are deeply lacking intelligence.

I agree that, "One person can make a difference" but now is the time for all to step toward transformation. Is there any other choice? Is there?

Let us close the loopholes, fund a broken mental health care system, and strengthen background checks – now.

Thank you Barbra for your clarity of focus

All my love as always, and be well,

– Seán

I came across some YouTube of Barbra on the Judy Garland Show. Duet with Judy on Happy days/Get Happy. WOW! Thank you. I actually remember that as a child. Really! I remember being mesmerized by these voices. The big ole console TV litterally vibrated and boomed. Seems all of us just stopped and stared as it played. When it was over we just kind of looked at each other like - did you just see that? -

Now I get to watch it when I need a little boost. Thanks Again!


Thank you so much for your Beautiful Soul, your Beautiful Music, Your Heart of Gold, your Humanitarianism, your great Principals, and the Fireworks from the Barge
for so many years. I used to watch the fireworks from the cove, it was so beautiful, exciting, Fun, and Private. ;o) You are Truly an American Treasure. =o)

I Adore YOU!

Adoring Fan,
Joshua =o}


You have the ear (AND, probably the E-mail addresses and telephone numbers), of the President, Piers Morgan, and Senator Feinstein. I have E-mailed the following to each, but without result or response Perhaps you can succeed. THE SOLUTION TO THE GUN PROBLEM, which may have prevented the massacre in Connecticut since the shooter would not have been able to operate any of his mother's guns if each had the OWNER-ONLY technology feature, is set forth below. The implementation would also prevent children from accidentally shooting someone with a parent's gun that has not been locked up. I, LIKE YOU, BARBARA, (although I am only an ALMOST mensch--after all, who's perfect), CARE. I HAPPEN TO BELIEVE THAT ONE PERSON CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

1) NEW LAW: Effective immediately, all new guns sold or imported shall have the "owner" imprint technology which prevents anyone OTHER THAN the owner to activate the gun.Although this will increase the cost, perhaps the NRA could pay for it ????

2) UNREGISTERED GUN: Effective immediately, anyone with an unregistered gun shall be convicted of felony with a 10 year mandatory sentence. Additionally, anyone purchasing a gun intended for another person and falsifies this information on a gun ap[lication, shall be subject also to a 10 year mandatory sentence.

3) EXCHANGE PROGRAM: Each person with a previous version of a gun WITHOUT the owner technology imprint, MAY TURN IT IN AND RECEIVE A CERTIFICATE OR GIFT CARD in order to buy another gun WITH the "owner imprint" technology. This will assauge the N.R.A. because existing guns will not be taken away from the previous owner and all existing owners will be able to replace their existing guns without the new techn ology.

4) BUY BACK: A back program like LA, shall pay a premium in gift cards OR a dollar for dollar ta reduction on one's FEDERAL INCOME TAX. Recipient's choice.

5) EXCHANGE PROGRAM FOR ASSAULT WEAPONS: Anyone owning an assault weapon may exchange it for a new assault weapon with the "owner only" technology.

6) BUY BACK OF ASSAULT WEAPONS: A Buy back shall include assault weapons and shall pay a PREMIUM for each assault gun that is turned in.

7) GUN MAGAZINES: All gun magazines shall be prohibited over 8 bullets. New guns manufactured shall not be capable of using magazines other than the new type containing a maximum of 8 bullets. the law will prohibit the sales and/or importation of any new magazines which exceed 8 bullets.

Cool LOOPHOLE: The loophole of gun sales shall be closed.. Any future gun sold by anyone or anywhere MUST be subject to a background check. If the seller does not do so, he will be convicted of a felony with a 10 year mandatory sentence.

9) SUPREME COURT: IF, a suitable case can be presented, PERHAPS the Supreme Court will reconsider the interpretation of the 2nd amendment. I believe it should be interpreted as allowing gun ownership but ONLY in a "place of the militia" in each county. The gun, although owned by an individual, could be used ONLY in that place and not outside of that location. Gun storage at "the place" will be provided for each gun. An exception, guns used for hunting and/or law enforcement. But assault weapons shall not be included in any way in the exception except for law enforcement.

10) CONCEALED WEAPON PERMITS: All concealed NEW gun permits shall be issued ONLY to those who own a gun with the "owner imprint" technology. This will prevent a wrong-doer from taking the gun of another and using it on the person who owns the gun.


BARBARA--If anyone can make her voice heard, you can. I saw your interview with Piers--you were INCREDIBLE: straightforward, honest, sincere, funny, and concerned about all of us as well as the previous Supreme Court decisions ("of, for, and by the people"), and future members of the Court. . Jason is lucky to have you as his mother. If he ever doubts it, show him this blog. YOU ARE, WITHOUT A DOUBT, A REAL MENSCH!

If at all possible, I'd appreciate credit for my suggestions: I am available for any expansion of my suggestions. "RJ" ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI

I really enjoyed the interview and I totally agree Marlon Brando IS the greatest actor, and my all-time favorite film of his is Guys & Dolls (the new blu-ray version is awesome).

You didn't mention in the the interview what Brando book you had read, but I would highly recommend his autobiography "Songs My Mother Taught Me" with Robert Lindsey, Conversations with Marlon Brando by Lawrence Grobel and the upcoming book "Brando's Smile: His Life, Thought, and Work," by Susan Mizruch which his official website is promoting at

Also in the future when you release your own autobiography will there be any photos of you and Marlon Brando together? That would be so sweet.

Thanks for the interview, and I wish you and your family well.

Steffi aka MsDiva4Reel

saw the interview. to be honest, i'm a fox news fan and not a particular lover of CNN but i wanted to hear what the other side has to say, I watched and listened.

i want to thank barbra for telling the story of brando and her. how she had to decline his offer to stay over in vegas i think it was because she told him she was a nice jewish girl and she would go for the day but he would have to bring her back that day i love it. thanks for the shout out.

politically i couldn't be more different minded but i feel communication needs to flow both ways. we need to hear other people's point of view. i'm sure there were things barbra said that make sense, could even be true but i found her to be not open beyond her party,and even cruel when it comes to the other side.

Still an amazing woman, such a positive influence with a great talent. Whether you act or sing, always a pleasure to watch or listen to.
Happy New Year Miss Streisand.

Wish I could get to see you in concert someday. I love to sing and you have taught me alot. Have a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Amy and Sammy her little her dog.

Barbra, I saw some of your interview tonight at work. It was great to see you. I've been a fan since I can remember. Now I am a fan online. I thought you did great. I loved what you said about LOVE and your son Jason, it was cool to see him singing to you on stage. I would love to meet you someday and have tea and a good chat. I have a New Yorker friend here in Daytona Beach that you could have a great time with "discussing" with. Do you still have your doggie Sadie? I have a toy poodle Blue. She will be 15 next month.

Dear Ms Streisand,
It was wonderful watching your interview with Piers Morgan. I enjoyed the clips of past performances because they took me back to my childhood and the first time I heard your voice. As a middle-high aged child, I became a fan.

I would like to share with you my thoughts about a topic that was brought up in the interview. Your thoughts about campaign funding reform is very similar to what I've been suggesting for years. I believe that each candidate be allowed a specific amount of money to be spent on his or her campaign. How it's spent is based on the creativity and wisdom of the campaign managers and the candidates. The way money was spent and used in past and of course this most recent campaign, is immoral, indecent, and disgusting! As a person who has worked with "the least, last, and lost" in our city, I have looked into the listless and distant eyes of many people who have lost their sense of worth because of their neediness. To witness outrageous campaign spending just breaks my heart and raises my blood pressure!

Another thought I've had would require a change in our constitution. I believe that the Presidency ought to be a one time only 6 year term. This would eliminate the need for the incombant to be out on the campaign trail during those critical months prior to the election. It also would eliminate the verbal assaults by the opposition and the Presidents' need to justify their record. Preparations for debates would be eliminated as well. But, beyond these reasons is the opportunity for that which the President had initiated, to have a chance to work (or not). As we all know, the first year of the presidency is needed to become familiar with all that one needs to understand. This is, so to speak, the learning curve period. After that, the American people's expectations and other critical decisions need to be addressed. Re-election strategies and events get in the way of the President doing the job that needs to be done. (Although, President Obama did an outstanding job in my opinion.)

I felt compelled to share this with you after hearing your thoughts about politics and our President. I agree. While watching the election results come in this past November, I sent an email to President Obama, just to let him know that I was keeping him and his family in my thoughts and prayers. I have such respect for him.

Thank you for taking time to read my thoughts. Thank you for a voice that stirs the hearts of so many.

Marybeth Grove
Shepherdstown, WV

Dear Barbra, please know that you have and continue to make huge differences around the globe, I know that you downplay your significant achievements, I guess I don't understand that no more than you can understand how we see you.

But Barbra, I have written before and I will say it again, at age 16 after a tumultuous and very abusive childhood, my stepmother had a record and when they were gone and I was alone, I would sing my head off especially feeling empowered over the duet with Donna Summer, Enough is Enough, when I sang that song I felt empowered.
Today, I am 49, haven't missed one movie of yours, have all your cd's and the Higher Ground song just gets to me. When you walk through a storm... To this day, I can hit some of your high notes and will hold something up in front of my face so I can hear how I sound when singing with you, some of it sounds just like you and I do dare say some, its fun for me to do and suppose I've been singing with you for so long I can do it pretty good! One time I did it live for a benefit and had a little skit behind me of pretty women, I had one earpiece of you singing in one ear, before going on stage, I hit the play button of the recorder that was in my bra, the piano player had actually written songs for you George, cannot recall his last name, he took the music, Pretty Women and rewrote the music to play on the piano during the performance, I have a copy of it, it was back in 1995 in a church in Baltimore, Maryland, we were raising money to donate to a charity. I didn't look like you in my drag outfit though!

So my dear Barbra, you have made small differences and big differences in people's lives, and please try not to underestimate what you have accomplished, it's been big and I'm sure has helped so many people that you are totally unaware of.

Of course the younger generation, I ask people, do you know who Barbra Streisand is and some of them don't know, I say you don't know who Barbra Streisand is, and I tell them all about you.

The interview was great, I enjoyed it, it made me laugh when you were asked have you ever loved a republican and your response was "never", that made me laugh. Barbra I'm a gay man and you also have made a significant difference in speaking out about that as well, so again, thank you Barbra, thank you so very much for what you have done and continue to do. I have only one wish and that is to be able to meet you and just chat, it would be so awesome to me, of course it probably would to many, but I just think you are fascinating, I can't complain though, I did get to see your concert at US Air Arena in Maryland, not to mention your yummy son, I am going to look to find his cd you mentioned during your interview, another great voice and good looking as well.

Much love to you and your family, hopefully the new year will bring us all better with the Obama Administration, thank god for that, I couldn't have imagined the set backs if it were the other way around. Oh, and thank you for your work on heart disease, my mom suffered from heart disease, at the age of 38 I had to undergo bypass surgery, yes, so it is such a crucial issue even for son's of mother's that have heart disease. Fortunately, my mom who underwent two bypass surgeries did not die at 76 from the disease, but of colon cancer, so that has given me hope but it most assuredly needs more research, more information about this disease when it comes to women. My mom was able to get treatment in time, the same as myself but she still suffered a heart attack as did I before getting help. I am so fortunate and I realize that everyday. I know you too appreciate the little things every day and how wonderful that is.

Thank you for your wonderful interview, you have always been an inspiration to me, growing up and becoming a performer you were, and still are, one of my few absolute models to follow in professionalism and stamina. Love you and admire you. You never cease to suprise me.

Thank god for dvr! Fantastic interview. I sure have missed you Barbara in the movies. You are a true gem!

Totally enjoyed the Piers Morgan show interviewing Barbara. I have enjoyed her wonderful voice for years now. She is a great women in support of all women.

I like her views on politics, her stand for women as well as her drive to get women to understand how serious taking care of our hearts are. I come from a family of heart problems. Currently my mother is in an assistant living home because she had several strokes. She was living alone since our Dad passed away last year. She realized someday if she fell nobody would be around to hear her cry for help after falling. Mother is 91 years old and I hope to live as long as her. I need to stay on top of my eating healthy, exercise and watch for the signs of stroke.
Thank You Barbara

I'm writing from Puerto Rico. Yesterday, I saw the wonderful and great lady, Barbra Streisand, in the Pierce Morgan's show. Charming and intelligent, as always. It was a pleasure to see her. Thank you.

I must say that I was thrilled and elated to see your interview with Piers Morgan the other night! You never cease to amaze and mezmerize me. I remember as a child, hearing your album Color me Barbra, and was hooked. I admire your perfectionism and professionalism in everything that you do. I think now I understand why I am my own worst critic, when I hear or see playbacks of me singing or performing. I was a voice major in college, singing classical music, as a lyric baritone. I sang in the chorus in Tulsa Opera, and also here with the Augusta Opera, in Augusta, Ga. I just wanted to tell you what you have meant to me all of my life, and I thank you for being such a positive role model for me to look up to. I cannot tell you how many times that I have watched your movie Yentil. I recently found a CD of it, and have nearly worn it out. This came out around the same time that my father died, and it had such a personal message for me. I know I am rambling, but I just had to write and let you know how wonderful it was to see you again, with Piers. When my wife and I got married, we had your song Clear Sailing sang at our wedding. It meant so much then, and just as much today, and after 27 yrs of marriage, we are even more in love as we were when we got married. I also appreciate very much everything that you have done over the years, to advance the causes of the Democratic Party. I am so glad that we won the election in November, and am just as passionate as you about my political affiliation. I know you are very busy, and will probably not even see this, but if you do, I am asking that you please call me. I would only ask for five minutes of your time, to bend your ear!!! I appreciate all of your efforts to educate and advance the cause for women's health, especially in educating the American people on heart disease in women. It is sadly, an unnecessary epidemic that goes unspoken, and needs to be brought to the forefront, in our discussion on medical issues. I will close this now. Thanks for being such an inspiration to so many, including me!!! You will never know just how much your music and wonderful stage presence in your movies have impacted me, in a positive way!!!
Dan Thompson
(706) 294-9243

I taped the interview and just finished watching it and it was totally AMAZING! I loved listening to you and I could listen to you for hours! Piers did a great job and you can tell by watching and listening to him that he adores you as much as all your fans do! I have been following your career ever since I was a young girl and you are the greatest singer of all time! When you said to Piers that he and others see you differently than you see yourself I was delighted with that conversation! You are a super star and you always will be! And as you said 'what is a diva' - diva you certainly are not! You have class, morals and ethics that you live by and obviously have your entire life! I have not seen your latest movie yet but I have seen each and every one of all the others and my favorite of all time is THE WAY WE WERE! I have watched it at least 50 times and I cry each and every time I watch it - it was the best movie ever! Anyway - thank you for more incite into you and your life. You are an amazing woman!

I saw the interview last night. Great except for Piers constantly interruping Barbara. She is so polite that she stopped talking each time. Also, I saw Guilt Trip last week and thought it was one of the funniest movies ever. My question to Barbra is about the necklace she wore throughout the film. Was it hers or did it come from wardrobe? It looks very similar to a piece I own made by artist Amati Kav. Mr Kav is an Israeli that designed and made the peace dove for the United Nations. Hillary Clinton received the same piece that I bought (only much bigger) when she and President Clinton visited Israel. Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.
Gloria Feiner

Wow, thank you for sharing yourself during the Piers Morgan interview. I have been a fan for a long time, but this was something special. Your beauty radiated through the T.V. because of your honesty and directness. I came away thinking wow what a generous and kind human being. What's better than that? Thanks again.

I watched you on Piers , and so funny, I have just fallen for someone, kinda like you ! Same accent and sense of humor !

So excited to see more of my favorite celebrity, on screen and attainable. Barbra looks amazing and it's a real pleasure seeing her on screen again. It certainly has been making my days more satisfying.

One of the best interviews. So relaxed. Could have kept watching another hour.
Jason needs to do a small venue concert next year. He was terrific in Brooklyn and LA both. Freezing and all. Thanks for the interview.

Dearest Barbra,

I just finished watching your interview on Piers Morgan’s show tonight, and I felt compelled to write to you to tell you that even though I didn’t think it was humanly possible to ADORE you more than I already do, after seeing you tonight, I TOTALLY DO!!!! I could just listen to you talk for hours and days on end! The depth of your intellect just ASTOUNDS me every time I hear you speak, and hearing you tonight really got to me. I just can’t believe how surprised you are when people tell you how amazing you are. You really don’t know….do you???? Well, I just HAD to tell you that I am so thankful to G-d that I had the insight 38 years ago at the young age of 14 to choose YOU to IDOLIZE. You have made SUCH a difference in my life, and have had SUCH an INCREDIBLE and WONDERFUL IMPACT on me; I just wish I could express to you how much you mean to me, but no words could ever do you justice. Your unequaled talent goes without saying…. you are totally THE GREATEST whether you know it or not…. that’s not even a question….. but in addition to that, your humanity, and your sincerity regarding the things you are passionate about, are the qualities I find especially sweet and endearing. Everything you say goes directly to my heart and into my soul, and I admire you more than I could ever convey to you. You have TOTALLY made a difference in my life (and in millions and millions of people all over the world) ……more than you’ll EVER know, so PLEASE, remember that ALWAYS!!!!

I wish you and your beautiful family a wonderful holiday season and a wonderful New Year full of GOOD LUCK, GOOD HEALTH, and ALL THE HAPPINESS IN THE WORLD! Seeing you on your tour made me the happiest person in the world, so PLEASE consider keeping the tour going. PLEASE???!!!!! I will continue to support you in ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you do always, and I look forward to all of your upcoming projects. Thank you again for EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!

“How far would I travel…. to be where you are…… far is the journey……..from here to a star………”

Robin Lipman
Coral Springs, Florida

***One more thing…. I LOOOVE you in “The Guilt Trip”!!!! I’ve seen it seven times since it came out and have loved it more and more each time!!!! It makes me laugh out loud, and cry every time. I’ve taken up residence at the local movie theater and will be seeing it with every person I know. You’re amazing and your look GORGEOUS!!!!!!! ......and if you think I’m biased, I overhear everyone in the theater saying the same thing! Smiling

I have always loved Barbra and wanted to share an interesting story about the death of her father. She said on the interview that her father died at a very young age. I was told by my father that my grandfather was a teacher at the same school as Barbra's father.. I was told that Barbra's father died in my grandfathers arms. His name was Joseph A. Kennedy Sr. My email is

saw the interview mr. morgan I agree with everything you said and I agree with p.morgan yo u were terrific i saw yentil with my wife loved the movie you are just a wonderful person your son has a great voice as yours I am a democrat e also keep up the good works you are doing

Is this interview going to be shown in the United Kingdom ?


my heavens i could turn barbara off and turn son singing on - it was beautiful barbara in a male just great need to do more of it