RELEASE ME - Barbra's new compilation of unreleased material to debut on September 25

Barbra Streisand’s private music vault holds all the master tapes she’s recorded for five decades. Now, she’s sharing 11 previously unreleased songs, spanning a cross-section of her career from 1963 to the present. The collection titled, Release Me will be available on vinyl September 25th and CD October 9th, but you can pre-order right now at

In an unparalleled career, Barbra has released more than 60 albums. Many of the sessions for these albums yielded extra recordings, which weren’t included on the albums they were intended for. They’ve all been stored in her vault until now. Over the past year, Barbra has painstakingly gone through the recordings to come up with this collection, Release Me.

Highlights include: “Didn’t We” written by Jimmy Webb - recorded in 1970 for an unreleased album project titled The Singer; the standard “Willow Weep For Me” - an unreleased track recorded in 1967 for Simply Streisand, arranged by Ray Ellis noted for his legendary work with Billie Holiday; A striking version of Randy Newman’s “I Think It’s Going Rain Today,” with Barbra on vocals and Newman on piano - from the 1971 Stoney End sessions; an unreleased studio version of “With One More Look At You” from A Star Is Born; Two tracks from the unreleased sequel to the acclaimed The Broadway Album, titled Back To Broadway - “Home” (from The Wiz) and “How Are Things In Glocca Morra ? / Heather On The Hill” (from Finian’s Rainbow / Brigadoon).

Reflecting on the album, Barbra noted, “The thing I’m happiest about is that I still have great affection for all these songs. They appealed to me at the time... and still do. Listening now, I actually think to myself, ‘The girl wasn’t half bad.’”

With the exception of two songs where the original masters couldn’t be located, all the tracks on Release Me were transferred from first generation master tapes. Every attention was paid to preserving the sonic perspective of the sessions as they were originally recorded and mixed.

Speaking of the unreleased recordings that reside in Barbra’s music vault, her long-time A&R man and co-producer of Release Me, Jay Landers says in his liner notes, “All of Barbra’s glorious music... her ideas... the collaborative efforts of the fortunate songwriters, arrangers, mixers and producers who have come into her orbit... the experiments... the occasional missteps and the many triumphs - all driven by the unstoppable force of one woman’s vision.”

The complete track listing for Release Me features:

  1. Being Good Isn’t Good Enough (from Hallelujah, Baby!)
  2. Didn’t We
  3. Willow Weep For Me
  4. Try To Win A Friend
  5. I Think It’s Going To Rain Today
  6. With One More Look At You (from A Star Is Born)
  7. Lost In Wonderland
  8. How Are Things In Glocca Morra? / Heather On The Hill (from Finian’s Rainbow/Brigadoon)
  9. Mother And Child
  10. If It’s Meant To Be
  11. Home (from The Wiz)

Pre-order the vinyl now at, and stay tuned for more special surprises from Release Me!

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I think Barbra should include this song in the new concerts. I'm imagining a haunting cello instead of the piano. Wouldn't that be a truly magical moment onstage?
. i always had an idea that she should do a concept album which is just vocal and one solitary instrument per song. I get goosebunps just thinking about that! Smiling
..I;m 48, and since 9th grade I have never gone a day without hearing a Streisand song. Once when camping with my Dad, I panicked because i had forgotten my music. My dad raced into the camp with a big smile and an AM radio playing Evergreen. Disaster aborted! Smiling

Dear Ms Streisand

I know you will never read this but just wanted to say.....

What shall I get for Dad's birthday (1978), my sister says get him that new singer's vinyl record Barbra Streisand ‘Songbird’, so we did. I fell in love metaphorically speaking not only with that blue eyed vision on the cover but the songs were beautiful. This started me on a 34 year discovery of the singing and film career of one Barbra Streisand. Collecting all your recordings over the years has been a real pleasure for me and I have cherished them ever since their release.

Your voice has been there through the good times and the bad and has always lifted me when times have been hard. I remember listening to ‘A piece of Sky’ form Yentl for the first time and being moved to tears and ‘Evergreen’ still sends a tingle down my spine.
I have always been interested in unreleased material so ‘Release Me’ will be a delight and I will really look forward to listening when it arrives in the UK. Just one thing only 11 songs out of the many you have in that vault just isn’t enough please can we have some more?

Thank you so much for being Barbra Streisand and I really don’t think you know how many lives you have touched with your music and films. All the awards, accolades, tributes and pats on the back are all well and good but you will always be a role model in my life. Beautiful!

Barbra- As always you never cease to surprise and delight in sharing your enormous talent with your devoted fans.... I am thrilled that you have included on this CD a studio version of Didn't We (which is one of my favorite tracks from the Live at the Forum album). I have always wished for a studio version and here at last it is! I HAVE to comment as well on the photo cover you have chosen, as it really takes me back to a time when a twelve year old boy sat in a dark theater and watched on screen a tender first time kiss between Fanny and Nick and wished it was he..... Thank you on behalf of your fans for the gift that is YOU!!!


Thank you so much for putting "With One More Look at You" on the new Album. I lost my husband last November at the age of 61 to liver disease. We were married 20 years. I am so lost without him.

We lost our home 5 months before he died, I lost my job the same month we found out he was dying, and then he passed away on November 1, 2011.

My life is in shambles right now, but my friend said she would buy me the album when it comes out because that song will mean a lot to me. I wish I could just get one more look at him. I miss him so much.

Thank you. I love your music and have been a fan forever.

Connie Boaz
Pittsboro, Indiana

Can't wait to hear the songs in Barbra's superbeb voice. In fact, I can't wait to hear you alive, in Canada! My this true? I will travel from Brazil to Montreal just to see Barbra's Concert. Just to see you!!! It will be the most unforgettable moment of my life. Hope to talk to you, Ms. Barbra, and show all my love and respect. I'm really happy to hear you singing in Portuguese "How many stars". And another beautiful song that is an english version of a brazilian melody by Ivan Lins "The island". Thank you for this precious gifts. Love you always. Johnny Soares - Rio de Janeiro

Thank you Barbra for whatever you give us. I am grateful. You owe us nothing, but you give to us always.
Of course, I will get this CD also.
I am always still here appreciating your gifts.
Take care of yourself lady, and G-d bless.

Just pre ordered, "Release Me." I am very excited to get this collection and am looking forward to hearing songs that have never been released. I have been fortunate enough to hear a few via "you tube etc. Barbra, if you are reading these posts, you must release "Home" as a single. I guarantee you, it will go to the top 10 on Billboards Hot 100 and will be a new standard in your ever expanding signature songs.

When I heard it for the first time I was spellbound. No one has ever sung it with so much passion and conviction I love that there is no break in the song(like "Evergreen") and you sing the whole way through without stopping. When you held that last note, I was moved to tears.

I look forward to you singing "home" and others at your upcoming concerts.

Love the cover!

Kind regards,
Jeffrey Freedman

Looking so much forward to this!

Didn't we? and with one more look at you? studio versions??? Home from the Whiz??? woowww...i can't wait to post to our spanish speaking worldwide fans in Facebook Barbra Streisand en Espanol!!!!

Just pre ordered, "Release Me." I am very excited to get this collection and am looking forward to hearing songs that have never been released. I have been fortunate enough to hear a few via "you tube etc. Barbra, if you are reading these posts, you must release "Home" as a single. I guarantee you, it will go to the top 10 on Billboards Hot 100 and will be a new standard in your ever expanding signature songs.

When I heard it for the first time I was spellbound. No one has ever sung it with so much passion and conviction I love that there is no break in the song(like "Evergreen") and you sing the whole way through without stopping. When you held that last note, I was moved to tears.

I look forward to you singing "home" and others at your upcoming concerts.

Love the cover!

Kind regards,
Jeffrey Freedman

Great great news, yet again. You remain (as always) an inspiration in all corners of my life with your work.

BJS has so many hidden treasures of the past......there must be a number of RELEASE ME 2,3.......n in future, stay tune

This will be amazing! I only hope there is more to follow in events such as this, to commemorate Barbra's 50 years as the greatest singer the world has ever seen, or ever will see. Bravo, Barbra! I am especially looking forward to hearing this "new" version of "With One More Look at You"-- now wouldn't it be a dream come true to hear her sing this in concert, along with "Watch Closely Now," of course! Thirty-six years later I still listen to this song and love it as much as I did the very first time.

And forty years later, I still love to hear her sing, every bit as much as I did that very first time so long ago.

Ryan Winchester
Kennesaw, Georgia

Just received my tickets for Chicago in the mail. It is to surprise my wife of 15 years...thank you Barbra...this will be my second in a lifetime event because I got to see you in Washington, DC back in '94. There is only one Barbra....our Barbra....thank you so much for one more opportunity to see you LIVE. You are my longest, and deepest emotional pull in my life. Cant wait to see the surprises you have in store for re-signing with Columbia! YOU are the one even comes close!
Always a true fan,

I have to be very honest, Miss Streisand.
For a 50th celebration, I was expecting more, at least a double CD. But It's ok.
The track list is very nice. I love Mother and Child, With One More Look At You, and Being Good is one of my favorite Styne's songs.
There's only one mistake in the text above, Home was not recorded for the unreliease Back To Broadway, in 1988, It was recorded for the Broadway Album 1985, just like Being Good.
Oh, by the way ... great idea to make a vinyl of It.
Hugs from Brasil.

I'm so excited. I justed ordered the CD and hope there will later be a "Release Me, Two"!

Because Barbra is Barbra, which means if she has the luxury of extra recording time, which she usually did have throughout her recording career, there are most likely HUNDREDS of songs still on master tapes at Columbia Vaults just waiting to see the light of day. Any artist with that glorious of a vocal instrument probably has enough material to release one cd per year for the next 25 years, all 'new' to her fans. She surrounded herself with the most talented musicians and technicians. They knew that everytime that recording engineer or producer said, "Roll tape" or "Take three," history was being made. There is literally no single artist one can compare Streisand to, not Garland, Sinatra, Elvis, no one. She long ago established her place in history, her legacy, her stamp on this earth. There may be singers who are technically trained, who one might even consider having a better voice than Streisand, but then one must also look at Streisand as the whole package. The actress who sings, the actress alone, the director, the composer, the very definition of the word 'artist.' Barbra Streisand, lucky for us fans, will have many more cd releases of songs that she recorded but for one reason or another, did not get included on a particular album. Knowing Barbra, it was her perfectionism that kept those recordings from our ears. Thankfully, as she continues to evolve as a human, she knows there is no such thing as perfection and we are the lucky people who will benefit from her artistic evolution and we'll get to hear alot more of that unparalelled vocal instrument for many years to come. Thank you, dear Barbra Joan for sharing your gifts with us for so long. You didn't have to, you know. But then again, you knew you had to be Barbra Streisand, that there was nothing else in this world you were meant to do or be.

There are still lots of hidden treasures of Miss Bab, I am sure there will be a series of RELEASE ME 2/3/4......X in future, stay tune!!

I am so looking forward to this collection, very timely for me! Thank you for being your beautiful self. Sending you much, much love.

Recently, I've been listening to Didn't We from Live at the Forum, that lyric has always resonated with me, I think you sang it with such passion, and I can't wait to hear yet another recording of such a lovely song. Thank You, and God Bless

Thank you Barbra. My life would be so different if I didn't have your movies to enjoy and your music to listen to. Your voice is magnificent. See you in Philly.

You bring me joy.

Jim Mulkerin

Hello Gorgeous! We finally get to hear some of those rare songs that we've heard so much about. I am so looking forward to my purchase of Miss Streisand's newest release in September. I plan on buying both vinyl and CD so I can take Barbra anywhere. (Something I already do!) Cheers to you Barbra for 50 plus wonderful years of being the ultimate entertainer. We love you!

Can't wait to hear these recordings....I read many years ago about an album that she was doing called "Life Cycles of A Woman" and makes me wonder if these recordings were going to be a part of that album. Doesn't matter, just really lookin forward to hearing everything. And one important note, several months ago on youtube there was a recording that someone had uploaded of the "Home" song from the Wiz with Barbra singing it.....just makes me wonder if she had it uploaded for a short time to see the views/responses and that was a decision to put it on the album. I have that recording in my file and got to tell you it sounds incredible.

Of course I will pre-order, I just wish I had someone to go with when you are performing in Philie!!! I would get the gold package of course!!!! Thank YOU!!!

I'm so excited about this release and I can't wait to see you live in Chicago in October. You have always made my life happier with your music.

I just hope we get more unreleased songs such as the single 45 version of The Way We Were, Make Our Garden Grow (Back To Broadway Sessions), Have You Heard (when Barbra was 9), One Day, I Loved You (piano version), Everything Must Change (Butterfly sessions), A Child Is Born (orchestrated version), Looking Out For Number One (Songbird Sessions), The Tracks Of My Tears (Wet sessions), A Piece of Sky and Papa, Can You Hear Me? (pop versions), Can't Help Loving That Man of Mine (Broadway Album Sessions), Unusual Way (Broadway Album Sessions), On My Own (Back To Broadway Sessions), Halfway Through The Night (1989), It Doesn't Get Better Than This (The Mirror Has Two Faces Sessions).

Maybe there will be additional CD releases to Release Me.

Thrilled to have these.

But, I'm sure there's a treasure trove of more unreleased material beyond what's here and what came out with "Just For the Record." So, anytime, feel free to dig them out and give them a go! Personally, I'd love the one of the 60s concerts (An Evening with Barbra Streisand) or the full blown version of Central Park. I know there are some 45s from the 1960s which never made it on to an album and are impossible to find now, etc.

Anyway, please keep going. Your fans want everything!! Thanks!!

I have been a fan of Babs since I was a very young girl. Her songs, her voice, her range, her passion. Know many of her songs by heart. By the way , I am 50 now..and her music still stirs me as it once did. I went thru a very bad time in my life, 14 years of an abusive marriage and deep depression. I literally lost me...n all that that was dear to me..I stopped listening to music...incluing Barbara. I remember the day a few years ago as I slid in one of her CD's and cried at the beauty and the passion...and the finding of a long lost friend...not only Barbara...but myself! I LOVE the song Home from the Wiz....VERY EXCITED TO PURCHASE THIS ALBUM !!

It is always a great pleasure to listen new tracks recorded by Barbra in early years, and this time it will come togheter with the joy of listening to her live in Brooklin.
I cant wait to go to the concert and enjoy the RELEASE ME album all at once...

I can feel my heart pound in anticipation. I can hardly wait for this!

That's really great ! I'm sure this CD will be a wonderful one.

Kisses from France.

Patricia Boisson

I'm waiting with all my passion!!!!

It should be amazing this new CD! And I want the CD and the Vinil, of course!!!!!

You always doing thinks to your fans, you are a great woman!

I love you from my heart!

Paula Bellini