Photos: Barbra Streisand receives honorary doctorate at Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Alexi Rosenfeld, AJR Photography.
אלקסי רוזנפלד
AJR Photography

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Actually, Barbra justifiably deserves an immortal voice award. When performing, she suspends time, disbelief, gender, cultural, bias, etc. ALL barriers. When performing, Barbra IS immortal. With just one look....with just one note, Barbra transcends humanity. But consider the source....Barbra captured my heart and soul over 25 years ago. Barbra Is a timeless supernatural phenomenon of emotion and voice that will certainly live on thru out the ages. Now, who would care to even try to follow in her shoes ? Can't be done.

IF I make it to heaven, my first request to the Throne will be to meet Barbra....I'm not nuts.

DC Bill
San Francisco, CA
(Had enough of living in DC, thank you)

Sorry for the typing error, I meant: “Katie Morosky my fictional (and favorite) “heroine” of all times”!

Dear Barbra,
Yours are inspirational and courageous words.
Is as if I would be listening to Katie Morosky, my fictional heroin of all times, giving that great speech in the university campus!
As she said: “People are their principles”… and you have add your beautiful voice to it.
Kind regards.

Shalom Dr. Streisand!
As I think about what a blessing and honour it is that you have been given this degree,
I can't help but think about Emanuel being right above you in Heaven over Jerusalem!
I saw your photo getting off the plane and as tradition would have it, I hope you kissed the ground when you arrived in Israel! I cannot even begin to imagine the pride that your father would feel for you at this special moment. It is a beautiful thing. I believe that Heaven is very close and he saw everything! It is so wonderful that Emanuel is memorialized forever in Israel, which is so very special! Its funny that I was just communicating with a professor at the Hebrew University this past week while you arrived there. What a small world! I understand what its like to not have your father, so I know how much this means to you. HaShem bless you Dr. Streisand and thanks for bringing up the women praying at the western wall and getting treated so disrespectfully. There is one Rabbi who taught Torah to women and did not discriminate against them! Thank you for touching all of our lives. Yentl was my all time favorite and I pray you make another film like it soon. Blessings to you for receiving this honorary doctorate! May the LORD make His face to shine upon you! Jerusalemofgold!

Congratulations Dr Babs. You really deservs that honor.
Well, you can say anuthing about the gorgeous diva. She is gifted with heavenly voice, she is the sound script of my life , she is pretty and doesn't look her age (who cares) and she is one of a knid. I love you Babs, but I think it's time to stop singing all these songs again again and again. You yourself admited its boring you. We all love these songs and this is your legend, but lets hear something new. I remember sitting at the Barbican in London hearing Ms Lane singing where are the clowns. it was in 1984. I thought to myself how will it sound if Babs will sing this song. And amazingly enough you sang this song quite immediately after this event. Then I thought and wrote somewhere, what if you'll sing the Jazz and call it JazzBabs. Well you didn;t use the name but you did it in your great album with diane C. Now Babs how about an intimate evening with Babs singing the blues?! no more grand concerts and events, but something small and intimate? I promiss to be there to listen to the one and only.Smiling God bless you.

Wowers what a month for the gorgeous Ms Streisand!! Bestowing her powerful voice to fans during intimate concerts in Europe (loved the family theme!) A recent film release (well recent for the UK) and now this huge honour in Israel. How beautiful that she dedicated it to her late father. I saw a you tube clip of the make a wish kids in Jerusalem my heart melted when that young girl sang People ah. The world feels like a smaller and better place when she is working her magic. Despite Barbra's busy year I strongly suspect Sammie is well fed and her garden is perfectly tended. Gush gush so much respect.

Hai Barbra,

Let people be negative and jealous about you receiving this honorary doctorate, you deserve it! CONGRATIOLATIONS!! All your fans around the world are so proud of what you are doing for the world and you give a lot of people inspiration. You make so much people happy and especially in Europe this month. I saw you in Amsterdam on June 6th and I will never forget this incredible night, thank you so much! What a beautiful voice and what a beautiful person!
I hope you will give more concerts in the future (please let it be in Holland again) but when you give your last concert I will be there! For now: enjoy Israel!

Roselinde Oosterhoff