Photo: Barbra backstage at the 85th Annual Academy Awards

The Donna Karan New York gown worn by Barbra Streisand in her performance at the 85th Annual Academy awards was designed by Ms. Karan, specifically for the artist. Entitled 'City Lights' the black asymmetrical, bias-cut dress is a waterfall of chiffon layers encrusted with matte gold sequins and beads. A long sleeve capelet adds the final layer of chiffon, its back dramatically falling to the floor.

"Everything I do with Barbra is a collaboration­ born of our artistry, our friendship and our love for one another. We're sisters." -- Donna Karan

Photo courtesy of Kevin Mazur/Wireimage.

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Hai Barbra,

What a beautiful performance you gave! Marvin would be so proud!
The dress is stunning and in a way very sexy. You must be a great inspiration for Mrs Karan and so are you for many people!
See you on stage on June the 6th in Amsterdam! I am so happy having been able to get tickets and see you for the first time in my life!

Roselinde Oosterhoff, Delft
The Netherlands

Wow, the cast of Barbra just made me cry. That was such a great performance all of you! Y'all should feel proud!


I'm 3 months older than you and look a hundred compared to you.

I am so happy that you are well and going on tour - the world loves you and we are grateful for every minute we get to spend listening to you. You have brought so much joy and laughter and brightened our days and nights. "What's Up Doc" continues to be my all time favorite movie. I can't tell you how many times I've said "Eunice, there's a person named Eunice?" Lived next door to Eunice Friend and teased her all the time. Bless you Barbra.

Oh... my beloved Barbra, you look so gorgeous!

You are beautiful <3

I am 25 years old and have loved you since I was 5. On October 11, 2012, my boyfriend took me to your concert and proposed as you sang "Evergreen." Thank you for unknowingly being such a beautiful part of such a big moment for me. Your voice inspires my entire life.

Barbra I forgot to ask, if you read this, my one wish, could you perhaps sing "Papa can you hear me" at the concert, I adore that song, the words are fabulous, it reminds me of my wonderful father James Robert Tall, he died in December 2000, I miss him so much, he was a big fan of yours too.

Looking forward to your concert on 1 June 2013.

Karen Louise Myers
South Shields

Wow Barbra always looks stunning, she's ageless.

You could hear a billion voices and no one will ever be better than her. She's incredible, what can I say Barbra, I love you, always have always will, that voice sends shivers down my spine.

I am going to see her in London with my 5 year old daughter at the O2 arena on 1st June 2013, cannot wait, my daughter Jamie loves her too. This time I will be nearer the stage. I saw her in July 2007 with my husband and mum, we all have fabulous memories of seeing Barbra. I feel so lucky.

Karen Louise Myers
South Shields

Outstanding Dress ,... the Best Ever,..However Donna should have had Ms. Streisand ware gloves in black with fingers showing. but that 's,,.... anyways,,..
.A . Fab Job, & A Show Stopper!
Happy Birthday in April.
Bright Blessings!!!
Chuck of Hiram College Ohio 44234

I'm 41 years, perhaps my english isn't very good...I'm from luxembourg and a big fan from you since 20 years,,
..i like you sooooooo much... your songs are romantic and you're a very beautiful women...which you all the best from the bottom of my heart...kisses... Marco

Simply Stunning Streisand!

Looks like 70 is the new 40. WOW!

Amazing Dress, you always look fabulous! !

Absolutely gorgeous!

Magnificent, Stunning, Breathtaking!!! One of the Best performances.

I was privileged to have seen Funny Girl at the movie theater in the 1960's.
I listen to the original soundtrack quite a bit actually. Along with Ms. Streisand's
other many great songs.

My granddaughter had asked what I was listening to one day, (song made me cry)
It was "My Man" from the Funny Girl soundtrack. It is such a pure and distinct voice.
There is only ONE Barbra. All the others are wannabes and don't even come close.
(Leah Michele) Ruined "Don't Rain on My Parade"!!! Never should she had attempted to even try!

Love you Barbra!.

Barbra looks beautiful in off the shoulder gowns. This dress is stunning on her and she looks years younger than she really is. Looking great Barbra! xoxo

Gosh, you were breathtaking in that gown. But then, you would be gorgeous in a burlap feed sack! Your beauty continues to amaze me.

Simply perfect.

you're so stunning at that dress. beautiful and I love it. its a unique creation for a unique lady with a unique personality and voice. a very nice rendition of the song " The Way We Were" to honor Marvin Hamlisch. i just hope to have a copy of your newest concerts and other DVD's to come. and also your new movies i hope that it be available worldwide so that I can grab a copy. I am also a fan of your son.Jason very unique voice also. Thanks for giving life to my life through your songs.

I was extremely thrilled to know that you would be performing at the Academy Awards this year. Especially the song, The Way We Were as a huge tribute to someone I think the world misses. He was incredible and as you pointed out, gone too soon... Marvin Hamlish. Marvin was undeniably the other half of you, (Barbra) that we'll always remember. You did such a beautiful rendition of The Way We Were... beautifully sung and it was definitely heartfelt. I loved the dress and that gorgeous ring-bracelet. Donna Karan always makes incredible outfits and costumes for you for all your performances. I think it was very unique, something you always are. That's what sets you apart from the rest of the entertainment world is because you are so unique and you're YOU. This is undeniably why you have such an incredible following. You always will and I can only see so much more in the future. I am hoping to see you Direct, act, sing more because you're the absolute best. Thank you for your incredible performance. I wish you would have been seen much more because that was too short of a Barbra moment. We would have all like to have seen more of you.. there were great pictures of you with Shirley and Adele. She was undoubtedly startstruck by you, as I'm sure all new singers are. She's a fantastic singer herself and was happy to see her win. Loved seeing your interview on Piers Morgan and all the others for your latest movie The Guilt Trip. Hoping you'll be releasing more of Release Me and many more albums with your incredible voice. Always incredible to see you. Always incredible to see your work... The best voice in the world that has yet to be beat by anyone.

Barbra is certainly a lovely vision in black and gold. Love it! Also appreciate seeing photos like this on B's web site - more, more, more, please on a regular basis! Looking forward to hearing details of DVD/Blu-ray releases for 2013 of the history video and other audio releases to celebrate 50 years since first album. A deluxe edition of that album on CD would be super to hear.

The outfit was fabulous and Barbra looked stunning in it. Not to mention only the beautiful gown and Barbra's adorable looks, her rendition of "The Way We Were" was unparalleled, touching and reminiscent. Nobody can tell stories through song as well as Barbra does. Despite some change in her vocal quality, Barbra always has the kind of charisma that makes people stay and listen to her songs.

Most of all, the way she entered and exited from the stage was "SO GRAND" ... unannounced, un-introduced and unacknowledged. ... Very classy! What a GRAND way, Barbra!!!

With love from Bangkok, Thailand

The gown was stunning. Under the lights on stage it came alive. Love your new hairstyle! It must have been difficult to sing that song under the circumstances.

I am 62 years old and recovering from recent eye surgery but I was was determined to see you on the Oscars. You were so beautiful! I love the genuine warmth of your singing in memory of Marvin Hamlish. You brought tears streaming down my face!
I was thrilled by your performance in Las Vegas ( Timeless, 12/31/99).
I have loved you since the early 60's. When I was in Junior High,I had a post card from "Funny Girl" in my locker!
Truly,you're the music of my life.
Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

B Stubblefield
Raleigh, NC

Congratulations, Barbra. The dress was superb and you looked stunning wearing it. One of the most beautiful women in Hollywood today.
Thank you for that performance. Hearing you sing live is like the feel of pure silk running over my hands, it meant the world to us your fans and to Marvin, he would be proud.
Love, Marc

I loved Barbra on the Academy Awards last Sunday night. She was the highlight of the show. She looked stunning in her dress too. I have been a fan of Barbra's for over 40 years and she just keeps getting better with age. She's as smooth as melted buttah.

A classy dress for a classy lady. The background during the performance was a perfect blend of artistry. Barbra knows how to make the best of a performance.

Beautiful Barbra, as always.
I love you

A beautiful dress for a beautiful lady!! Smiling Ms. Streisand, you look so pretty! Your gown sparkles and shines like your personality and like your voice when you sing! I hope you know what happiness and joy you bring to others with your musical gift!