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I personally think that it is a real treat for us fans that Barbra agreed to be a part of this recording and to see her alongside Natalie Cole and Celine Dion, to name a few.

The press make up that Barbra was difficult, but let's be honest, if Quincy Jones believed that Barbra would be difficult and 'want it her own way', then he would not have asked her to participate, so fact outweighs fiction in my opinion.

Oh, and if my opinion counts for anything, I would love to see Barbra and Natalie duet. They are both my inspirations, and since they have both made successful transitions into mainstream/commercial Jazz, it would be a thrill to see and hear them together.

I just read the article about Jon Peters, that creep, that Barbra used to date. I hope he burns in hell, how dare that piece of crap try to write a book now about people he knew personally, and try to make a buck off of it. I hope he never ever gets anyone to write his garbage stories. Not to mentioned he should be ashamed of himself for never learning how to read or write what is wrong with him??????????????????????????????

I love you Barbra ever since I heard your first album in the early 60's, Reign on Queen of Voice and God Bless You!!!!!