New Auction: Meet Barbra at The Guilt Trip Movie Premiere!

Meet Barbra Streisand and Receive 2 Tickets to the Premiere of The Guilt Trip Including Hotel in LA.

Meet the incomparable Barbra Streisand when you and a guest attend the premiere of her newest film, The Guilt Trip in Los Angeles. You will also be treated to a one night at The Sofitel Hotel.

The Brooklyn born and raised superstar is the only artist ever to receive an Oscar, Tony, Emmy, Grammy, Directors Guild of America, Golden Globe, National Medal of Arts and Peabody Awards and France’s Legion d’Honneur as well as the American Film Institute’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Bid now for a sure-to-be unforgettable experience!

Terms: Valid for 2 people. Date is to be determined but will be in early December 2012 in Los Angeles; subject to change. Airfare and ground transportation not included. Winning bidder and guest(s) subject to security screening. Cannot be resold or re-auctioned. We expect all winning bidders and their guests to conduct themselves appropriately when attending an experience won at Charitybuzz. Polite manners and respect for the generous donor and adherence to any rules or parameters are a must.

Shipping and Handling The minimum shipping, handling and applicable insurance for this item is $9.95. Additional shipping charges may apply based upon the location of the winner. Hard copies of tickets, travel certificates and merchandise are shipped via FedEx or professional shipping service. Detailed redemption information for non-tangible items will be emailed to the winning bidder.

Donated by: Barbra Streisand

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Barbra, you looked beautiful in The Guilt Trip! Great movie!

hi... barbra streisand......

JJ Nolis here... im a singer/ songwriter / vocalist.....

have my first full length , christmas album out now.... called....

its on itunes and my website at ....

YOU ARE A TRUE INSPIRATION.... to me as an artist......
just so you know.... Anyways..... look !!!!

ITS RELEASE DATE..... TO DECEMBER 19 TH.... Can someone please confirm.... ( my feeonsay and myself want to see it the day it opens.... i think its smart to move the date up .... too many movies openning on Chirstmas Day..... this year...

your staff needs to get the word out ..... what the proper release date is .


" i think its gonna rain today " ... is the song that lets the world know that you have
a real gift of singing ,

ok back to promoting my
Christmas album today....

love you barbra.
sincerely ...

JJ Nolis....
( ps.... i moved to the dc area last year... after living full time in the Hamptons the past 26 years.... be well... jj. )

Hi Barbra,

I got the priviledge of seeing you perform for the first time live in concert in Las Vegas and the show was nothing less than spectacular. Amazing... I couldn't believe that I finally got to see you in person. I've been a fan of yours since I was in the 7th grade and always wanted to sing like you. I remember telling my mother I wanted your nose. I kept saying "Why can't I look like Barbra! I want her nose and her fingernails." I was enthralled because I wanted to be you. I remember you always stated that you wanted to be the characters in movies, yet when I was a kid and saw you in Funny Girl for the first time on television, my grandmother wanted me to see the movie because she loved you as well and said, "You'll love this movie. It's so much fun and you'll get to see one of the greatest talents." She was right.. I was so in love with that movie. I loved Don't Rain on My Parade. That brought goose bumps all over my arms. My mom and dad had your albums, which they then gave to me after I bought all your cd's. I was so thrilled to have the collection. From your very first album till when they stopped making them and went from tapes onto cd's and now MP3's Itunes. They gave me their full collection. I took drama and dance and many classes because I wanted to be an actress as well.. It was the best time. From then on I saw all of your movies, have loved all of them through the years and now and appreciate your new albums, I still call them that because it feels like I'm saying it's a full body of work instead of cd's. I have the albums my parents gave me and keep them in a safe. I would never think of selling them because they mean so much to me. I would love to somehow get a turn table somewhere and listen to them. There isn't a scratch on them. They kept them in perfect condition with the plastic covers still on them as well. I even have 2 Happening in Central Park albums because my older sister didn't know my parents had already bought it years ago when it first came out, before I was born and there they are, all in tact and what a treat for me. I show my friends and they're as enthralled as I am. You've brought so much joy and happiness in my life with your beautiful, heartfelt renditions of the most beautiful songs. I love that you stated how could anyone not love Sondheim, and all the incredible Broadway and musical greats from the past. Sinatra and Bennett sing and sang them and they'll never go out of style. I love your duets. I loved when you and Jason sang. The apple surely doesn't fall far from the tree. Your sister, your mother's beautiful voice and then of couse Jason, so surprised, but not really, I knew he had to have some incredible talent and you were so right when I DVR'd you on Katie while I was working and you stated that you heard him humming and from then on all these years later, he comes up with incredible voice. I already bought his cd and your Release Me cd at the same time because he's got a great jazzy sound. He's excellent. Even if he weren't your son and I heard him when he gave you the beautful film for your birthday. His voice was amazing. I'm sure every producer in town wanted to sign him once they heard him sing. You and your sis Rozzie were amazing. You two have a very similar look. I love, love, love Chris Botti and his amazing horn. That music was something else. Beautiful fantastic show!!! I love that you have this amazing orchestra with you. That's true music. I love orchestra's, classical music and the show was spectacular. If you read the Sunday Vegas review, you were a major hit with all the critics.. huge, huge hit. They loved you as did everyone else. I wasn't too pleased when people next to me were singing along, so I had to tell them PLEASE!!! ARE YOU KIDDING.. I know you know her music, but I paid $600 to see you! I was like I'm not here to listen to the two schmucks next to me, I came to hear and see your show..I had to show my friends, went with 4 different people, but had to show them that I was actually there and showed my parents as well and took a few snaps with my Iphone.. I had to. It was YOU!! so just wanted to let you know, you were amazing. You made everyone so happy.My parents went on to see you at the Hollywood Bowl. They just said it was pretty cold outside and they were freezing ..They said you were wearing a coat and I was happy to hear that. They said you were amazing as well. So you made the world happy with your concerts. I'm so happy you decided to tour again. I believe you mentioned on Katie that you were making a duets album. I hope Jason will be on there. That would be amazing of course, maybe Michael Buble, Keith Urban, oh please, please, please think of Bocelli. The two of you singing.. I would go nuts. He's one of my favorites.Two incredible amazing talents.. and Jason!! If Miles Davis were alive that would be amazing. What would be great is if you sang My Funny Valentine to his jazz rendition. Huge fan of his and the two of you on an album would be something else. Now I had two fantastic pieces of news for the month of November.. When Obama won I was so happy!!! I was routing for him, but to be frank, I knew in the back of my head that he was going to win. He had to, he simply had to. I'm the same as you when it comes to my politics and have made many enemies because of what I believe in. I have 2 incredible friends of mine, we're all business people. 3 business women dealing with mainly Republican clients so we were inboxing our facebook pages as the votes were coming in. My two best friends have a business like I do. We are strong independent women who unfortunately had to keep our political beliefs to a small halt because truly, we deal with many people with money and they're, ugh, dare I say, Republicans, Yeesh!! We all agreed that a woman should be totally ashamed if they voted for Romney because he's against all womens rights. How could any smart woman think that they're rights could and would be stripped if he were to have won. My heart was pounding like crazy and we called each other, wrote on our fb pages private message-wise and they're unfortunately and hate the fact they live in red states. Whereas mine is battleground and I knew everyone was headed for Obama here. They didn't like Romney's baloney and his lies. We did our research and did it good. When Obama won and I said a great day for America today on my fb page, OMG! I unfortunately had to block some people, what I feel are/were disturbed people. They used ugly words, and you can imagine where I'm going with this. I was sickened by this and stated to them if you cannot speak as an adult and not use disgusting racial slurs, we're not going to be friends because my friends don't do that. I don't pick people as friends who could be so backward and think that just because I have an opinion and mine happened to be different from them that I was called crazy. I have just as much right to my opinions as they did theirs. I didn't jump on them because they went the Republican route. I disagreed but I stated, we're just going to have to agree to disagree and that's all I'm going to say. They are huge racists and this is what the issue is. They're narrow minded, they don't understand that either you change with the times, or you get left behind. My friends and I were disgusted and they were stating since they lived down South that they had to keep their opinions pretty much to themselves except to their closest friends, because they would lose clients, as I had to myself. My conversations with the others who are what I feel morons, was done in the private message area. They know better than to voice their opinions that are negative on my front pages. I will not allow that, their opinions are welcome only and only if they are stated in a mature manner and not to ever, ever use racial, disgusting slurs. That to me is a huge sign of immaturity and ignorance and as stated before, narrow mindedness that was definitely handed down to them from their parents. It's ugly and I find it tasteless. These people will no longer be my friends because they insulted our president. I asked them to give me specifics as to why they felt Romney would have been a better choice. Not one single person could pin point anything that that man would have done to make this a better country. They only put the blame game on Obama because they stated there weren't enough jobs, the economy, etc. I advised them to look into history and you will see what the 8 preceding years did to this economy and left us with a mess that would most likely take a decade to clean up if not longer. They're insane to think you could clean up what could have been a full on depression if Obama didn't do what he did. Ignorance is definitely not bliss on their behalf. They apparently don't understand politics very much. They listen to complete garbage. These are people who read The Enquirer and actually take what they have to say, which is garbage, as gospel. These are the type of people I was dealing with. Not any longer. My friends and I were so happy that from the west coast all the way down to the southern regions, we were celebrating like crazy that the man we voted for and deservedly so, did. We knew he would, but the ugliness and backlash of this campaign turned Americans against one another. Very sad and very ugly.. and I'm glad the bloodbath is over. I'm glad the Democrats took as many seats as they did. They also didn't understand they got there because people saw the TRUTH. Voting..Voting is what got them there. They think he started Sandy to get there. Stupidity will get them nowhere. The truth being that Romney would have destroyed this country. This man stated and bragged that he only had a victory speech. What a narcissistic attitude. I didn't think for one minute he was going to win. I actually have a sibling that I am not speaking to and haven't for a decade because they felt that I should be a certain religion and a Republican. I told them where to go because NO ONE and I do mean NO ONE tries that one on me. That one lost out and I find them despicable. I wouldn't do that to someone and they went there.. UGLY, to say the least, but they are not missed. Anyway, I saw Obama win and I got to see you in concert. I must say, November was a great month for me and my friends.. We enjoyed it and it's been great. It was fabulous seeing you live and in person in concert and quite a joyous occasion. We then celebrated at The Palms restaurant and had a fantastic time. Thank you Barbra!!!

dec 19th, my birthday Smiling
since 1973 when I first saw babs until today, we (always) have so much in common lol

BTW shopped hereon the official site last october (11th). Nothing received at this time, over a month later. For a birthday gift give yourself time like months ahead to be sure to get what you've paid for. Money has been given for weeks allready Smiling

Ever since I can remember back in High School abt 31 yrs ago a day almost does not go by with out someone saying u look like Barbara Streisand maybe someday I will meet her

Ever since I can remember back in High School abt 31 yrs ago a day almost does not go by with out someone saying u look like Barbara Streisand maybe someday I will meet her I don't have a computer using cell ph not able to make a bid