New Album Is #1 In UK Too + A Note From Barbra.

'Love Is The Answer', Barbra's 63rd album, has climbed to position 1 on the UK album charts, in its second week.

Here's a note from Barbra...

When the album went to #1 in the States I was surprised and thrilled. To have the same thing happen on "the other side of the pond" is just as exciting.

I've always loved spending time in the UK and it's so gratifying to learn how this album has been embraced. With all my appreciation and thanks! Barbra

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An even BIGGER accomplishment for Barbra would be if she records and releases another album next year and it hit's #1. She would have reached even greater success as being THE ONLY RECORDING ARTIST EVER to have reach number albums from the 60's thru the 2010's, PLUS two #1 albums back-to-back! Barbra, I say, go for it! Either do a follow-up to "Love Is The Answer" or another album by a hit producer. But don't over do it as you did with "Emotion", which I thought was a good album too. But it was a little over-produced. Although I think the two songs produced by Maurice White was awesome - 'Heart Don't Change My Mind" and "When I Dream". They were a little bit of pop-jazz influenced and I remember hearing those two songs played alot on a local jazz station here in L.A. An album of international songs WITH duets with some of the world most popular international artists would INSTANTLY be a hit...WORDLWIDE!

As we often hear about Barbra's best work has yet to come...I think with the success of "Love Is The Answer" and anticipation of "supposed" cameos in a few feature films, that that time is coming soon. In a world of madness and chaos with today's entertainment, it sure is nice to BUY a CD and can hear and understand every word in each song!

is simply fantastic - as if it would have been anything less. Congratulations to you and the entire team for the record breaking recording!

I've heard that Adam Lambert's album is being outsold only by you! He's a talented kid and nothing would be more fun than a Barbra - Adam duet! That would blast you to a new #1 Single! And how great would THAT be?

Over the last several days I have read numerous reports of great surprise that Barbra Streisand's new release "Love is the Answer" made it as the #1 album in its first week of release. My response is why should anyone be surprised?

Barbra Steisand is the number one female vocalist in the world and is the second largest recording artist in history --.only surpassed in album sales by Elvis Presley. "Love is the Answer" is the 9th time that one of Barbra Steisand albums has premiered as the number 1 albumn in America and she is the only entertainer in history to have a number 1 albumn in each of five consecutive decades.

Barbra Streisand was discovered as a world class talent at the age of 19, she became a major worldwide sensation at 21 and by the time she reached the ripe old age of 24, she had become an entertainment legend. Ms. Streisand has won every conceivable award for her recordings, movies, television, the Broadway stage as well as numerous awards for direction and production -- not to mention the prestigious Kennedy Center Awards this year.

To put it mildly, Barbra Steisand has thrilled the world for 48 years as an entertainer and continues to grow as an artist in her fifth decade as a performer. Her life story is well known -- a brillant student who graduated near the top of her high school class and who came from an extremely impoverished background with little emotional support or encouragement from her family, Her loving mother, Diana, with the best of intentions, encouraged Barbra to become a secretary as she felt that Barbra was not attractive enough to be seriously accepted as an entertainer and would ultimately have her feelings hurt.. Barbra Streisand overcame a multitude of obstacles duirng the early stages of her career and became one of the most stunning and admired women in the world. I challenge anyone to say that she has not earned everything that she has obtained during her 48 year career.. As an artist she has given her vast legion of fans almost 50 years of sheer artistic pleasure. In addition, the Barbra Steisand Foundation has donated millions of dollars to health and public service organizations. There is no question in my mind that Ms. Streisand will receive the ultimate award for her artistry -- and that is to be named the single greatest entertainer of our century -- an award that she has worked her entire lifetime towards and which she has certainly earned. At 67 years of age, Barbra Streisand has provided the world with 48 years of unsurpassed fulfillment as an entertainer. The vast majority of us will never see another entertainer of her magnitude in our lifetime -- therefore celebrate the joy that she has brought to the world through her spectacular talents as an artist!

By the way folks, this year marks the 40th anniverary of Barbra's second motion picture, "Hello Dolly", which was released by 20th Century Fox in 1969, Although the picture was initially perceived by many as being a flop, it actually was one of the highest grossing box office attractions in 1969. After "Hello Dolly" was later released in VHS and then in DVD format, it has since grown to surpass the VHS/DVD sales of "The Sound of Music"! So much noise and commotion was made back in 1969 regarding Barbra Streisand being too young to play the widowed Dolly Levi. There was huge sentimental support for Carol Channing, who orginated the role of Dolly Levi on Broadway, and it was felt by many that she was entitled to be cast in the starring role in "Hello Dolly". As much as I adore and admire Carol Channing -- and I have seen Carol three times in "Hello Dolly" on Broadway, the fact is that Carol Channing could not have possibly carried such a major $20+ million dollar production of "Hello Dolly" on the big screen. Although a great character actress and a most beloved performer, Carol Channing simply did not have the voice or the screen presence necessary to star in the motion picture version of "Hello Dolly". There was only was actress back in 1968 who possessed the vocals, the charisma and the great comedic timing to portray Dolly Levi, and that actress was Barbra Streisand. So much negative publicity regarding Barbra Streisand as being miscast for the role as Dolly Levi tainted the intial release of "Hello Dolly". The fact is that "Hello Dolly" was and still is one of the most remarkable musical motion pictures ever produced. Not only was Barbra Streisand believable and stunning in the role of Dolly Levi, her incredible vocals, her comedic timing and her interaction with such an incredible ensemble was nothing less then a first class and memorable performance. The amazing Gene Kelly choreography and the stunning Irene Sharaff wardrobes, along with the wonderful Jerry Herman score, produced one of the most memorable musical motion pictures of all times.

If you have not seen "Hello Dolly" in a number of years, do yourself a favor and take another look at this spectacular film, especially in its later digitalized format! "Hello Dolly" is such a stunning film and after so many years of kvetching and debating whether Barbra Streisand was too young to play the role of Dolly Levi -- the end result was a magnificent stellar performance by Ms. Streisand and she in fact became the most spectacular Dolly of them all!


Nobody, no nobody is gonna rain on your parade!

Congratulations Barbra on topping the charts in England too.

You once said that collaborating with a good artist can result in 1 + 1 = 3.
How about working with the master of multitracking and the less-is-more production method, my friend Mr. Richard Carpenter? Imagine the possibilities ... 1 + 1 = 30!

Your voice would be, as it always has been and should be: pure, clean and out front and center. Gentle and timeless instrumentation choices and that unique sound. It came to me when I heard my wife Shirley singing "Close To You" in the bedroom!

Love, Marvin Scheinman - NYC

Congratulation for this new success, but please don't think that you are only so loved in the States and UK, most of us have participated in UK sales through Amazon.

And believe me when your musical launches will be as amply informed in the rest of the world as it is in the English-speaking countries you'll be the first voice in many more places.

Your passion generates enough energy to transcend languages.

A kiss from Spain

Dear Barbra,

Here in Spain your album is number 6, a very good position, congratulations. I wonder if you will record in Spanish again, it would be great an album in different languages, I love the differtent versions of Evergreen you recorded, in French, English, Spanish....I think that music is a language itself and it transcends languages.

I uploaded a video to Youtube for you, it's me singing in Spanish a song that I love. Just a home made recording, but I hope you like it, here's the link,

Love, Eze.

Congratulations, Barbra & Diana! What an accomplishment for the BOTH of you! Hard work leads to greatness. I purposely waited almost two weeks to buy the CD. NOT because I had any doubts or anything but because I listened to the samples each and every day leading up to the album's release. So I felt as if I already had the album! I promised myself NOT to listen to the samples for a week. It went longer til this past Friday. Overall, all I have to say is, it's FANTASTIC. The ONLY track I felt was a little strained was "Make Someone Happy". It started out quite intimate but felt, at the end, like it was rushed and overblown - like you were yelling at everyone to '...make someone happy". I know I shouldn't have said this and I didn't want to but, I know you love the truth and I wanted to present this constructively in YOUR favor. I LOVE the flow of the album. I particulary LOVE, LOVE, LOVE "Where Do You Start" AND especially " A TIme For Love". This album so much reminds me of "Simply Streisand", an album that I thought is one of your best. Another hit follow-up album would be another Jazz flavored album, produced by Diana of course, with songs much jazzier a la Elle Fitzgerald. A little more bossa-nova, add some Johnny Mandel tunes and maybe the duet with Diana, Krall that is! And you can count on another HIT! Although as you stated, you 'don't go into the studio make a hit album and all you'd like to do is record songs that you like'...Hey, what's wrong with having TWO #1 albums back to back! I think that'll be a first too! You deserve all the good things that have been coming to you. With today's music and madness, it sure is nice to bring it ALL back to basics. Once again, CONGRATULATIONS to the both of you AND the musicians on this album. They were F-L-A-W-L-E-S-S! Don't even pay any attention to my critique of "Make Someone Happy". This album surely made me VERY HAPPY! And I'm BUYING, NOT BURNING, another copy for my parent's today!

»"Love is the Answer" has climbed to Nº1 on the UK official albums chart!=TERRIFIC! Smiling Aah! Cool

Dear Barbra I'm so happy your new and wonderful album is number one in UK too! I'm very proud of you and I thank you again for what you made, make and will make. I hope to listen a new album soon (the tribute to the Bergmans ??).
Love, Luca - Italy

Babs, well done indeed. So proud of your efforts, career, and most recent triumph. Following your Ross special you were bound to hit the top in the UK - again. Loved the final phrase and pose on 'If you go away'. For your 'sixth decade in a row' with a number one album, maybe release a collection of previously recorded tracks which never made it on the final cut of a released album. 'Babs' - six decades of fully produced tracks, yet to be heard. Time it right and we can get the thrill of a tour of your evolving voice and attitudes through your music and the years - from girl to greatness...

xxx Gerry

Bravo! A very beautiful album. I hope that you will discover " The Young ladies of Rochefort ", Jacques Demy's magnificent film about a music of Michel Legrand the " Song of Maxence" of which is pulled " You must believe in spring ".
Best regards from France

I was hoping that it would climb to #1 after it went in at #4 last's great news and the album is superb. We love you here in the UK and having you here last week on TV and radio was a real treat. We look forward to seeing you soon. xxxx

WOW! This is exciting. I don't think there is any question that LITA will be the biggest contender at the Grammy awards. The big question is how many will it win?

I believe that Ms. Krall deserves recognition for this effort as well.