"I Think It's Going To Rain Today" music video

Capture the magic of Barbra's stunning performance of "I Think It's Going To Rain Today" from her new album RELEASE ME in this new video recreating the poetry of Randy Newman's lyrics and the studio recording experience.

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This is FABULOUS! I'm glad to be able to listen to this song I hadn't even ever heard before. A beautiful song, and one might think it was left out just so we had the pleasure today. I love many singers, but I recently got to the conclusion that Barbra Streisand is the greatest singer of all times! Thank you, Barbra.

Just Beautiful...Will be going to look for this album today...See ya Oct 23erd in Toronto. My daughter got me tickets for my birthday she loves you too..We got to see you 6 years ago with my mom 3 generations of Streisand fans. I'm afraid she passed away last year from cancer but will be there in our hearts...Can't wait to hear that beautiful voice live again. Never in my life did i think i would get to see you live. Dream come true <3 Smiling


Barbra, you lift the thought of one poor man's heart above the level of itself and help clarify the task of living.

Love and be well to you, and yours,

- Seán

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Takes me back to the early days of Streisand and that beautiful range! Reminds me of the first tv specials in the early 60's. Yes, I've been a fan since then. Correction! I have been in love since then having a library of albums.

This is an amazing video. I just wish they told us who created/produced it!

i just love everything from BJS.keep going,second time around,break more rules.when you go now ,in a few days,on tour. enjoy it,take the love what we have for you.nobody ever can explain it,but you give us,me something you touches us so deep,so dont worry it will be ok and what for a thrill ,your son is with you. i cant wait to see you,i come two nights,it seems like i cant get enough. truthful,i dont want to miss more time ,to enjoy your gift. THANKS

Beautifully done Barbra, as always!

The black and white video really captures the feel of the song and was very well done. I cannot wait to buy the CD!

Love the styling of this, right down to the font type of STREISAND at the end. Bravo to those who crafted this.

What a beautiful voice Barbra. I love the visuals and the film footage. If I altered one thing, I would take out the cigarettes with the word Kindness and replace that segment with someone walking in the rain with an umbrella, entering the studio, perhaps a quick kiss with someone opening the door for you and the raindrops dripping down the umbrella, with the word Kindness on the umbrella or on a raindrop. I love all the studio elements though and the words written everywhere. It is neat filmed like this! I love everything you do....always the very best. Thank you for blessing my day with this today. Shalom and love with the blessings of HaShem...KB

Dear Ms. Streisand ♥

That was very good... -grin-

Magnificent! I love black and white... and... what a brillant execution of a video creative concept...

You can teach someone to sing... but... you can't teach someone to live the lyrics.. to live on each note...

That is what you do ♥ it only happens when our heart sings...

May all your dreams come true...

♥ hal

Such a wonderful moving video. I really like to play this song on the piano too.
Thank you for sharing...