"The Guilt Trip" Opens December 19th.

"The Guilt Trip" opens on December 19th. For video clips, and more information, visit the official website: http://www.guilttripmovie.com/

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I saw the movie and I have to say I was a bit surprised that majority of what was shown on interviews and trailers was not in the movie at all. A great deal of it wasn't even shown from the trailers which I thought were really funny. The movie, I'm sorry to say, was not my favorite Streisand movie. It was as if she was not this strong person and I felt sorry for her character. I didn't even want to see her in that light and I was disappointed. I'm a huge, huge fan of hers. I have all of her movies on DVD, have all albums given to me by my parents that she had out when she was very young. I have pretty much all of her work. My opinion of her singing will never change. I think she's the best singer that I've ever heard in my life. This new stuff with autotune and absolutely talentless people is terrible. When you hear a talent like Streisand sing, it's amazing. I'm in my 30's so believe me, I know I should probably like all these newer and younger so-called stars but I just laugh at them because they're really awful. I doubt any of them could get in front of a 60 piece orchestra and sing the way Barbra does. It's amazing. The movie was not what I expected. I expected to see a great deal of the comedy in the trailers that I saw. Literally none of those were in there. They showed at the very end when the credits were being shown and this I found disappointing because they were funny scenes and for them to be cut out was not a good thing. I found it very disappointing in that regard especially. It then became somewhat predictable. That wasn't good either.. I was so looking forward to this. I really thought it was going to be funny and leave feeling great. I didn't. She will always be a great talent to me regardless, but honestly this wasn't her best. I was highly surprised because it showed she produced it along with Seth Rogan. Seth is usually very, very funny in his movies. Extremely so. I've never found a movie of his that didn't make me die laughing. This wasn't one of them. Maybe they were going for another type of crowd. But I will always remain a fan, unfortunately it wasn't this movie that did it for me. You guys took the best scenes out of the movie. I would really like to know why you would do that. Those scenes were hilarious. The trailer scenes, that is. Otherwise, slow and boring.. Just telling the truth. Barbra usually does excellent work. This just wasn't what I expected.

I just read your PASSION FOR DESIGN book cover to cover You are the most Awsome woman in the world - EVER Everything u ever did is perfect.

My mother and I went to see this on NY's day and so many of these scenes were straight out of our travels.

If there is a sequel we can offer a LOT of ideas. Without giving too much away (I've been writing a book on our travels): We've been to Jordan and Israel (where we unnerved the Israeli border guards); Morocco where mom unknowingly brought herself a bit too much attention and where we both got hit on by a gorgeous Moroccan gentleman; Iceland where I wrecked the rental on the first day; India...the trains, OMG the trains and my 4day weight-loss program that rendered me 30lbs lighter; SanFrancisco where mom was mistaken for a prositute; Canada where she should have listened to my advice to pay attention to the road signage; our near drive-through tour of the Grand Canyon - what, there aren't roads to the bottom of the canyon?; days in Europe where we didn't speak...

We have laughed, cried and fought our way across the country and the globe and at the end of each trip we plan another.

And then there was the incident at a Barbra concert that we laugh about to this day...

Thank you for this movie. I went to this movie with my husband, my two grown daughters and one son-in law and we all enjoyed it. It was a perfect family holiday movie. Barbara, you've still got it! So, thank you for this movie and all your movies over the years. Thank you for sharing your talents with us and keep up the good work. (I re-watched Funny Girl today--more perfection) Eileen

Loved it! I thought it was very cute, very funny, and very touching. I never thought how much it would make me miss my Mom who passed away this past February. I was in tears in the movie theater.

Thank you Barbra for letting me remember her in and all her funny ways. Thank you for letting me remember how much she loved me and how much I still love her.


I enjoyed the movie---but as a "Barbophile" wished there was more!! Definitely a feel good movie Hope it does well so we can get Barbra to do another.

Attended the concert in Vancouver and was mesmerized. The person I took had never seen Barbra in person and actually cried at the beauty of her voice. Kudos!!!! This is an impossible person to please and you did it!!!!

May all God's blessings be on you and your family in this New Year and thanks, not just for sharing your talent, but for all the good works you do.

Thank you for giving an upbeat movie during such negative times. Movies use to be an escape, and we need more. I remember laughing at 'what's up doc' and once again your comedic abilities shine brightly.

We need more like this. My family really enjoyed it. Have a nice holiday and may peace hopefully develop in 2013

Thank you barbra for acting again!. I am 61 and I love your acting just as much and maybe more because I have not missed a single movie and my favorite is Way We Were and I love FDR as much. I was indoctrinated as a Republican growing up so I know how they think and knew that the U.S. government would reach a deficit issue back in the late 60's because they (Republicans) talked about lowering taxes and then spend so much until the deficit would then bring up the subject of Deficit so they could take away the two things they hate Social Security and Medicare from the people. Also Obama needs to use the "bully pulpit" like FDR did. Sadly Americans are so ignorant about their own and the worlds history. I wanted and was in college to become a history teacher to high school kids but sadly the doctors I have seen with Medicare/Medicaid have caused my disability due to not caring about "good medical practice" and I am now slowly dying because I have Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea and more doctors that cannot or will not give me the surgery I need so I will die on the Capital Steps of Congress to let them know how bad doctors are in this country. If I am going to die I want to wake Congress up. I'm an avid watcher of CSPAN and writing to my reps. My Congressman is George Miller and at least he does good things. Thank you for doing your lobbying for causes I also believe in. I could never love a Republican either! I now live with my single older brother and he use to be a Republican until I educated him.

I have not missed an opening day of one of Ms. Streisand's films in 21 years and proud to say I made it to The Guilt Trip today and loved every bit of it. Ms. Streisand, thank you so much for blessing your adoring fans with your incredible gifts and for giving our nation the opportunity to put aside our grief brought on by the horrible tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary...

Just because the name Streisand is attached to a project doesn't always mean success..sorry Babs..you better get some professional advise before venturing off on your own when choosing film projects..better luck next time..

One of the few points of interest in the film is trying to decide which car scenes were done with a towing rig and which were green-screen process shots. Just as one would on a long car ride, during "The Guilt Trip," you look for excitement where you can.


It is an incredible newsThe French release planned on February 20th in France was simply cancelled
It seems that the American comedies did not make any more money in our country!!!
How could say tjhat with an artistre as Barbra Streisand
All French fans have to mobilize it for cancelling this decision
We will apreciate your support

dec 19th is a good choice. It is my birthday Smiling Hope it will be as lucky and happy as it has been for me for, OMG, 54 years! Even if I still wait for my orders made here over 2 months ago. Just stupid stuff lol it is of tiny importance. Sad to see even Babs things don't work nowadays....