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New York, NY (January 8, 2013) The Film Society of Lincoln Center has announced that Academy Award-winner Barbra Streisand, the first American woman artist to receive credit as writer, director, producer and star of a major feature film, YENTL, will be honored at the 40th Annual Chaplin Award Gala held at Lincoln Center on the evening of Monday, April 22, 2013. The event will be attended by a host of notable guests and celebrities honoring the international film legend’s groundbreaking career and will feature film and interview clips culminating in the presentation of The Chaplin Award.

"The Board is very excited to have Barbra Streisand as the next recipient of The Chaplin Award," said Ann Tenenbaum, The Film Society of Lincoln Center’s Board Chairman. “She is an artist whose long career of incomparable achievements is most powerfully expressed by the fact that her acclaimed YENTL was such a milestone film. We welcome her to the list of masterful directors who have been prior recipients of the Chaplin Award Tribute."

The Film Society’s Annual Gala began in 1972 and honored Charles Chaplin – who returned to the US from exile to accept the commendation. Since then, the award has been renamed for Chaplin, and has honored many of the film industry’s most notable talents, including Alfred Hitchcock, Billy Wilder, Laurence Olivier, Federico Fellini, Elizabeth Taylor, Bette Davis, James Stewart, Robert Altman, Martin Scorsese, Diane Keaton, Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, Michael Douglas, Sidney Poitier, and last year, Catherine Deneuve.

"Barbra Streisand is an American icon whose groundbreaking work significantly opened the doors for other female filmmakers. She has been an inspiration to me and so many of my peers," said FSLC Executive Director Rose Kuo. "She is the perfect recipient for our 40th anniversary because, like our award's namesake, she is a world class, multi-faceted film artist."

The only artist ever to receive an Academy Award, Tony, Emmy, Grammy, Directors Guild of America, Golden Globe, National Medal of Arts and Peabody Awards and France’s Legion d’honneur as well as the American Film Institute’s Lifetime Achievement Award, Streisand is also the first female film director to receive the Kennedy Center Honors.
She won Academy Awards for both Best Actress for her iconic portrayal of Fanny Brice in FUNNY GIRL (1968) and Best Original Song for composing “Evergreen” for A STAR IS BORN (1976). She also was nominated for Best Actress for THE WAY WE WERE (1973). The three films she directed (YENTL, THE PRINCE OF TIDES, THE MIRROR HAS TWO FACES) received 14 Oscar nominations.

With YENTL (1983), Streisand’s first film as a director, she became the first woman ever credited as to the writer, director, producer, and star in a major motion picture. The film earned five Oscar nominations and also brought her Golden Globes for both Best Director and Best Picture.

THE PRINCE OF TIDES (1991) her next directorial feature, was the first motion picture directed by its female star to receive a Best Director nomination from the Directors Guild of America (and third woman to ever receive a feature film direction nomination) as well as seven Academy Award nominations. Streisand also produced the film in addition to directing and starring in it.

Her Academy Award for "Evergreen" established Streisand as the first female composer to win that award. She was nominated again in 1997 as co-composer of "I Finally Found Someone," based on her love theme for THE MIRROR HAS TWO FACES (1996). Streisand directed, produced and starred in the film which went on to achieve two Oscar nominations and the Best Supporting Actress Golden Globe for Lauren Bacall.

Streisand was born April 24th in Brooklyn to Diana and Emanuel Streisand. Her father, who passed away when Barbra was 15 months old, was a highly respected teacher and scholar.
An honor student at Erasmus High School in Brooklyn, the teenage Streisand won a singing contest at a small Manhattan club and soon after developed a devout and growing following as a singer at the clubs. Not long after that she was attracting music industry attention at such spots as the Bon Soir and the Blue Angel. She then signed a contract with Columbia Records in 1962, and her debut album quickly became the nation's top-selling record by a female vocalist.
Following her award-winning stage debut performance in "I Can Get It For You Wholesale," she was signed to play the great comedienne Fanny Brice in the Broadway production of "Funny Girl." When the curtain came down at the Winter Garden Theatre on March 26, 1964, the star and the show were major hits. Her performance won her a second Tony nomination.

Few movie debuts have been as auspicious as Streisand's in Columbia Pictures' FUNNY GIRL. In addition to winning the 1968 Academy Award for this performance, she won the Golden Globe and was named Star of the Year by the National Association of Theatre Owners.

After appearing in the films HELLO, DOLLY! (1969) and ON A CLEAR DAY, YOU CAN SEE FOREVER (1970), she starred in the non-musical comedy THE OWL AND THE PUSSYCAT (1970). 1972 brought another resounding comedy hit, WHAT’S UP DOC?, followed by UP THE SANDBOX, one of the first American films to deal with the growing women's movement. It was the premiere picture for Streisand’s own production company, Barwood Films.

THE WAY WE WERE (1973) brought Streisand her second Academy Award nomination for Best Actress. Her first feature film producing effort, A STAR IS BORN (1976) won six Golden Globes. The soundtrack album topped the charts and has been certified quadruple-platinum.

Streisand made her directorial debut with the highly acclaimed, YENTL (1983). The film received five Academy Award nominations, and she received Golden Globe Awards both as Best Director and as producer of the Best Picture (musical or comedy) of 1983. The 11 Golden Globes (plus the Cecil B. DeMille Award) she has received from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association throughout her career are the most achieved by any entertainment artist. In January 2000 she received that organization's coveted Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement.

After a break from feature films following her performance in 1987’s NUTS, Streisand returned to the director’s chair for THE PRINCE OF TIDES (1991). In 1996 she directed, produced and starred in THE MIRROR HAS TWO FACES (1996).

Then, in 2004, Streisand made a celebrated return to film acting (her first performance on film since THE MIRROR HAS TWO FACES) in MEET THE FOCKERS (2004) which teamed her with Dustin Hoffman, Ben Stiller and Robert DeNiro. It quickly became the highest grossing live-action comedy film ever, the first to earn more than a half billion dollars. The DVD had similar success, selling three million copies in its first 24 hours. She is currently starring in THE GUILT TRIP opposite Seth Rogen.
Streisand is married to actor/director, James Brolin.

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Congratulations! Well deserved!

From a very young age I have enjoyed your movies, loved your voice, and respected your personality that which we learn thru the screen. I realize that seeing you in person is beyond my means, so I was excited when I found this website.

Bottomline, you impress me. Thank you for being you.

Soles in Baytown

I just got my tickets. I can't wait. I know Barbra has waited a long time for this honor. I am blessed to be a part of this wonderful occassion.

Hi Barbra,

Congratulations to you. Very much deserved!
My friend Alan and I just saw you in Brooklyn - both nights - and you were just incredible! We now have tickets to attend this Gala event as well. We'll attend the cocktail reception, the black tie dinner and the award ceremony in orchestra seats!

I first saw you in Funny Girl in New York while it was playing at the Criterion Movie Theatre back when you had to buy tickets in advance for first run movies. My mother worked for Arnold Scassi as his executive admin back when women weren't expected to work. Like you she was ahead of her time. She met you several times while Arnold was making your contemporary clothes for "On A Clear Day". Arnold got us tickets for the movie. We sat in the first two seats on the left hand isle and I had a l life altering experience seeing and experiencing you and your many gifts for the very first time. The rest is history. I've seen all your movies on opening day, have all your albums, cassettes, 8-Tracks and CD's (I must say Apple Itunes is great but I miss the Album Cover Art). I've attended your return to concerts - first night at the MGM Grand - at least one of your concerts on all your tours since 94.

I saw you film the final scene of Nuts on Broadway in NY and stood in the rain outside ABC Carpet watching you direct Jeff Bridges in The Mirror Has Two Faces.

Over the years I've watched you get many an award on TV but this is the first time I'll get to see you receive it in person. I am so looking forward to being there as you get this particular award because it's the medium I believe you've truly transformed as an actor, writer, producer and director. You're not just an icon, or the worlds greatest singer, or a woman that excelled in roles traditionally dominated by men, or the first woman to write, star, produce, and direct a film. There was and is something magical that happens when there is you and a camera involved. It's undefinable and also unmistakable. Whether it's a close up of you, or a camera held just that slight and silent moment longer on Lauren Becall or Nick Nolte, or a scenery shot in "The Prince of Tides", or a story line told just ahead of its time like The Margaret Cammermeyer Story. Humanity is what you bring and add to all your films in every role, in front of or behind the camera, including The Guilt Trip. I lost my mother this year and I can tell you that your portrail of the mother son dynamic hit me right where I live.

I do hope this award serves as a reminder to those involved with GYPSY that you'll give this story what it most needs but never had on film or on stage (with the exception of Elizabeth Mcgovern - understudy to Bernadette Peters) - Humanity and a Soul in the character of Rose. You are a beautiful (Still!), hard working accomplished and gifted artist and an inspiration to those of us who truly appreciate the many gifts you've given us over and over again for 50 years +.

Congratulations again! Looking foward to seeing you on April 22nd!

Best Regards
Dennis Gallagher

Congratulations on this highly deserved honor. I will hope to see it repeated on
television sometime in the future.
Song Bird


You deserved this award!!!


I love you!

Paula Bellini

i am very much excited to the release of the new DVD. Is the Feb 5 release date worldwide? Mini from Philippines

Congratulations. It could not have happened to a better qualified, more deserving humanitarian / performer/ director/ author/ songstress than Barbra Streisand!


To talent, brains, and beauty, this man must bow to thee.

Congratulations Barbra, Charlie is loving it!


- Seán

Congratulations Barbra!! You are truly deserving of this award! I don't know if you even realize just how many lives you have touched or just how happy you make your fans but you are truly the greatest entertainer ever!! I am 46 years old and don't remember a time when I didn't listen to your music or watch your movies. I must say that Yentl is one of my favorites. It is a great movie. You put your whole heart into making it and that is evident. Your talents are incredible and unsurpassed. You continue to achieve many goals and amaze us all! I can not think of anyone else who could possibly deserve this honor more than you! Your contributions to many charities is just a continuation of our generosity to this world!! You are a beautiful, classy and wonderful human being and I am so proud to call myself a huge fan! So again, congratulations and thank you for continuing to share your greatness!!!!!.,


This is such FANTASTIC news!!!! I'm SO, SO happy for you!!!!!

I can't even BEGIN to try to express how much YOU and YOUR MOVIES have meant to me throughout my life! I'll never forget the feeling I got the very first time seeing you on the "big screen"..... it was truly a LIFE ALTERING experience, and here we are 37 years later and I still get that same feeling watching you and your movies today. I just can't get enough! I watch all of your movies over and over, and know EVERY word to each and every one of them. As a matter of fact, I saw my 34th showing of "Guilt Trip" today! I LOVE you in this movie, and I do not want to miss ONE opportunity to see you on the "big screen"! I"m SAVORING every moment! It's been a month of pure heaven!!!!

You are just THE most amazing actress and your talents just floor me! You say more with your eyes than other actors and actresses say with an entire script! I was ecstatic when I read that you will be receiving this award! You deserve EVERY ACCOLADE known to mankind and I'm thrilled that the Film Society of Lincoln Center is honoring you!

Needless to say, I called for tickets immediately and I already have my airline reservations to fly in from Florida on April 22nd, to cheer you on that night! I can not wait!!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS again ..... and THANK YOU for all you have meant to me in my life. You have been such an incredible inspiration to me and have made such an impact on my life, you could just never, ever know....

Your movies, and your music have meant more to me than ANYTHING, and have enriched my life beyond words, but more importantly, YOU as a person have been such a wonderful, positive force in my life and I could just never thank you enough for the incredible impact you have had on me.

I will continue to support you in ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you do and I'm looking forward to all of your upcoming projects!!!!

See you on April 22nd!!!! Look for my "Thank You Barbra, We LOVE You" towel!!!!!

Robin Lipman
Coral Springs, Florida

I believe Barbra is an artist whose works emulate her inner love, strength, and passion! These traits and the fact that there is no "half" doing anything with her, is why she is such a success whether in acting, directing, singing, or producing. She certainly is well deserving of this award. Seeing "Guilt Trip" reminded me of just how she does more "acting" with her eyes alone, than most actresses can do using all of their resources! What a touching performance! Congratulations on this award!

BRAVO!! MISS STREISAND on such a wonderful acheviement, you so deserve this and to think that for the 3 films you directed, produced, and starred in you never won an ACADEMY AWARD. Shame on them Anyway congradulations to you. Please never retire from movies or music.

Congratulations on the honor - sure hope it willbe televised so those of us too far away to come can see it. Peace.

Congratulations on the honor - sure hope it willbe televised so those of us too far away to come can see it. Peace.