Barbra's Trip To Israel - Photo Gallery.

Sunday June 16: Barbra Arrives In Israel

On Sunday afternoon, Barbra arrived in Israel, in preparation for her first ever live concerts in the country.


Sunday June 16: Barbra visits the Kotel (Western Wall)

Shortly after arriving in Israel, Barbra visited the Kotel (Western Wall).

The two photos from the Kotel were taken at The Western Wall Tunnel which is adjacent to the Western Wall and is located under buildings of the Old City Of Jerusalem. The Tunnel allows access to an additional 485 meters of the Wall.


Monday June 17: What's Up, Doc? Barbra Streisand receives honorary doctorate at Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Click here to read Dr. Streisand's speech.

Barbra meets children from Israel's Make-A-Wish Foundation

Also on Monday, President Shimon Peres and Barbra fulfilled the dreams of children from the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The organization grants the wishes of sick children.

Photos by Mark Neyman, GPO:

"I don’t know of anybody who was blessed with such a heavenly voice that emits a pure prayer and a moving song." -- President Peres.

Photo by Yossef Avi Yair Angle


Thursday June 20: Barbra Performs In Israel For The First Time.

On Thursday evening, performing for the first time in Israel, Barbra appeared at the Bloomfield Stadium in front of 16,000 people. She will do the same on Saturday night, in a concert which will conclude her 8 show micro-tour.


Saturday June 22: Barbra performs milestone concert in Israel

Barbra performed the final show of her tour at the Bloomfield Stadium in Israel on Saturday night. The show marked Barbra's 100th live performance of her entire career. Congratulations to Barbra on your milestone performance!


Alexi Rosenfeld, AJR Photography.
אלקסי רוזנפלד
AJR Photography.

Comments for this News article

Dear Ms. Streisand:

L' Shana Tova to you and your Family. May it be a sweet year filled with health, happiness and joy for you.

I just went through your gallery of pictures from your adventure in Israel. How moving and proud I was to see you enjoying all Israel has to offer. Each picture gave me goosebumps and made me so proud to be Jewish. You have represented the Jewish community with honor and valor since you started your amazing career in 1960. I love that you never caved to industry pressure to change your name and nose, and pushed your Judaism instead of repressing it.

Congratulations on all of your achievements and Mitzvot you did, while in Israel. You received a Doctorate in Philosophy, sang for President Shimon Peres, met with children from the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and celebrated your 100th concert.

Seeing you on YouTube performing for President Peres, as well as singing "Hatikvah" with 16,000 fans moved me to tears. It was absolutely a magical moment. I only wish I could have attended, so that I could have been part of the experience.

I look forward to seeing the Brooklyn concert on PBS on November 29th as well as all future projects you have in store.

Mazel Tov on the success of your trip to Israel, and your amazing concert tour. I was able to catch the show in Toronto last October. It was absolutely incredible. I was spellbound, from the second the clips started, to your last note. Well worth the journey from Metro Detroit to attend the show. Thank you for putting tickets on sale in advance for your fans, as I had an amazing seat: 20th row, center aisle.

You make each day a brighter one for me, as well as all those you touch with your amazing talent and generosity.

Best always,
Jeffrey Freedman

God bless you and your voice! I wish you a Journey with a Lot of Light!
Thank you for sing like an angel for this world,

Denise Mauricio

Shabbat Shalom,

First I like to thank God that we all can be here together and secondly thank Rabbi Josh for his guidance and his patience.

The Parsha today has a lot happening from the war with the Midianites to entering the promise land. However, today I like to talk about the part of the parsha which deals with Gods commandments permitting daughters to inherit property in the absence of sons. In chapter 27 the daughters of Zelophehad stood before Moses at the door of the tent of meeting saying, " Our father died in the wilderness, Why should the name of our father be done away from among his family because he had no sons? Give unto us his inheritance. and Moses brought their cause before the Lord and the God said to Moses' The daughters of Zelophehad speak right. So laws are passed that grant inheritances to daughters in absents of sons,the one stipulation was that the woman that inherited property would be required to marry within their tribe so the inheritance would remain with that tribe.

Rabbi Josh directed me to a couple of sources that looked at this part of the parsha and I realized what seems to be a small part of a parsha can have great and complex meanings. For example, the sisters had the courage to speak out against a perceived wrong and Moses conferred with God and God commands Moses to grant the sisters request and creates laws to institute this request. Than later in the parsha the men our concerned about the inheritance leaving their tribe so the additional law is added that the woman must marry men of the same tribe and they do. Here we see God creating laws based on woman speaking out. However, additional laws are created to appease reactionary forces. The lesson I take is speaking out against unjust policies can create positive change. However, change in the established order can create a reaction, which also needs to be considered.

This commandment shows that Judaism was ahead of other ancient cultures as far as woman rights. For many ancient cultures and even in many modern ones woman were and our treated as property or as slaves.

One question I asked myself was why would the Ancient Hebrews regard woman more highly than surrounding cultures? I believe since the Ancient Hebrews had a history of slavery that they tended to have more compassion for the other. In other words they have a collective memory that has been transmitted to our current age that treating people like common property is wrong. I also believe that the Hebrew invention of the Sabbath, that people must one day a week do no matter of work raised the self respect of the human condition. That people and animals for that matter our not beasts of burdens but need to have a least one day a week to rest and reflect. The invention of the Sabbath raised the dignity of life and that was reflected in how woman were and our treated. I remember reading years ago that many non Hebrew woman in the Roman world started lighting candles on Friday night identifying themselves with Hebrew values.

I wanted to see what accredited scholars thought on this issue. What I found was woman in Ancient Egypt had property rights but less so in ancient Greece or Rome.

So perhaps the Ancient Hebrews were influence by Egyptian laws concerning woman.

Modern Judaism treatment of woman varies greatly according to which branch is being followed. Right now there our major issues in Israel regarding woman rights as it pertains to praying at the Western Wall. In some Israeli cities woman are forced to sit at the back of the bus in respect to the Ultra Orthodox.

To her credit Oscar and Emmy winning actress Barbara Steisand on her recent visit to Israel publicly stated that, " It's distressing to read about woman in Israel being forced to sit in the back of a bus or having metal chairs hurled at them when they intend to peacefully and legally pray. Or woman being banned from singing in public ceremonies."

Streisand goes on to state, 'I know that solutions don't come easy, and they don't in the United States, where woman are still making 80 cents for every dollar that a man makes.

Of course you don't have to look any further than to Barbara to understand how talented a woman can be.

Plus I would be amiss if I didn't mention our own talented female Rabbi who is further proof that woman should not only be allowed to fully participate in Judaism but can also be great leaders.

In closing, God will support you if you speak out to correct injustice.

Shabbat Shalom

Tears streamed down my face when I saw Barbra and James in the tunnel at the Western Wall, looking at the model of the Holy Temple! This is the most monumental place on the earth and this was very touching to see, as I have personally met two of the Rabbi's from Jerusalem who are preparing to build a 3rd...
The children are ready to rebuild...K
Have you seen the two videos here? I don't know if it's ok to put the link here, but they are beautiful in connection to it!

Hello Barbra, our love from Brazil! I hope one day be in your concert. It is my dream!!!
I love you like a Mom. You are soooo pure!!! So wonderful!!!

One hundred in Hebrew is "mayah" MAY we continue to always feel inspired by you and in AWE in all your endeavors. Mazel Tov !!!!

hello our love from israel
as it over now and we really miss you that you went back to malibu your home but you have your life and we really respect it.
but most of all we want to thank you for amazing experience i think that thousands of people want to see you more again maybe next year if you wish. you made us very happy and very emotional in fact in the tora of israel its written we all brothers and sisters so thats what meny peoples felt at those 2 nights concerts that our amazing sister barbra came to israel after meny years of waiting to you and you did it one of the best concerts that was in israel ever. so thank you thank you again we love and respect you so much for your humanity your care for the world your music your amazing voice and for who you are we l o v e y o u so much!!!!! wish you well healthy years more music movies and happinessss well never forget this experience god bless you and james and ofcours jason
hugsssssss from me and meny meny israelians
nachum from herzlia city israel.

Dear BARBRA, could not but write again after Your amazing performance in Tel Aviv 20/06/2013.
We counted moments until the beginning. It was hours of crazy happiness. We did not know what to do with ourselves and our souls – whether to sit or to stand up, to watch silently or to sing with You. It was unbelievable! Thank You for Your music, Your performance of these songs was touching, tender, sincere... It was a really master class for everyone – master class of musical and artistic performance and of immensurable sincerity. It was extraordinaire.
With huge and sincere love, respect and gratitude - Yuliya (Israel-Belarus)

Barbra Streisand I saw your show on 20 June in Tel Aviv, and the performance was amazing.
I waited so many years for your show in Israel,
and finally My dream has come true!
Thank you Barbara Streisand You made ​​me happy, I admire you and appreciate all you did for Israel
Thank you again
Diana Gil